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15 interesting tourist places to visit in Port Harcourt


Don’t get confused with its name. Port Harcourt city is way more than just a port. Being the capital of the Rivers State in Nigeria, it has everything that it takes to be called as one gem of a city. It is not only the capital but also the largest city of the Rivers State. There is a reason why tourists from all around Nigeria and worldwide keep coming to explore the beautiful places in Port Harcourt city so that they can check out the tourist sites.

There is not just a single reason, and there are numerous opportunities that make Port Harcourt the most important city of Nigeria in Rivers State.

We have tried to enlist the best tourist places in Port Harcourt. Don’t forget to go through each tourist site to read about its attractions before even thinking to drop your plan to visit this amazing city of Port Harcourt.

The more you read about the details of these tourist places in Port Harcourt city, the more you will want to visit those places sooner.

Harcourt was the surname of Secretary of State for the Colonies back in 1912.

Shortlisting to bring the selected ones for our readers was not an easy task.

The following are the most interesting places that you can never afford to miss while you are on tour to any location in Port Harcourt city.

The list is not in any particular order.

Please don’t consider the serial number of the following tourist attractions as the more preferred or less preferred places in Port Harcourt city.

1.Port Harcourt Pleasure Park

Being an official winner of the best family amusement centre in Nigeria, the Port Harcourt Pleasure Park is one of the most entertaining parks that a city can ever have.

The Port Harcourt Pleasure Park was announced to be opened to the public in 2017 by the government of Nigeria.

The Port Harcourt Pleasure Park is a site full of fun activities for tourists, individuals, friends, and families with kids.

The park is ideal for student tours also. It offers so many attractions to the tourists that one day is never enough for a person or a group to grab a maximum of its fun activities.

The serene and peaceful environment with heavenly greenery will win your heart.

The scenes and awesome places in the park are jaw-dropping during the day when mixed with the sunlight.

The ambience will take you to another world at night too.

You would be walking through the mind-blowing lighting along with the colourful fountains.

The excitement is not over yet.

You will have an opportunity to see a few of the cute animals like deer grazing freely.

You would also have a full life of activities at this magical park.

Some of the most exciting activities offered at Port Harcourt Pleasure Park are mentioned below to ignite your appetite for fun.

This park is the front face of this city and Rivers State in the spheres of entertainment and tourism.

Things to do at Port Harcourt Pleasure Park:

Out of the many things and activities to do in this park, only a few and exclusive ones have been mentioned below for your guidance.

  • Climbing Tower
  • Self-Boating Experiences
  • Mini-Golf Course with exotic greenery
  • Train Ride
  • Paintball
  • 3D, 4D, up to 9D Cinemas
  • PS4 Gaming Arena
  • Playing Fields
  • Water Steps

All of these activities, along with much more, are waiting for you to be explored at the wonderful city of Port Harcourt.

Doesn’t this park call for being the most entertaining park in the world?

2. Rivers State Cultural Center, Port Harcourt

Visiting Rivers State and not getting a buzz of Nigerian culture would be unfair.

The Rivers State Cultural Center is located on Bonny Street in Port Harcourt city.

It is very famous in the town due to many reasons.

It is like a gift for tourists that are in port harcourt sites, with a sense of artistic and aesthetic.

You can explore the rich culture and tradition of Nigeria at large here.

Won’t it be great to get the real feeling of the locality when you are on a visit to a specific place as a foreigner? You can only do this by visiting the Rivers State Cultural Center in Port Harcourt city.

It is a family place, and you can visit here without a second thought.

It would be a wonderful experience before or after you have visited other kinds of places and attractions like beaches, parks, and hotels in Port Harcourt.

All of these make this cultural centre a favourable place in this city.

Things to do at Rivers State Cultural Center in Port Harcourt

Some of the exclusive activities to enjoy at the Rivers State Cultural Center are as follows.

  • Cultural Dance
  • Stage Shows
  • Traditional Dresses
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Unique gifts to be bought

This cultural centre is known as one of the exclusive identity of the exceptional city of Port Harcourt in Rivers State. 

3. Isaac Boro Garden Park, Port Harcourt

Isaac Boro is one of the most recreational parks in Port Harcourt city.

Your trip would be incomplete without visiting Isaac Boro Park. It is located at Old GRA on the Expressway Rivers State, Port Harcourt.

No matter how tired you are, you will get a breeze of freshness and energy the second you step into this park.

A gigantic monument will welcome you at the entrance of this park.

It will have a few tanks and aircraft to gain your attention.

There is lush greenery all over the park that has a significance in the environment of the city as well.

The park is kept neat and clean because of regular maintenance.

You would also get introduced to the monument of the most vigilant minority activist in Nigeria – Isaac Boro.

The city decided to name the park as his memoir.

There is a wide and neat pathway right in the centre of the park’s entry field.

The sparkling features of this park and the enjoyable activities that attract every other person in Port Harcourt are listed below.

Things to do at Isaac Boro Park in Port Harcourt

  • Walking and Jogging
  • Physical Activities
  • Outdoor fun
  • Picnic Spots
  • Freshness of greenery
  • Outdoor Games

This park attracts a majority of the population from this city due to the features mentioned above that the city enjoys.

