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The easiest places to do business in Africa

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What are the easiest places to do business in Africa?

You have to know what your business would be and will it be successful in the long run.

When starting a business, a lot of factors must be considered. 

Hence the location where the business will be established is very important.

For one, it will be the impromptu headquarters of your business.

Second, the business should be a safe investment with high return rates.

If you are planning to invest in a business in Africa or somewhere else.

And two of the best places that you can go to for this objective are Mauritius and Rwanda.

As of this writing, the World Bank hailed Mauritius and Rwanda as the first and second-best places to start a business in Africa.


The ranking was based on assessments done in 190 countries.

These assessments tackled 10 different factors which included how easy it is to get electricity, getting construction permits, property registration, gaining access to credit and starting the business itself.

Africa has always been a place where you can start a business with ease.

On the other hand, it is Singapore and New Zealand are the two places wherein business is easy to start on in the world.

Globally, Mauritius was ranked 13th while Rwanda is in 38th place.

These great results from the annual rankings proved something to the world.

Mauritius and Rwanda can compete in terms of starting a business with a safe investment with high return rates. 

Their overall rankings served as a magnet for investors to start their businesses there and with new business.

Which means more jobs for the people. With the amount of money you have, the place is the best to start a business in Africa, do business and make more profits.

Rwandan business news

The North African region came out among other powerful countries in terms of making easily followed business reforms.

However, they still have to do something about the difficulty of getting credit in the region.

As for Rwanda, despite having a high position, it considers the ranking results as a downgrade.

Last year, the country ranked 29th in the world. Despite this, the country is still going strong.

And aims to have a better ranking.

It is important to note that Rwanda is not entirely at fault for the drop in rankings.

The World Bank’s changes to its assessment methodology attributed to the ranking drop.

The countries’ ranking included an assessment of their stock exchange.

Last January of this year marked the addition of this indicator that protects minority investors.

Besides this Africa is a safe place to invest in a business.

The underlying factors to this assessment include having an active stock market.

Stock market in Rwanda

To achieve this, at least 10 companies should be listed there and are trading equities.

Since 2011, Rwanda only has 8 companies listed in the Rwanda Stock Exchange.

This change was a blow to Rwanda’s rankings.

It hurt so bad that it cost a 100-point score deduction under the “protecting minority investors” rule.

This placed them at their present ranking from having a high position of 14th from the past years.

Africa is a place that presents many good challenges to doing business.

The Rwandan government wholeheartedly commits to an economic change led by the private sector.

Very good news indeed.

Not only that, they will make bold steps to strengthen the country’s business environment.

It’s understandable though that the Rwandan government is disappointed with the sudden change.

However, they acknowledge it and will take it as a challenge to make themselves better. 

Talks between the government and the World Bank continue about this topic.

They still aim for a safe investment with high return business for their people.

These places like Africa are good in the environment in improving rapidly the business.

Rwanda’s plans for a safe investment with high return business

To be able to cope up with the changes, they started to do changes themselves.

Furthermore, they jumpstarted business places in Africa to reforms the impact of their regulatory business environment in a good way.

Their solution?

They exempted small and medium-sizedbusinesses from paying trading license tax within the businesses’ first 2 years of operation. 

Changes were also made with regards to construction permits.

The reform focuses on providing water and sewage connections at a lesser time than before.

Its the best country to start a business in Africa …. expanding trade links, the continent can be a daunting place to set up and run a company.

Business news in Mauritius

Building a strong conducive business place in Africa environment for investors is the objective of Mauritius’s government.

Imagine, Mauritius is primarily known in having a sugar-based economy.

But now, its economic model has more options for investors to choose from.

Hence the strategic location of the country attributes to having a good economic transformation and has positioned itself as a regional hub.

Therefore as at this moment, Mauritius is a sought-after business destination for businessmen that wants to experience political stability, secure business environment.

And transparent regulations among other benefits.

The country has invested in creating an economy that is driven by innovation and has a wide selection of sectors that offer many impeccable business opportunities in different fields.

Also, the various fields include education, agro-industry, healthcare, property development, financial services, logistics, aqua-culture, BPO industries, creative services, media coverages, life sciences, and manufacturing.

This list would go on and on because of Mauritius’s objective to provide a safe investment with a high return for foreign and local investors alike.

In its pursuit to have a high-income economy.

With this, the country is attracting foreign investors to check out its flourishing business environment, its rich culture, and its distinctive lifestyle.

The investors; in turn, recognize the vast advantages and opportunities in starting their business in the country.

Opening a business in Africa is where you also help in the development of the place.

The easiest places to do business in Africa: Mauritius

What sets Mauritius apart from other countries is their hard-earned sense of trust, confidence, and stability.

It have been acknowledged not only by investors but by the international community as a whole.

Another thing that makes Mauritius a valuable asset to investors is its good governance.

Also, the ease of doing business, competitive operational cost, fair regulations, bilingual and skilled workforce, and state-of-the-art infrastructures makes Mauritius ripe for investing businesses of any type.

The country also has a very reliable support service that is integrated into the country’s international trading system. Since Mauritius has no trade barriers.

And also enjoys better market access to many export destinations through various trade agreements with the European Union and the USA.

These are some of the facilities of the place to do business in Africa.

Also as you can see, Mauritius and Rwanda have lots to offer with regards to investing and starting up a business.

Above all, a safe investment with high return business in these countries is attainable and in no way impossible to reach.

The easiest places to do business in Africa.

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