Top 10 Blogs in Nigeria

Importance of Blogs in Nigeria Nigeria is not the first country that people think of when it comes to a growing, thriving community of blogs in Nigeria. And serve as an avenue for earning money from businesses online or to express their opinions unchallenged by outside forces. While some of these Nigerian blogs exalt in […]

Top 5 Richest Tribes in Nigeria in 2020

Africa’s rich culture and diversity have made it one of the unique continents of our world. And as one of the fastest-growing economies in this continent, Nigeria epitomizes all that is inherently African. With a growing population, Nigeria boasts of 3 of the top ten richest tribes in Africa. This might come as a surprise […]

Botswana auctions 6 licenses to Kill 60 Elephants

Botswana, home to the world’s largest elephant population, has held its first major auction for trophy elephant hunting quotas since scrapping a hunting ban last year.  Six licences to hunt a total of 60 elephants were auctioned on Friday. The license to hunt is the first since President Mokgweetsi Masisi revoked a five-year moratorium in […]

How to Start a Business in Mauritius

Starting a business can be done anywhere in the world. But it is good to note that some countries over others offer more advantages when it comes to starting up a business. We prepared a list of all thing you need to know about how to start a business in Mauritius. Rated by World Bank […]

Top 21: The Richest States of Nigeria in 2020

We prepared for you the list of the top 21 richest states of Nigeria that play an important role in the country’s economy and development. Nigeria is a sub-Saharan African country blessed with natural resources. It is an independent country that has 36 flourishing states, and Crude oil has long been Nigeria’s primary source of […]