4. Boli Street, Port Harcourt

If you are a food lover, Boli Street is a piece of good news for you.

Boli or Bole is a street that is famous for its delicious foods all over Nigeria.

Located in Port Harcourt, Boli Street has gained national and international attention due to its finger-licking foods like barbecue, fried fish, and special dishes cooked with natural oils.

The food festivals are also held here to gain further popularity and to increase general awareness in national and international spheres.

Visit this food-rich street in Port Harcourt, and you will be surprised to enjoy the varied tastes this street has to offer.

Things to do at Boli Street in Port Harcourt

  • Food Festivals
  • Variety of healthy foods
  • Family gatherings
  • Picnic spots
  • Combined dinners and lunches
  • Events and parties

There is a reasonable number of people from all over Nigeria who come here for food experiences in this city.

5. Port Harcourt Tourist Beach

Another amazing sight in Port Harcourt that attracts visitors is the Port Harcourt Tourist beach.

It is located along Kolabi Creek. A tour to any place is incomplete without a beach.

Port Harcourt Tourist beach is not just another beach that would have white sand and blue water all around you.

It has much more to offer in comparison to an ordinary beach.

The atmosphere, the ambience, the cleanliness, and the aesthetic scenery will make your day.

People from this city and distant places who need to focus and concentrate on getting rid of the hassles of life come here to relax and meditate.

The thriving waves of water will catch your soul and will take away your worries.

The clear sky and its shadow in the clean water will truly leave an impact on your heart while you are on a visit to Port Harcourt.

Things to do at Port Harcourt Tourist Beach:

Out of many activities offered by Port Harcourt Tourist beach, only a few and the most popular have been mentioned below.

  • Beach parties
  • Group activities
  • Birds Watching
  • Relaxations and meditation
  • Beach games like Volleyball

This beach bears tremendous importance for the people of this magnificent city.

6. Bonny Island

Bonny Island is one of the most beautiful places in Nigeria.

It is situated near Port Harcourt, which is why we have included its name on the list.

If you are near Port Harcourt, you cannot afford to miss visiting this amazing island.

The island is so beautiful and full of life that it would be hard to describe in words.

Your journey to ultimate enjoyment will start the moment you step into the ferries to visit this island.

The roads are wide, neat, and clean. There are so many grassy areas and the pathways in this island that you will fall in love with each of them.

If you visit the housing societies, these will alone be a source of entertainment for you.

There are attractive playlands for kids that make it an ideal place for your next family visit on holiday.

The amazing activities that can be enjoyed here at Bonny Island are listed below.

Things to do at Bonny Island in Port Harcourt neighbourhood

  • Best island experiences
  • Strong waves
  • Peaceful atmosphere
  • Funland and Joyland for kids
  • Grassy areas for picnic activities
  • Ships watching at the island

7. Port Harcourt Zoo

A zoo is the best place to have animal experiences at any place.

The Port Harcourt Zoo takes the lead in comparison to its peers in many ways.

The zoo is a host to a variety of different species that are endangered, and it is hard to find them anywhere in the world.

Here you will have the experience of watching the lions, tigers, rhinos, leopards, and wild cats.

Things to do at Port Harcourt Zoo

  • Family gatherings
  • Informational touring
  • Endangered species watching
  • Extinct reptiles
  • Free moving animals
  • Watching the predators with safety
  • Children spots

8. Port Harcourt Golf Club

Golf is the game of gentlemen.

Even if you are not a regular player of golf, this amazing place is sufficient to make you feel at home.

The picturesque places at the site are worth visiting, one of the best tourist sites in port harcourt.

If you are somewhere near Port Harcourt, this place is a must-go.

Things to do at Port Harcourt Golf Club

  • Amazing natural sights
  • Beautiful trees
  • Exotic greenery
  • Unique sitting arrangements
  • Amazing swimming pool
  • Swings for kids
  • Beautiful accommodation
  • Cafe for refreshments
  • Golfing opportunities
  • Golf tournaments

9. Port Harcourt City Mall

Enough of greenery and beaches? Embrace an exciting experience of shopping and fun at the Port Harcourt City Mall.

From clothing brands to home decor and electronics, everything would be right in front of you to choose from.

Not in the mood to go shopping? No problem. This Mall is much more than buying groceries, utensils, and household items.

You will be thrilled to explore the fun zones within this Mall that include digital experience, window shopping, fun activities.

Some of the exciting things to do at this amazing Mall are mentioned below.

Things to do at Port Harcourt City Mall

  • Amazing deals
  • Sales opportunities
  • International brands exploration
  • Family festivals
  • Kids’ zones
  • Food courts

10. National Museum Rivers State, Port Harcourt

Don’t get bored with the entry of a museum in the list of interesting tourist sites in Port Harcourt.

National Museum Rivers State possesses every reason to be included in this chosen list.

A thing of historical significance and cultural tradition is an attraction for every tourist.

The National Museum Rivers State is full of such valuable objects.

In addition to that, it offers plenty of exciting opportunities for tourists.

