10 national symbols of Nigeria and their meanings

Advertisements Nigeria is not only the giant of Africa but a home of ancient culture, history and mysterious symbols. She has undergone stages of tears, struggle, victories and laughter. These experiences collectively have influenced not only her political and social structure but also the design of her national symbols. They are also a unique to […]

Who is the richest musician in Nigeria and his net worth 2020

Advertisements Being a musician is more of a passion than a profession. The ones who love music, money chases them itself, and they truly make a fortune out of their musical talents. The top 10 richest musicians in Nigeria also validate this proposition. When you read out from Don Jazzy to Timaya, you will be […]

Folorunsho Alakija’s recipe to success

Advertisements Nigeria is one of the most powerful and emerging countries in Africa and the world. As for the country’s success, it is full of natural resources like oil and gas that play an important part in a country’s progress. Being the richest person in the country like Nigeria is no less than a blessing. […]

Top 10 best dating sites in Nigeria 2020: some are for free

Advertisements At a point in our lives, we feel stuck and hidden in ourselves, and we are eager to break out to find love. But presently, going out seems like a crime, where quarantine is the new rule of the day. Realising that, we now feel stuck the more. The good news is that there […]

Jacqueline Ray: All you need to know about Tom Selleck’s first wife

Advertisements Fame does not remain forever and does not guarantee anyone to be superior to law. Jacqueline Ray is the best example of this proposition. Being an American celebrity who reached the heights of glory as a model, actress, a fashion icon. And the wife of the top actor named Selleck, nobody thought her fame […]

Coronavirus pandemic: Which politicians and celebrities are affected?

Advertisements The novel coronavirus has spread to at least 190 countries and territories, with the worldwide death toll from the virus surpassing the 22,000 mark on March 26. Due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus, high-profile events including the annual Met Gala – often referred to as fashion’s biggest night out – will not take […]