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Top 10 Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

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Nigeria, the highest populated country of Africa and one of the highest populated countries in the world, is most often not appreciated enough for its beautiful cities and places. It is not common to find a person that has Nigeria on top of their travelling list. Why is this so? This is because people are so unaware of its beauty that they don’t even know what they are missing out on their quest to explore the natural beauty.

Nigeria is a developing country, and it has its issues like every other developing country but we believe that this country has been underrated for a long time now. Apart from its beautiful cities, Nigeria is so rich in culture and traditions that you would not be able to match such diversity anywhere else.

Mostly because the country is home to a lot of different ethnic groups and over 500 different languages are being spoken.

Don’t worry! English is still there as their official language and you would never have a problem in communication as an international tourist to Nigeria.

People of Nigeria

They are very hospitable and would treat their guests very nicely.

If you have not visited Nigeria, you have missed interacting with one of the happiest races in the world as one of the surveys calls them.

Nigeria, being one of the most popular and important countries in Africa, enjoys its sole identity due to a variety of reasons.

The beautiful cities of Nigeria are surely the major contributors to these reasons.

A large population of this country is young people in their teens which means the country is full of fresh blood, hopefulness, and optimism.

After all this rant if you are still not convinced about the beauty of Nigeria and why you should travel this place, here is the list of top 10 beautiful cities in Nigeria that will surely pull you towards them.

1. Abuja

Number one on our list of beautiful cities in Nigeria is Abuja.

This city is extremely important to Nigeria because it gets the most attention, being the state’s capital.

Abuja is said to be one of the most pre-planned cities.

Located right at the centre of the country, Abuja is one of the most organized and disciplined cities in Nigeria.

Abuja also has a good reputation among tourists and locals as it is home to a variety of tourist attractions.

Tourist attractions at Abuja, Nigeria

Apart from being one of the most organized cities in Nigeria, Abuja has a variety of attractions that tourists love to explore.

The following is a list of tourist attractions that a tourist must not miss.

  • Abuja National Mosque
  • Usuma Dam
  • Aso rock
  • Jabi Lake
  • Benue River
  • Jabi Boat Club
  • International shopping malls
  • 5-star hotels
  • The national stadium
  • Presidential complex
  • Beautiful mosques and buildings
  • Art galleries
  • Museums
  • Natural and historical beauty

The city takes the lead from its peers in being neat and clean.

This goes without saying that the city is also one of the most expensive ones in Nigeria.

All the rich people, e.g. politicians, state heads, government officials, different multinational companies, hotels, and firms present in Abuja contribute to making it one of the most expensive cities in Nigeria as well.

2. Calabar

The second one on the list of most beautiful cities in Nigeria is undoubtedly Calabar.

The city is rich in natural beauty as it has tremendous landscapes to be explored.

Calabar is the capital of Cross River State, also known as “Canaan City”.

It is also considered as the best place to live in Nigeria and is extremely famous for being the central point of tourism.

The city is always filled with tourists all around the year as it offers beautiful sights, different festivities, and carnivals.

It also has amusement parks, hotels, resorts, seaports, botanical gardens, etc.

Most famous tourist attractions in Calabar:

The city’s famous tourist attraction spots include the following.

These are the exclusive tourist attractions apart from the natural landscapes and sights that this city offers.

  • Calabar Museum
  • Drill Monkey Ranch
  • Duke Town
  • Calabar Cemetery
  • Tinapa

All sorts of other interesting activities that attract tourists are also present in this city.

For example, mouthwatering traditional cuisines, fashion shows, boat regattas, dance parties, history, arts, etc.

Different varieties of indigenous cuisines may also be the sole reason to visit this city. Calabar is considered to be one of the safest, well organized and cleanest cities in Nigeria.

If you are on a small budget, Calabar is the best place for you to live in!

The best time to visit Calabar is in December as the ever-famous Calabar carnival is at its peak during this time.

3. Oguta

Oguta is immensely famous because of its location at the East bank of Oguta Lake.

The town attracts so many tourists that it does not need any explanation.

The city is widely famous for commercial fishing.

Apart from its famous lake, Oguta is also known for its hotels, resorts and golf course that are designed in a challenging Scottish manner.


Oguta Lake in the face of this city as it is one of the largest natural lakes present in Nigeria.

The lake has a great history attached to it and you should look into it before you visit this city.

You can also ask a local who will guide you about the sparkling features of this important lake.

To promote this lake as a tourist attraction, a 3-star resort is built which has a golf course and cruise for the tourists and visitors.

The lake is also home to fishes and also has a huge commercial fishing spot.

The city is also called the “Golden Belt” because it has a huge deposit of oil and gas.

Being culturally diverse and traditionally rich, Oguta must be your destination of the week if you are on a visit to Nigeria.

4. Warri

The city of Warri is one of the places that tourists love to visit frequently.

Warri is given a lot of attention by the government even more than the state capital, Asaba.

The infrastructural development makes businessmen interested.

The city is also pretty expensive because it is an oil city.

Many rich and important people live in Warri.

Investors also get interested in this city easily. It is also very well constructed, organized, and extremely clean.

