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Top 15 sites like Fiverr for freelancers

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Fiverr is an online freelance platform that offers to connect online buyers and sellers for different kinds of services. Founded in 2010 as a five-dollar service as its name refers, it has grown into a gigantic freelance marketplace that is generating around $75 million per year. Although Fiverr started with a famous tagline of Five-dollar services, it has not limited its services to just five dollars. There are freelancers whose services charge way more than just five dollars to start with at Fiverr. There is no doubt that Fiverr has been leading the charts of freelancing arenas for many years, but there are sites better than Fiverr. So, in this article, we have brought some exciting information regarding sites like Fiverr, where buyers and sellers can connect to get benefits from each other. You can term these sites as the best alternatives to Fiverr. The sites discussed in this article are more or less like Fiverr, but better services make them stand out in competition with it.

Top sites like Fiverr

So, is it only Fiverr that gives this tremendous opportunity to connect buyers and sellers online?

Not really. Fortunately, many competitors have jumped in since the advent and success of Fiverr.

Although the modus operandi followed by other freelancing websites may be different, they all have a similar agenda.

They bring the buyers and sellers of services together, and they decide the work themselves after mutual discussions.

Fiverr and similar websites do monitor if a need to mediate between both parties arises.

The following is the list of sites like Fiverr.

Also, a brief introduction, main differences, popularity, nature of jobs, pros, and cons offered by each freelancing forum have precisely discussed to broaden your knowledge.

1. Upwork

Upwork is one of the oldest and most promising freelancing websites in the online world.

It has been up and running for more than two decades.

Previously known as Odesk, the website offers a simple solution to join freelancers and clients in one arena.

It surely tops the chart among Fiverr alternatives.

The process of hiring and selling on Upwork is very simple.

Unlike Fiverr where the freelancers or sellers of specific services list down their expertise, and the clients have to pick and choose out of them for their work, this forum runs on a different strategy.

It offers clients a very simple process for hiring online workers.

Clients themselves describe what they exactly need to do.

Freelancers read the job descriptions and then decide to apply to the jobs that suit them most.

In this way, clients don’t have to bother searching for workers as they do on Fiverr.

This is the major difference between Fiverr and Upwork.

If you’re a freelancer or an online seller of services and you don’t know about Upwork, then something is seriously missing in your knowledge.

Pros of Upwork

  • Easy job searches as compared to Fiverr.
  • One of the best Fiverr alternatives.
  • Millions of jobs for any category.
  • Secure payments.
  • Clients’ and freelancers’ history are visible for transparency.
  • Easy money withdrawal processes.

Cons of Upwork

  • Tough profile approvals.
  • Profile suspensions for inactivity.
  • Costly bids.
  • Hefty Upwork fees for projects.

2. Toptal

Toptal is one of the few sites like Fiverr that claims to focus on quality, not quantity.

Also, claims to provide the top 3% of the freelancers according to their talents.

And mainly offers highly skilled and experienced designers, developers, project managers, product experts, and financial experts.

As soon as the freelancing sites like Fiverr started to offer online jobs to the workers, a huge influx of registrations started to pour in.

This created complications for the hiring managers and businesses who needed to filter out the real talent out of the amateurs and scammers.

This is why Toptal came into being.

It is the second-best freelancing website in Fiverr alternatives.

Toptal claims to be offering the highly talented individuals as the registration processes are very rigorous.

And also everyone who applies to register it does not get through easily.

So, if you’re an existing or a new freelancer and you want to make the most out of your expertise, Toptal is the right option for you.

Although the number of clients and freelancers at this platform is limited, they are of higher standards.

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And Toptal is known for shortlisting the applicants and validating their talents so that they can provide the quality workers to the clients.

It includes the previous history of employment pertaining to sellers.

Some of them here have worked in companies like Google and Shopify.

Pros of Toptal

  • Simple and focused hiring.
  • Great mobile application.
  • Easy withdrawals.
  • Easy hiring and payments.

Cons of Toptal

  • Hefty charges and project fees.
  • Difficult to be listed as a freelancer.
  • Extensive testing processes.

With all these features and benefits, you can call this site as one of the best alternatives to Fiverr.

3. PeoplePerHour

As the name suggests, PeoplePerHour is a website that offers talented and experienced people who offer their services on an hourly basis.

