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Top 10 Beautiful States in Nigeria

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The beautiful country of Nigeria has 36 states. While every state of Nigeria has a unique and special feature that makes it important in a specific regard, this article will attempt to enlighten our readers about the most beautiful states in Nigeria. The main objective behind choosing these top beautiful states is to offer assistance to the visitors. A variety of factors have been taken into consideration before choosing the top 10 beautiful states in Nigeria because people usually know about the famous spots to be visited in Nigeria but are unable to decide their visit plans according to the states.

This article will help them plan their tour to Nigeria conveniently irrespective of their purpose of visit.

The following are the top 10 beautiful states in Nigeria.

You can prioritize your visit according to your tastes but we strongly recommend that you visit all of these states to explore the natural beauty of Nigeria.

Akwa Ibom

If you are a fan of seaports, sports complex, and information providing E-libraries, Akwa Ibom must be your first choice.

It is also one of the cleanest cities in Nigeria.

There are some of the beautiful beaches like Ibeno Beach.

A museum such as the National Museum in Uyo and the ultra-modern sports complex with a huge capacity to host spectators add beauty to this state.

It also has broad and clean roads that will make your travel pleasant and convenient.

It has amazing parks and hotels to stay while enjoying all the facilities.

Cross River

Cross River is really beautiful especially for the purpose of enjoyment and recreation.

This state has been named after the river that passes through it.

It has ultra-beautiful landscapes and waterfalls.

Cross River has beautiful beaches and resorts that attract tourists.

It has a very old volcanic stone range which enjoys historical importance.

A variety of museums and exotic parks provide further ambiance to the visitors and annual festivals like Christmas are also celebrated in this beautiful state.

This state is full of life and joyful activities.


When it comes to visiting the structured state in Nigeria, Abuja surely tops the chart.

The city of Abuja is well planned and is a host of well-organized roads and recreational spots.

The visitors can never get bored in this state and they will always find a place for different kinds of activities.

The green belts in the city of Abuja add beauty to the locations and provide a soothing effect to its visitors and inhabitants.

Top 10 Beautiful States in Nigeria Abuja gbagyi-woman

The city of Abuja is quite famous due to its variety of parks. The most famous park in Abuja is Millenium Park.

People can also find good hotels, restaurants with a variety of delicious foods, and 4D cinemas for recreation.

Places like Ceddi Plaza and the National Stadium are also worth visiting for every visitor.

Lagos State

Previously the capital of Nigeria, Lagos state is known for many good reasons.

It is the financial hub of Nigeria and is famous for its fast life, restaurants, hotels, and nightlife.

Lagos also has a beautiful infrastructure and the people have a life of a real metropolitan.

Victoria Island, Lekki, and Ikeja are the hearts of Lagos state.

There are beautiful beaches and resorts that people can visit and enjoy in Lagos state.

The beauty of the Lagos state is in the lifestyle and trendy culture that differentiates it from other states of Nigeria.


The most important spot in Lagos state is the Freedom Park that is located on Lagos Island and is host of a variety of recreational activities.


Rivers is mainly known for its aquatic life.

This state has a lot of rivers that is the main reason behind its name.

There are beautiful beaches and river trips which can be enjoyed at their full capacity by the visitors and tourists.


The most famous island in this state is the Bonny Island.

Rivers is also host of stunning parks and greeneries.

The most famous park is Finima Nature Park in Bonny Island.


Enugu is one of the best states in Nigeria for staying in top quality hotels and resorts.

It is considered as the top priority state to be visited due to its variety of beautiful spots.

It is also well maintained and full of life.

The hotels in this state provide the highest standards of living to the visitors that is why it is preferred by international tourists.


This state is full of beautiful parks, museums, and natural landscapes.

It has beautiful waterfalls and the terrain is so beautiful that it attracts tourists from all over Nigeria and Africa.

The excellent and differentiating factor about Kaduna is that it offers a variety of tourist spots to the visitors.

From the museums to the lakes and waterfalls, it has all that it takes to be a must-visit state.


Another promising state to offer the best available hotels, resorts, and tourist sites are Delta.

Famous spots to be visited in this state include Olu of Warri, country clubs, and Abraka Turf and Country Club.

It is also a host of a variety of naturally romantic sceneries that leave pleasantly surprising effects on the visitors.


Ada Palm plantation truly differentiates this beautiful state of Imo.

It is the plantation of its own unique nature and people come from far-flung areas to visit this site.

Another important tourist site in Imo State is Oguta Lake.

This state is full of life and is famous for its lively nightlife and ravishing resorts.


Ondo state is famous due to a number of pleasant reasons.

The modern infrastructure, shopping malls, beautiful infrastructure, and the topography of this state is quite notable and worthy of visits.

The Ondo state has many recreational locations like extraordinary parks, beautiful landscapes, museums, and resorts that truly make it one of the prettiest states in Nigeria.

Top 10 beautiful states in Nigeria: Summary:

The above-mentioned states are the top 10 beautiful states in Nigeria among a total of 36 states.

While the remaining states of Nigeria are also beautiful in many ways, we have shortlisted the top 10 states that have maximum tourist attractions.

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