Tourist Attractions in Warri

Warri is rich in offering a variety of tourist attractions. Some of the famous tourist attractions include the following.

  • Effurun Garden Park
  • Abraka Golf Course
  • Delta Ports
  • Nana Living
  • History Museum
  • Main Warri Market
  • Red Mangrove Swamp
  • Warri City Stadium
  • Udu Bridge
  • Ovie Palace

The city is also famous for its vibrant and rich culture.

An ideal place to get inspired by the millionaires and to get inspiration from an existing lot of businessmen residing in this city.

5. Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt is the capital of the River States and is also extremely rich in oil.

As it is considered as the major source of income to Nigeria, it enjoys the status of a metropolitan city that has its own perks and privileges.

The investors are more and more interested in the city due to its financial opportunities.

However, it has resulted in the positive development of the city and it is one of the modernized cities of Nigeria.

Tourist Attractions in Port Harcourt

If you are someone who enjoys aqua life more than anything, then Port Harcourt is the place for you.

The city has amazing waterfronts and slashes to offer as well.

It also serves as an agricultural hub due to it having different swamps and rivers.

The city is also very famous for its nightlife along with engaging entertainment scenes.

The variety of delicious cuisines and restaurants attract many tourists. The city is always very vibrant and lively.

The good thing about Port Harcourt is that it has both cheap as well as expensive and luxury accommodations.

This means that there is something for everyone. Places that you must visit if you are in Port Harcourt include the following:

  • Fatima Beach & Nature Park
  • Upper Orashi Forest Reserve
  • Zoological Garden

According to an average tourist’s point of view, the city is very comfortable, beautiful, captivating and classy.

The city offers long scenic drives, great shopping options, and mouthwatering foods with a lot of different varieties which is a dream of every traveller.

6. Abeokuta

The next top city of Nigeria is in its south-western region, Abeokuta is the capital of the “gateway state” (Ogun).

It has some tremendous sight-seeing places.

It is approximately 75 km from Lagos to the South. This city is rich in its diversified history.

Tourist Attractions in Abeokuta

Abeokuta has much to offer to the tourists. The main highlights of the tourist attractions in this city have been discussed below:

Among the most exciting tourist attractions, Olumo rock takes the lead.

This is one of the historical Rocky Mountains in Abeokuta.

It is an outcrop of granite rocks and is provided with the endless beauty of nature along with some beautiful creativity of men.

For ease in travelling to Olumo rock, one can take the stairs to enjoy the beauty if one feels uneasy while climbing.

After reaching the height, you can enjoy the perks of the sight.

You can see the whole town at a glance from one place.

March is the time you should visit Olumo Rock as it’s the time when the festive season is on and you can enjoy as much as you want.


There’s much more at this rock that you can enjoy.

There is a museum that tells you about this rock having the beneficiaries and a park where you can sit and spend some peaceful time watching the Ogun River soothing your mind and providing you with serenity.

After that, you can find some good hotels only minutes far away from the Olumo Rock.

The next place to visit is the OOPL wildlife park situated in Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library.

It has more than 140 animals, including native and foreign animals.

You can have an amazing time there watching these exotic animals from 9 am to 6 pm daily.

To have some more historical vibes the next spot is Alake Palace.

The monument that is as beautiful as its name indicates.

Other than that, some fantastic Ake arts and festivals await you. Other places you can consider visiting include:

  • FUNAAB Zoo
  • June 12 Cultural Center
  • Adire Market
  • Oyan Dam and Hilltop Golf Resort.

All in all, Abeokuta has the spark that tourist always looks for.

7. Akure

Akure is the heart of Ondo State in the southwest of Nigeria.

It is included in this list as it has some of the major tourist attractions.

The main population here is Yoruba or Igbo. The first turn is to the Deji Akure.

Nigeria and its cultural values have their own identity, and Deji Akure is the place that speaks about the cultural heritage of Akure.

This town is a house of marvellous art, frescoes and also the best thing is the monuments & the statues.

The next spot should be Igbo Olodumar that has dense forestry, thick and green enough to soothe your eyes.

The green ambience is best suited for capturing wonderful photos and also accounts for sensational moments with your loved ones.

The beauty of Mother Nature awaits you in Oke Igbo.

You can enjoy some beautiful festivals, including the masquerade festival in Egungun near Akure and here you will observe the pure African culture.

If you love fishing or just want to wander along a water stream, you will refer IgboKoda Waterfront – The best place in Akure.

The beautiful sight along with the chance for you to do fishing there.

Perfect, right? So heading to igbokoda waterfront will be one of your best decisions for sure.

Consider carrying some cooking stuff with you so you can enjoy the fishes you capture.

Let’s jump into the nightlife.

The signature club is the choice of many tourists.

Here you can have some good experience, including live musicians, dance parties, some good drinks and an ambience that is comfortable.

Akure central mosque is also worth-seeing it is built with great diligence.

This mosque is the major landmark of Akure city.

8. Lagos

Surprised to find it at number 8?

The list is not in any specific order.

If you don’t know about Lagos, you are surely missing a fortune.

It is another highly populated city in Nigeria. This could also be because of the smooth living styles of people who are enjoying nature along with the leisure of the city.