There is also an option to hire and work on the agreed prices for the whole project.

In the world of freelancing websites, PeoplePerHour enjoys extensive credibility and trust both from sellers and clients.

PeoplePerHour is the third-best option among Fiverr alternatives.

The site works more like Upwork, and that is the way it differs from Fiverr.

The clients or employers post the details of the tasks to perform.

Unlike at Fiverr, sellers view the job posts in their feed, and they choose to apply to the jobs if they think they can do the mentioned tasks.

There are many other factors in which this site differs from Fiverr.

So, the way the jobs are post on this platform and the ease with which the sellers are a few of the factors that make this website stand out from the rest.

The quality of the sellers and clients present on this forum also varies.

The number of sellers and the popularity are other factors that differentiate this site as compared to Fiverr.

Although PeoplePerHour was found earlier than Fiverr, it is less popular in the online freelance marketplace as compared to Fiverr.

It is a UK based company, and it has been gaining popularity since its inception but needless to say that it remains a centre of attention in the United Kingdom and Europe.

It could not gain the market share as huge as it has been observing with sites like Fiverr and Upwork.

A fewer number of sellers registering themselves to be available on this forum along with a fewer number of clients registering themselves as sellers here also goes in favour of this online freelance program.

We know that as soon as we get a huge number of registrations, a sense of competition arises fast.

So, if we talk keeping the sellers’ perspective in mind, a lesser number of freelancer registration goes in favour of a freelancer.

PeoplePerHour is still counted among the top 5 freelance websites and is an excellent replacement for Fiverr and other freelancing websites.

Another factor that makes this website stand out is the number of sellers and clients who get themselves registered here in addition to their registrations at other websites.

For example, a struggling freelancer would get himself registered at every popular freelancing website so that he or she gets the maximum chances to serve the clients.

The same is the case with clients.

A client would want to explore the maximum number of sellers and would want to choose the best of them to perform the tasks on the cheapest possible rates.

So, there are many clients and sellers on this website who are also present out there on sites like Fiverr and Toptal.

A list of the most important pros and cons of this website would summarize if this freelancing website is worth a try or not.

Following is the list of pros and cons when it comes to working on PeoplePerHour.

Pros of PeoplePerHour

  • Free to apply for jobs.
  • A large number of freelancers.
  • Great popularity in the UK and Europe.
  • Mobile application for easy access.
  • Highly paid jobs.
  • Fair clients.
  • Easy to use website design.
  • Client-focused operations.

Cons of PeoplePerHour

  • Wide similarity with Upwork.
  • No rigorous selections of freelancers.
  • Hefty charges imposed by PeoplePerHour.
  • High competition within freelancers.

You can say that at PeoplePerHour, you get jobs differently as compared to Fiverr, but you easily get hired for the right jobs you applied for.

4. Freelancer.com

Freelancer.com is an Australian based freelance marketplace that was founded in 2009, and it grew in popularity over time in the world of freelancing.

However, it widely offers services like developing, content writing, designing, data entry, and tech-related services.

This website has a huge number of sellers from all around the world and is estimated to host more than 20 million freelancers.

Services like engineering & science, sales & marketing, accounting, product sourcing, and transcriptions also claimed to be offered by this freelancing giant.

As the name explains, Freelancer is a platform that is one of the great Fiverr alternatives and to give jobs to sellers from all around the globe.

The process followed at Freelancer is simple.

Just like Upwork and PeoplePerHour, Freelancer allows the clients to post the details of the tasks they need to get done.

They post the details along with the budget in their mind.

Online sellers are then open to apply to those jobs.

Clients review the bids and then contact the applicants to shortlist for their interview.

Finally, they hire a candidate or more than one candidate to perform the task.

Clients raise milestones for their agreed piece of tasks within a certain timeline.

This whole process is almost the same as at Upwork and PeoplePerHour.

So, the process naturally differs from Fiverr for better reasons.

A basic limitation with Freelancer.com is that it does not filter out sellers on the basis of their expertise and experiences.

Additionally, sellers are allowed to bid on as many projects as they want according to their subscription limits.

Generally speaking, a freelancer with a normal subscription gets as many as 100 bids to apply to the jobs posted by clients.

Another challenge is the number of bids to be consumed while applying for a job is the same.

