Big businesses are going green

If you are thinking of going green business because of the perceived benefits, then you are not alone. You are on the same page with the big boys who think that going green is a top priority for the survival of their businesses. Going green can help you reduce the total costs of utility, begin […]

How to Calculate Selling Price of a Product the Right Way

Price is the primary medium to determine profit or loss. If the selling price is higher than the cost price, that product will provide profits. On the other hand, if the selling price is less, that business will face loss. That is why pricing is very vital for any business. And for the same reason, […]

Pareto Principle: The 80/20 Rule in business

When you study both natural and man-made phenomena, you’ll discover that there is unequal distribution. This inequality forms the precept of the 80 20 principles in business and other phases of life. Researching on this inequality, an Italian economist-Vilfredo Pareto, in 1906, put forth a principle. In his research, he discovered that 80 percent of […]

What are the business opportunities in Lagos?

Nigeria is the economic powerhouse of Sub-Saharan Africa. It competes closely with South Africa to be the largest economy of Africa. With a population of around 202 million and a GDP totaling US$1.2 trillion. Lagos is the largest city of Nigeria and its former capital too. It is home to some 21 million people dreaming […]

15 Effective Examples of Product Placements in Movies and Books

Product placement is an extraordinary example of marketing, yet a better one. If you want to market your product for a long time, it is one of the best ways. We see its practical implementation in many movies and books. Hence, to help you with the same, we have come up with this article. We […]

How to choose the best brand name for your business?

Choosing a brand name for your business is the first important step for any start-up. A brand name is an essential part of your business. This is one of the first challenges that you will ever make early on in your new career. The brand name of your company will go a long way in […]