This place is lucrative for art lovers.

The alluring sight of bogobiri makes them amazed to look in on for the next time.

Beach resort, shopping malls, national theatre, fun turf, and art gallery are all masterpieces spotted in Lagos.

The city’s artefacts and beautiful beachside views captivate the hearts of tourists.

A light outfit is suitable to be dumbfounded by all fun moments at La Campagne Tropicana beach resort.

The city retains its identity in terms of buying all your necessary items, whether it comes to beauty necessities or lavish clothing.

Most of the tourists come to this point to find quality products.

When literature lovers make their visitation possible in Lagos, they cannot deny the grace of the jazz hole – A place to find the leisure of music along with literature taste.

As far as we talk about native Nigerians, they mainly used to visit this place because it reflects their culture.

A great city in Nigeria

It definitely proves a quiescent point for those who come out in search of a calm place.

For adult visitors, Lekki Leisure Lake in Lagos is always kept ready for having a Jet Ski ride or swimming experience.

People can engage themselves with the same fun at Funtopia – A perfect place to entertain your children.

This beautifully designed city is an absolute joy for those who are always looking for something exciting.

You, along with your family, can rejoice yourselves by playing different games there.

Another attractive place point for visitors in Lagos is Lekki ikoyi Link Bridge.

It has been spotted as the best selfie place.

Lagos has proven itself the most visited place for investors and visitors from across the globe as it has become a national and international trader as well.

9. Enugu

It is referred to as the capital of Enugu state located in southeastern Nigeria.

It has a population of around 1 million.

We can say that it is not very densely populated. Enugu is often called as ‘coal city’.

A few industries have also been spotted there that make it a trading state.

This city is famous for its delicious foods such as aha soup, akpu, African salad, and Abacha.

Enugu seems to be exciting as it has an ancient look with a modern touch.

Isn’t it amazing? Cool breezes attract visitors to have a chance to explore themselves.

There is a place for golf lovers located at Mount Street in Enugu where people rush to experience a golf match.

Instead of playing, people also prefer to have fun there just by visiting the entire place.

In Okpara Avenue Polo Park, a huge mall is situated where you can fulfil all your requirements.

You can avail of everything of your choice there.

People who come here from long distances purchase luxury gifts for their loved ones just to show it to them.

The trend of Nigeria

Trees look charming, surrounded with eye-catchy hills.

This scene gets to see at Milken hills.

This place has got the hearts of photographers.

If you come to visit Enugu along with your camera, then you would be forced by its beauty to take selfies with the beautiful hilly background.

You can also go mountain climbing over the Ugwueme and Udi hills which are the fantastic masterpieces of nature.

Some visitors do visit Nigeria to get rid of their illnesses.

Do you think about a free medical checkup?

No, this is Awhum waterfall and cave where people hang out for a minute to shower them with falling water that is considered by the locals to be sacred enough to cure their diseases.

This phenomenon is somehow touching the tails of Enugu to ancient beliefs.

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An amazing park, known as “the magic garden” offers people a peaceful environment blessed with the beauty of nature.

All of these exciting features must have convinced you to put Enugu at your priority list to be visited soon.

10. Delta

Delta is one of the most visited and developed cities in Nigeria.

It is famous for oil production.

The languages spoken there include Izon, Igala, Itsekiri, and Urhobo. This city is also popular for its institutions.

Many people come here to get an education and research material. Some of the best institutions are:

  • Delta State University
  • Delta State Polytechnics
  • And Delta State College of Health Technology.

Delta state also has many historical and cultural places that attract tourists.

These places are always crowded and have so many interesting features that fetch visitors, even from far places.

These places are easy to visit and are very economical too. Some of them are listed below for your guidance.

The River Ethiope:

It is one of the deepest inland waterways in Africa. It is also a worship place of Olokun’s believers. This site is always packed with visitors.

This river is so peaceful that once you go there, it’s impossible to stop yourself from loving that place. People throw stones and keep the colourful paper boat there which adds fun to this place.

The Mungo Park House:

This park is now considered as a national museum. It was constructed under the Royal Niger Company and was used as a military house.

Mungo Park is also visited by thousands of people. Many historians come here to know about Nigeria.

Lander Brothers Anchorage:

 This complex consists of graveyard, museum and many writings. The speciality of this place is wonderful artwork. This artwork attracts many artists from Africa.

Landers Brothers Anchorage is so peaceful and beautiful that whoever goes there doesn’t want to come back. The artwork is so amazing that you cannot keep yourself away from that place.

Gorden hotel and Resort:

Gordon hotel is one of the renowned hotels in Nigeria. Many visitors love to stay there during the holidays.

If you are planning to enjoy the holidays, then Delta is the best city for you due to the tremendous opportunities discussed above.

Beautiful Cities in Nigeria Summary:

Don’t get fooled by the media reports on portraying great countries like Nigeria as unsafe, ugly, and poor.

Nigeria is rich not only with culture and traditions but also with natural and artificial beauty.

The country has many beautiful places, rivers, and cities that have the potential to bind tourists to themselves.

Nigeria is undoubtedly a great spot to spend your vacations. 

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