A freelancer will be with one bid to apply for any job with any budget.

This is where Freelancer differs with Upwork.

Upwork discourages sellers from applying for too many jobs because that will make it difficult for the clients to filter out the right candidate.

It is a common challenge faced by clients on this platform that they get hundreds of bids on their projects, out of which, most of the birds are prewritten and are copy-paste while applying for jobs.

This goes in favour of the sellers but makes the whole hiring process difficult for the clients.

Posting a job on Freelancer.com also needs to be highlighted.

As posting a job on this platform is free of cost, many people post jobs just for fun.

They are not actual buyers.

This wastes the time of sellers to apply for bogus jobs as you would see the level of seriousness of the pseudo employers when they post jobs just to talk to female sellers.

Freelancer has many bright sides too.

There are many currencies supported by Freelancer.com. They include USD, NZD, AUD, GBP, HKD, SGD, EUR, CAD, and INR.

So, people from major parts of the world can post their budgets and pay sellers in their currencies.

There is an option of searching for the sellers and hiring them directly through a process called “direct hiring”.

In that way, both sellers and clients get less charged for their project fees.

A brief list of pros and cons with Freelancer has mentioned below.

You will also have a fair idea of this platform along with its comparison with Fiverr while going through the following list.

Pros of Freelancer.com

  • A very high pool of freelancers.
  • Multiple services offered.
  • Comparatively lower bid and project charges.
  • Good mobile application.
  • Multiple currencies supported.
  • Free job posts.

Cons of Freelancer.com

  • No scrutiny of freelancers.
  • Too much competition within freelancers.
  • No filtration options for freelancers and clients.
  • Higher scam rates.
  • No phone support.
  • Limited withdrawal options.
  • Lower exchange rates.

5. Truelancer

Although Truelancer is relatively a newcomer, it has gained popularity among freelancers and clients who want to collaborate for mutual benefits.

The main services offered by Truelancer include developing, designing, writing, SEO, and marketing.

Truelancer is home to more than 1 million sellers from different parts of the world and has considered as one of the best alternatives to sites like Fiverr and Upwork.

The best part about Truelancer is its excellent user experience within its website.

There are different segments made to choose sellers from most popular countries like the USA, UK, India, Pakistan, Philippines, and Bangladesh.

Previously, the clients used to mention in their bids that they needed sellers who are native English speakers or Asians.

This website eases out their search and provides them with the best freelancers for their work.

The modus operandi followed at this website is also similar to those discussed above.

Clients usually post the jobs they need to be done from the freelancers.

Freelancers apply for the jobs that they think they can do best and clients hire freelancers after formal interviews etc.

Although there are only two currencies supported by this website, including USD and INR, we can hope that they expand their scope and come up with more features and options in the future.

Therefore, clients and sellers using this platform have recorded their statements to have been dealt with the utmost care by the platform with their preset systems to ensure transparency via their escrow systems.

The charges deducted by Truelancer from the buyers and sellers for the projects are nominal.

All of such benefits of this website put it high among the list of Fiverr alternatives.

Go through the following points to decide if this impresses you against Fiverr.

Pros of Truelancer

  • Dedicated sections to search freelancers.
  • Safe and secure payments.
  • Better profile displays with expertise.
  • Easy search for local freelancers in your city.
  • Good mobile application.

Cons of Truelancer

  • Limited withdrawal options.
  • Limited currencies supported.
  • Lesser popularity in Western countries.
  • Fewer international clients.

6. Solidgigs

Solidgigs works uniquely to facilitate freelancers from all around the world.

The main distinguisher about Solidgigs is that it does not offer a regular platform as is the case with sites like Fiverr and Upwork.

It digs down the whole web to bring the premium jobs for freelancers.

If you’re a freelancer, you must have been facing a problem of finding the highly paid jobs on any platform that you are registering with.

After all, the amount of money that you earn is what matters at the end.

Most of the freelancers waste a huge amount of time when it comes to searching jobs at freelancing platforms.

Not only the price of the projects, but it is also about the relevance of the jobs, nature of the clients, and the matter of your interest that counts while doing a freelancing job.

This is where Solidgigs has jumped in for easing out the sellers.

Therefore, it searches out for the freelancing jobs all over the online world and claims to bring the top 1% of the jobs that might suit your interests in every way.

