Mologic and Senegal to develop a hand-held coronavirus test kit

A UK-based laboratory, Mologic is working with scientists in Senegal to make a diagnostic test for coronavirus that can produce test results within 10 minutes. In a statement by Mologic announcing the UK-funded initiative, the handheld device is going to be the first diagnostic kit developed in the UK to be jointly manufactured in Africa. […]

How the coronavirus is Impacting the Global Tech Industries

The spread of the coronavirus has continued to wreak havoc on global economies, industries and the global technology industry. A lot of companies have shut down factories and banned business-related travel to china and other regions battling the spread of the coronavirus. Major events in the global tech industry like Facebook F8, the Geneva Motor […]

Jack Dorsey of Twitter set to move to Africa

The CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey has announced that he would be moving to Africa for some months in 2020 following his tour of the continent. He posted on Twitter saying he did not know for sure where exactly he would be living but he would be in Africa for half of next year. His […]

IT Professionals – Register in Tanzania

As every facet of the economy moves towards digital platforms. Tanzania is now looking to establish an Information Technology professionals board. The board will register all IT professionals in the country for the purpose of monitoring, controlling and securing the country’s cyberspace while speeding up the uptake of technology. Moreover This is in keeping with […]

Africa’s Innovative Response to Internet Repression

As governments across Africa continue to introduce internet policies that hurt connectivity rates and stifle freedom of expression. An increasing number of digital rights activists and organizations are fighting back. From social media taxes and disruptive internet shutdowns, to divisive disinformation campaigns and overpriced mobile data rates. So, here is no shortage of problematic internet […]


MTN announced that its instant messaging platform. The Ayoba has reached 1 million monthly active users. Ayoba is a messaging app localized for African and Middle East consumer needs. This is under an independent Over the Top (OTT) brand with unique features for MTN customers. Furthermore, The app supports many local languages spoken across the […]