How to register a business idea in South Africa?

Is your business still in the ideation stage, and you’re wondering how to register a business idea in South Africa? We got your back in this article. This article will share the details on how to start your own company in South Africa. Growing a business idea in the South African economy is very rewarding. […]

How to start an investment club? The complete guide

Starting an investment group can seem like a profitable venture for most people. However, there are several grey areas to consider in this regard. While it is more like a conventional business, knowing how to start an investment club with all the right details, is still the best way to go about it. Just like […]

How to Calculate Selling Price of a Product the Right Way

Price is the primary medium to determine profit or loss. If the selling price is higher than the cost price, that product will provide profits. On the other hand, if the selling price is less, that business will face loss. That is why pricing is very vital for any business. And for the same reason, […]

Pareto Principle: The 80/20 Rule in business

When you study both natural and man-made phenomena, you’ll discover that there is unequal distribution. This inequality forms the precept of the 80 20 principles in business and other phases of life. Researching on this inequality, an Italian economist-Vilfredo Pareto, in 1906, put forth a principle. In his research, he discovered that 80 percent of […]

The Best 15 Finance Books that Every Entrepreneur Should Read

In the modern world, we rely mostly upon gadgets and technologies. We seem to have forgotten the role of books in our life. But still, books are there for us, helping us in every sector. It is no different for business sectors. In a business, from marketing to finance, books are helpful for every step. […]

10 Best financial strategies that work

Financial management is an essential part of every business whether small, medium, or big. It is healthy to develop some financial strategies for your business. Contrary to the popular belief, financial management goes beyond handling money, business account balancing, bookkeeping, also other money handling related practices. There is a reason why it is important for […]