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17 Sites That Pay through Payoneer

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If you want to start earning money online you definitelly should need to know which sites pay through Payoneer.

Earning money online has taken a huge surge in the recent past. With the advent of tremendous platforms that pay freelancers for their services, a need for trusted payment methods has been desired.

While they are many payment processing channels in the world that are currently operating in many countries, Payoneer tops the chart among them.

With its maximum presence in most of the countries and ease of receiving payments along with its exclusive options to facilitate the payment providers and receivers, Payoneer is one of the most preferred payment processors in the online world.


Payoneer is the international financial service that enables its users to send or receive payments.

You need to register with Payoneer.

The registration process is simple and you can get it done within minutes. Once you have your account at Payoneer, you can share your account details with anyone who has to pay you for your services.

The amount will be received in your Payoneer account and you can withdraw money from your Payoneer account in your bank account or via your Payoneer MasterCard.


As Payoneer is one of the widely accepted payment processors in the online world, a variety of online earning sites have an option to pay you through Payoneer.

Have a look at the encouraging list of the sites that pay you through Payoneer.

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Some of the following sites also pay via other payment processors like PayPalSkrill, and Stripe, but have the option of Payoneer as one of their supported payment processors.

Don’t get surprised to see the names of online giants like Google and YouTube because you can really get paid from these websites via Payoneer.


Have you always used Google just to search for the information? The search engine giant has a variety of payment options that it uses to pay the website owners that work with Google.

If you have a blog or any other kind of website, you can earn money from Google and withdraw it using Payoneer. Putting the code of Google Adsense, on your website is one way to earn money from Google.


Another online giant that needs no introduction is YouTube. The video hosting site pays the video owners for their views as per their set criteria. It also has an option to get paid via Payoneer.



A great website that offers digital products to the world. If you use its affiliate program and start promoting their products with your unique code, you can earn money with every sale you raise from your special link. ClickBank has also incorporated Payoneer as one of the payment methods.


Being one of the largest freelancing platforms, Upwork offers its clients a huge pool of freelancers from all around the world. The clients upload their requirements and the relevant freelancers apply for specific jobs. The ones who get paid can withdraw money from Upwork using Payoneer.


Fiverr is probably the leader in providing the widest network of freelancing platform to the buyers and sellers. Originally started as the $5 service, it has now elevated itself to provide any kind of virtual service to clients all over the world.

It does not have a limitation of $5 anymore. Freelancers can charge at any of their desired rates and clients are open to choose from the pool of freelancers. Fiverr also supports payment withdrawals via Payoneer.


Among a huge list of credible freelancing platforms, PeoplePerHour cannot be ignored. It works more or less similar to Upwork.

Clients post their requirements and freelancers apply with their cover letters to get the job done. It differentiates from Upwork by offering competitive rates both to the clients and freelancers.

It is an excellent platform to jump into freelancing for beginners. PeoplePerHour also has an option to transfer payments via Payoneer.


Have you got tired of knowing about the freelancing websites? Here comes another opportunity to earn money by following your passion if capturing photos is one of them.

This website offers a variety of High Definition photos that people can purchase. Obviously, all of the photos cannot be taken by this website staff.

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People are open to submit their own photos to this website. They can get paid when someone purchases their photos. You can get paid through Payoneer for your photos easily because it is one of the options in Istockphotos for releasing payments.


It is a specialized freelancing platform. Apart from the general freelancing websites that offer any kind of services to the clients, 99designs specifically offers design services to be bought from the available freelancers on this website.

If anyone wants to get a logo or other design services for their websites, 99designs is the right website for them. Although it supports multiple payment methods, it is the site that also pays through Payoneer.


Amazon is undoubtedly the biggest online store in the world and it is expanding day by day. Apart from providing the products to almost every part of the world, Amazon also gives the opportunity to earn money.

You can earn as much as you want by promoting their products via their affiliate program. You get a certain percentage of the product’s price when the product is sold from your unique affiliate link.

The payment is processed via different channels and Payoneer is surely one of them.

10. EXPERT360

Another renowned freelancing website that offers local and international jobs to the candidates from all over the world is Expert360.

They have gained a good reputation in providing authentic freelancers to the clients. You can apply to sign up for this website to showcase your skills and get paid for them.

Expert360 also provides the facility to withdraw money from Payoneer.


This website offers one of the most exciting ways to earn online. It specializes in displaying t-shirts for sale. You can sell their t-shirts on their behalf and they will give you a commission per t-shirt sold. The payment can very well be received in your Payoneer account. 

12. GURU

Guru is yet another freelancing platform that has been used all over the world by the freelancers and clients for mutual interests. As it is one of the most credible freelancing websites, it also has one of the most credible sources for accepting and dispensing payments. You guessed it right. It’s a Payoneer.


As the name suggests, it is a website to cater to the needs of blogging. If you are a writer and can contribute with your writing skills, this website can mean business to you. You can easily get paid for your articles and blogs via Payoneer.



Just like YouTube, Dailymotion is a video hosting website that pays a certain amount to the video contributors as per the views of the video. As there are challenges to get paid by other payment platforms, Dailymotion offers its contributors to get paid through Payoneer.


As the name suggests, Graphicriver provides a platform for graphic designers and connects them with their potential clients. This is one of the most effective and high-quality websites that provides the most competitive and talented graphic designers having the relevant skills and experience. Also it is a site that pay you through Payoneer.


Another exciting source to earn money by submitting photos is Depositphotos. The principle is the same. You submit photos and put a price on them.

If any of your pictures are purchased by their customers, you get a reasonable profit out of it. This transferred amount can be received in your Payoneer account.


This website is about yet another interesting field on the internet that is SEO. You display your offers as sellers of your services with a basic purpose to improve the search engine ranking of a website.

There is no rocket science involved behind this. Just a little knowledge and practice can help you make money on this amazing website by offering your SEO related services. Give it a try to get your starting dollars in your Payoneer account.


Once the payment is transferred to your Payoneer account, you can withdraw that money with multiple options. You can withdraw it directly from your Payoneer MasterCard through any ATM that supports Mastercard.

site pay payoneer withdrawing money from atm

Another option to withdraw your hard-earned money is to send it directly to your local bank account. This may take some time in bank formalities but you will get the money for sure.


Payoneer is surely one of the safest and most convenient ways to secure your money in the online world. Withdrawing money is not that big an issue.

Just focus on earning money from any of the platforms mentioned above and you will start rocking the online world soon.

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