Pros of Solidgigs

  • Saves a lot of time.
  • Brings quality jobs.
  • No freelancing platform is missed out.
  • Offers training also.

Cons of Solidgigs

  • Costly charges of $19 a month.
  • No mobile application.

7. Flexjobs

Flexjobs is to provide flexible jobs to every online user in the world via their platform.

Founded in 2007 for helping people to find more flexible jobs which they enjoy doing, it has been growing in popularity in every region of the world.

It claims to have companies like Apple, Dell, and Salesforce hire employees from this platform.

It also offers to find jobs by location and by categories.

You can also search for jobs simply by typing the relevant keywords in their search option.

Pros of Flexjobs

  • A fast and easy way of finding jobs.
  • Huge clients’ presence.
  • Reputed companies on their list of employers.

Cons of Flexjobs

  • Relatively costlier plans are starting at $14 per month.
  • No mobile application.

8. Guru

Founded in 1998, Guru is a website that typically works like sites like Upwork and Freelancer.

Also, it allows clients to post jobs on their platform.

Sellers see the number of jobs with brief details in their feeds and then apply to the jobs that suit their skills and experiences.

So, Guru offers any kind of job starting from jobs that requires simple data entry skills to the jobs that demand technical expertise.

The mainstream and most popular jobs that this platform offers include writing, designing, WordPress, and SEO.

Pros of Guru

  • One of the oldest freelancing sites.
  • Simple hiring and payment process.
  • Huge list of employers and freelancers.

Cons of Guru

  • Huge competition within freelancers.
  • Finding quality jobs is difficult.

9. Freeup

Founded in 2015, Freeup was initially to hire the top freelancers to work dedicatedly for eCommerce solutions.

Also, it was created out of frustration regarding the turnover of the right sellers and the growing demand to search for talented online workers.

The platform grew up to accommodate Amazon and everything related to eCommerce.

Two years later, it added digital marketing, and later on, it opened its doors for almost every freelance service.

It claims to offer services of the top 1% freelancing talent to the clients so that they save their time and money in finding out the relevant candidates.

It has been considered as one of the most trusted sources to hire highly skilled online sellers.

Pros of Freeup

  • Very little competition within freelancers.
  • Access to quality clients.
  • Highly paid jobs.
  • Call support.

Cons of Freeup

  • Difficult to get listed as a freelancer.
  • No mobile application.

10. Speedlancer

Speedlancer is a freelancing platform that offers services from the top-rated sellers that are with this platform.

Also, goes a step ahead in assisting clients in providing concierge services so that they have a peace of mind while hiring freelancing through Speedlancer.

The main idea behind this site is to speed up the process of online hiring.

Hence the name Speedlancer.

The website claims to offer handpicked online sellers who tried, tested, and trusted by Speedlancer in their skills so that clients don’t have to take extra hassle in hiring sellers for their tasks.

They don’t have to spare time in shortlisting candidates and conducting interviews before hiring them.

Overall, it is a great freelance talent marketplace that serious online buyers use to get their serious tasks done efficiently.

Pros of Speedlancer

  • Dedicated concierge service for every project.
  • Communication via trusted platforms like Slack.
  • Money-back guarantee.

Cons of Speedlancer

  • Very costly plans for clients.
  • Limited scale of buyers.

Sites like Fiverr summary:

The top 10 alternatives of Fiverr have been discussed above in detail.

These top 10 sites like Fiverr are termed as the sites better than Fiverr by many freelancers and clients.

There are more sites like Fiverr where you can get jobs and services.

Most of them work similarly as on Fiverr but are less popular in terms of freelancers and clients’ usage.

The additional list of great sites like Fiverr has been mention below.

Therefore, check them out if you want to get an insight into the websites that are offering you to get your jobs done along with the option of working for others for easy money.

You will see that some of these Fiverr competitors are even cheaper than Fiverr in terms of project charges.

You can also hire freelancers to guide you on how to make a site like Fiverr.

Don’t forget to ask yourself after reading out this article and checking out the following sites like Fiverr if you still term Fiverr as the best freelancing website among the sites mentioned in this article.

11. Gigbucks
12. Microworkers
13. Hireable
14. Work Market
15. Simplyhired

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