It has an astounding grassy plant that covers the museum from the entrance to welcome tourists.

It is covered with beautiful trees, and awesome sitting arrangements will surely make your day at this outstanding site.

Things to do at National Museum Rivers State in Port Harcourt

  • Observation of the historical entities preserved in the museum
  • Some of the oldest specimen related to Nigerian culture
  • Awesome lighting arrangements at night
  • Insights into life in Nigerian Delta
  • Delicious food from the Ibani Kitchen
  • Outdoor sitting arrangements with colourful shades.
  • Collection of Nigerian ancient art traditions
  • Surprising masterpieces of paintings from renowned painters.

11. Mile 1 Market, Port Harcourt

Another great tourist attraction at Port Harcourt is Mile 1 Market.

It is a shopping hub for almost everything. You can find huge stalls on this street.

The street is a mixture of shops and an open-air display of clothes, things, and other products.

If you want to buy the Nigerian stuff at most competitive rates, Mile 1 Market is the place for you.

You can see different colourful umbrellas under which the shopkeepers have put together their stuff to sell.

One tip for the international tourists here would be to be careful with the rates.

You can either take a local person with you who has the idea of prices and products.

He will also be beneficial for you to negotiate with the shopkeepers to ensure you get the right rates for the right products.

Mile 1 market is considered as one of the busiest and largest markets in Nigeria.

Among many things to do at Mile 1 Market, tourists would love to do the following.

Things to do at Mile 1 Market in Port Harcourt

  • Exploration of a huge variety of items within a limited space.
  • A large opportunity to interact with local people.
  • Opportunity to buy things at cheaper rates, including clothes, food items, and household stuff.
  • A variety of food items are also available to suit your taste. That too at very cheap rates.

12. Asia Town, Port Harcourt

Asia town is located in the old GRA in Port Harcourt.

Don’t get confused by its name. It is not like a market of Asian items or Chinese gadgets.

It is a restaurant and event complex. Asia town is famous for its delicious Indian foods along with Chinese and Thai food items.

Apart from the tasty and traditional cuisines, the restaurant also holds a variety of functions and events.

The main attractions in this restaurant are listed below.

Things to do at Asia Town in Port Harcourt

  • Excellent food quality.
  • The meals of your own choice as per your directions.
  • Exceptional customer services.
  • Functions like birthdays and anniversaries are frequently celebrated here.
  • Enjoying fashion shows and catwalks.

13. Iroko Beach, Port Harcourt

Excited to see an entry of another beach? We know that all the tourists love beaches.

Ifoko beach is located at Elem Ifoko in Port Harcourt.

Enjoy the cloudy sky on the side of the freshwater of this natural beach along with a peaceful environment to make your day.

People also believe that tourists get an opportunity to see the whales visible from a distance at this beach. Amazing, right?

Things to do at Ifoko Beach in Port Harcourt

  • Enjoying the natural scenery
  • Sandy pathways to walk barefoot
  • Birds watching
  • Beach games at various places
  • Fun activities
  • Sunbath
  • Aquatic life

14. Hotel Presidential, Port Harcourt

Being in Port Harcourt and not visiting Hotel Presidential would not be a wise decision.

This astounding hotel is worth visiting, even if you don’t want to stay in this hotel.

You can visit this hotel for many other purposes too, it’s one of the tourist sites in Port Harcourt.

The external look that this amazing hotel will compel you to stop and have a check-in while you are travelling at Aba Road, Port Harcourt.

Among many things to do at Hotel Presidential, the top ones include the following.

Things to do at Hotel Presidential in Port Harcourt

  • Extraordinary lighting of the ins and outs of the hotel at nights.
  • Neat and clean walkways at the places around the hotel.
  • Praiseworthy interior.
  • Excellent sitting arrangements.
  • Delicious foods.
  • Luxury suites.
  • Premium swimming pools.

15. Sok Lounge, Port Harcourt

Everything is not meant for the day, right? There is a life at night too, and this place is a gift for the people who give importance to nightlife.

The Sok Lounge is a nightclub and restaurant in the heart of Port Harcourt.

Sok Lounge is famous for many things and activities.


The best part about Sok Lounge is that it is full of life.

Tourists must visit this place once to get them convinced for future visits.

The passionate nightlife is an essential part of tourism.

Sok Lounge and Restaurant is the place if you want to bring passion for your nightlife.

Whether you drink or not, this lounge has nothing to do with your personal preferences.

Things to do at Sok Lounge and Restaurant in Port Harcourt

  • Amazing colourful patches and specially designed places within the Sok Lounge like the bluish section.
  • Live performances of songs.
  • Dancing freely on the dance floors.
  • Excellent and delicious food of your choice.
  • Digital gaming arenas.
  • Dedicated food sections like the king of beef.

Interesting tourist sites in Port Harcourt Summary:

Port Harcourt is truly one of the most exciting places in the whole of Africa with many tourist sites.

The number of fun opportunities this city offers is hard to match with any other city.

The top 15 tourist places are only the selected places to visit suggested by us.

Do follow their maps to save time and energy to explore the lovely places of this beautiful city so that you save time.

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