How to Launch a Business in South Africa

Coloured people stating and working together directly and on a board. Launch a Business in South Africa

Starting a business in South Africa has numerous financial, social, and economic advantages. First and foremost is the joy one associates with pursuing something one believes in, the social status one gain from peers, and their contribution to the economic upliftment of the country. However, even with these advantages, the process can seem daunting to … Read more

Wool Production in South Africa

A Sheep with many wool, looking in the camera

However, before we delve into the South African wool industry, let’s first explore the industry as a whole. Wool is a textile fibre from sheep and other mammals such as goats, rabbits, and camelids. In recent times, technological advancement and widespread activism have also led to the creation of mineral and glass wool, similar to … Read more

How to Do Business in Africa

business newsletter 1

Define your market When defining your market, you should know that Africa is a large and heterogenous continent. Its regional boundaries aren’t necessarily determined by the lines drawn across a map. In addition, the continent has over 100 cities. At least 50 of them contain a population of over 1 million people. Consequently, you could … Read more

Merchandising business definition and examples

merchandising 1

What is the first thing that captures your attention when you walk into a retail and merchandising business store? Is it the vibrant colors? The fragrant perfume that also seems to float across the entire store? The way lighting hits products in merchandising business by drawing your eyes in, causing an itch in your wallet … Read more

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