Tourist Attractions in Uganda

Uganda is one of the most tourist attractions-rich countries in the world. The country is so blessed with the flora, fauna, lakes, birds, and wildlife that it is hard to find its match in any part of the world. There are so many reasons why Uganda should be your number one destination if you are […]

February, 13 By Peter Travel

21 Places to Visit and Things to do in Jinja

Jinja city is one of the most blessed cities in the world due to its richness in providing multiple exciting attractions to the tourists. The city contains a variety of lakes, bridges, waterfalls, dams, and offers multiple sightseeing, and adventurous opportunities to the visitors. This article would attempt to recommend the 21 best places to […]

Ogbunike Cave

The Ogbunike Cave is basically a chain of around 10 caves of different heights, widths, lengths, and stature. All of them lead to different directions. These caves have a special status in the local area of Anambra, and it has religious and mystical importance as well. If you ask a Nigerian to list down the […]

Awhum Waterfall

Awhum waterfalls, also known as Ohum Waterfalls are the mysterious, magical, and super-attractive waterfalls in Nigeria. Located in Amaugwe village of Awhum town, Enugu State, Nigeria, it has been an attraction for tourists and pilgrims due to many reasons. In addition to the scenic beauty, the waterfall and its water are related to having supernatural […]

Traveling to Lagos Nigeria for the first time

Nigeria is truly one of the best countries in Africa. It has a lot of tourist attractions and has been grabbing the attention of the international community because of many exclusive features. There are islands, beaches, fun-packed things like boating, cruising, animals, and birds seeing, etc. Lagos is one of the most important states in […]

What vaccinations are required when you travel to Nigeria?

Before you start your travel to Nigeria, it’s necessary to check what vaccinations are required before your way. Nigeria is one of the most desired destinations in Africa for tourists from all over the world. The country bears some of the most exotic places and diverse wildlife that are sufficient to attract international tourists.  But […]