Most successful African entrepreneurs in South Africa

56 Who are the most successful entrepreneurs in South Africa

South Africa is known as the second biggest economy in Africa, just behind Nigeria. Just like Nigeria, South Africa has its fair share of successful African entrepreneurs. South Africa, as an attractive business destination, has some of the most exceptional entrepreneurs from Africa. The following entrepreneurs are some of the most excellent businessmen from the … Read more

10 national symbols of Nigeria and their meanings

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Nigeria is not only the giant of Africa but a home of ancient culture, history and mysterious symbols. She has undergone stages of tears, struggle, victories and laughter. These experiences collectively have influenced not only her political and social structure but also the design of her national symbols. They are also a unique to her … Read more

Folorunsho Alakija’s recipe to success

folorunsho alakija   s recipe to success 1

Nigeria is one of the most powerful and emerging countries in Africa and the world. As for the country’s success, it is full of natural resources like oil and gas that play an important part in a country’s progress. Being the richest person in the country like Nigeria is no less than a blessing. Combine … Read more

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