5-minute activities for team building

Teamwork is an essential component of any community that works together. Whether it’s in a school or workplace, 5-minute team building activities are a great way to build camaraderie and foster teamwork. However, as adults, you only want to engage in meaningful activities that will encourage collaboration. RELATED: CHARISMATIC LEADERSHIP: DEFINITION, CHARACTERISTICS, EXAMPLES Thus, random […]

List of low-cost franchise business opportunities for sale

One excellent way to become self-employed and financially independent is by owning a franchise business. You can become a franchisee from several available low-cost franchise business opportunities. What does a franchise business mean? If you own a franchise business, you, as an independent entrepreneur, have the right to make use of the name, products, branding […]

10 Best ways to raise capital for your small business

If you ask 5 people why they’re not in business, 4 may say “lack of capital.” One of the first milestones for a start-up to cross is to raise business capital. Without a verified source of funding, you can’t think of starting a business. Even if you decide to start small, the first money you […]

What are the benefits of corporate social responsibility?

Corporate social responsibility of a company is an approach of it to be responsible towards its customers, shareholders, and the mass in general, for the social and environmental impact of its business operations. CSR or corporate social responsibility limits not only in donating money or printing double pages to save the trees. It relates to […]

Top 40 business ideas for college students

Still in college, but want to find a way to make money? In this article, we’ll list 40 business ideas for college students. Although it seems like being a broke college student is the norm nowadays, it wouldn’t hurt to be an outlier. We will share with you some good college ideas for business you […]

How to do a competitor analysis?

In today’s economic climate, most businesses prefer to focus on internal strategies rather than external strategies, such as conducting competitor analysis to initiate business growth and profitability. When last did you go out there to see how your competitors run their businesses? Most businesses have never even done a competitive analysis to determine who their […]