Business continuity during Coronavirus: COVID-19 business continuity plan

The coronavirus and business continuity is something that needs a practical application if economies plan to bounce back from this decline. In times of global pandemics like the current coronavirus situation, all companies need a business continuity plan. It is essential to have an emergency scenario. This is crucial to continue business operations during the […]

The useful bookkeeping tips for small business owners

One of the common challenges of many small businesses is keeping their financial records straight. While some business owners ignore it, some struggle to keep it. No matter the category you belong to, this article on bookkeeping tips for small business is for you. It doesn’t matter the strength or weight of your business. As […]

Getting start-up business loans for small businesses

If you want your new business idea to be a success, you must invest funds into it. You can’t start a new business without capital. No matter how small or large your idea is, you need some financial resources to make it work. You can’t avoid certain costs at the beginning of the journey, and […]

Top 10 social media platforms for your business

Billions of people worldwide are using one social media platform or the other every day. It is no longer a secret that these social media platforms can help you reach millions of potential customers. So, taking your business to these sites is one of the ways to push your brand to the frontline of your […]

How to Write a Social Media Strategy Plan?

Social media is one of the most influencing factors for every type of company in the modern era. Once upon a time, when social media was first introduced, there was a common question. Should I use social media for my company? People do not ask that question anymore. The question has converted now into something […]

Effective Email Marketing Tips for Successful Campaigns

Modern businesses rely on communication significantly. The communication media may vary from messaging to social media channels. However, after the introduction of email in the world of communications, it has been an important part of all types of businesses. No matter what the size of your business is- big or small, it is always useful. […]