What are the 7 ps of marketing: How to use them?

Marketing is a complex set of activities and processes many businesses use to positively impact their business’ brand, sales, and overall performance. It encompasses advertising, market research, and different kinds of surveys. Thus, here comes the 7 Ps of marketing. Marketing is a highly diverse concept. Thus, there is even a whole bachelor’s degree dedicated […]

What is a live webinar? Here’s everything you need to know!

You may have heard the term webinar being commonly used online but may have no idea what exactly it is. We can’t blame you for that. After all, it’s not a word that commonly pops up in casual conversation anyway. So, for those unfamiliar with a webinar, it’s short for Web-based seminars, a presentation, lecture, […]

What should you know about how to start a podcast?

A simple google search on “How to start a podcast” will reveal lots of results concerning the topic. This points to the fact that podcasts are increasingly becoming popular these days. Thanks to streaming platforms like iTunes, Tidal, Spotify, and other audio streaming platforms, podcasts are all over. Due to its popularity and effectiveness, lots […]

How do you identify what your strengths are?

Determining your strengths isn’t as simple as taking a personality test. It requires an extensive introspection, which allows you to see your abilities and skills fully. Furthermore, it is a constant evaluation of yourself. Personal strengths are a wide array of qualities, traits, and skills. It is not limited to personality traits and communication skills, […]

How to easily create an eBook and sell it online?

Ebooks are one of the bestselling digital content online. Everybody has some type of gadget with them that they carry daily. Thus, most of Many people are curious about how to create an ebook. It’s such a profitable field that anyone could partake in. Ebooks don’t only come in fictional stories; they also include non-fiction […]

A complete guide to making a personal SWOT analysis

What is a personal SWOT analysis? A personal SWOT analysis is going a step further into the regular SWOT analysis. It is applying the same formula of strengths and weaknesses on a personal level. In a personal SWOT analysis, an individual takes stock of his strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Why do a personal SWOT […]