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15 Top Tourist Attractions in Nigeria


15 Top Tourist Attractions in Nigeria that you must visit during your vaccation.

Nigeria is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa.

Situated alongside the Gulf of Guinea, it has many beautiful beaches and resorts to attract tourists from all over the globe.

It is full of natural beauty and offers a great attraction to the tourists due to its cultural inheritance, eye-catching sceneries, beautiful parks, stunning mountains, mysterious waterfalls, and catchy hilly areas.

Owing to its exotic beauty, Nigeria is truly one of the top priorities for the tourists who love to explore nature and are always in search of peaceful locations.

To facilitate the intriguing nature of the tourists, we have managed to present 15 top tourist attractions in Nigeria that are must-visit places for any tourist who intends to explore the natural beauty.

The following places are highly recommended for tourists who plan to visit Nigeria.

1. Ibeno Beach in Akwa Ibom State

Finding a neat and clean beach with a blend of greenery and fresh air is a top priority for any tourist.

Ibeno Beach is well-organized to preserve its beauty and mystical sceneries. It is located in Akwa Ibom State and has been taking rounds of applause from its visitors since its inception.

The clean blue water, clear sky, warm sunbaths along with fresh and cool breeze from the water provide refreshing effects to the visitors.

Ibeno Beach

No matter how low you are feeling.


The scenes from this stunning beach will leave you stunned and would elevate your morale.

You would find it hard to stop yourself from admiring its beauty.

Every inch of this beach will multiply your joy.

Visiting Nigeria and coming back without soothing your eyes with The Ibeno Beach could be a huge regret for any tourist.

2. Obudu Mountain Resort in Cross River State

Surrounded by peaceful green and mountains from all sides, Obudu Mountain Resort is purely a treat for the eyes of every tourist.

This resort also takes great appreciation from the tourists because of its cleanliness and wonderful sceneries.

The lush green mountains all around the resort add further awe to the existing beauty of the resort.

There are swimming pools with neat and clean water and the surrounding infrastructure is also well maintained and tidy.

Being a little above sea level, the tourists enjoy their stay at every sight of the beach.

The pleasant climate and the clear sky further add glamour to the sceneries.

Tourists can find a hundred reasons to stay and spend quality time at Obudu Mountain Resort na don Obudu cattle ranch.

3. Awhum Waterfall in Enugu State

Waterfalls are great sources of enjoyment for a wide majority of tourists.

Awhum Waterfall in Enugu State is not an ordinary waterfall with just the water flowing from an elevated place and pouring down to the lower areas.

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The uniqueness of Awhum Waterfall is its long and huge rocks.

The surrounding rocks are very high and steep along which the waterfalls from top to bottom.

It is also famous locally due to various stories attached to it.

Commonly believed that the water from Awhum Waterfall possesses many special features.

It is believed that its water is used to treat patients of spiritual and paranormal disorders.

Tourists must not miss this great source of recreation that appeals to the visitors to capture the sceneries in their minds that last for long.

4. Gashaka-Gumpti National Park in Taraba State

Talking about the tourist attractions in Nigeria and not including the national park would be unfair.

Gashaki-Gumpti National Park is Nigeria’s largest national park that offers diversified refreshing spots to the tourists.

Source: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/77/58/b3/7758b3a5f1bef442501bb9b4b1449b4e.jpg

It has a lot of steep mountains and forests that are full of greeneries and wildlife.

The beautiful landscapes and the breathtaking views from all around Gashaki-Gumpti National Park make it a must-visit place for the tourists who are on a visit to Nigeria.

5. Port Harcourt Tourist Beach in Rivers State

No tourist would deny from the fact that a peaceful and clean beach is the most wanted place where a tourist wishes to be.

Port Harcourt Tourist Beach is made up of artificial sand and it is ultra-beautiful, peaceful, and free of hassle.


If you want to feed your soul by being at a place where you can focus on your spiritual well-being, Port Harcourt Tourist Beach is the right place for you.

It has been the pride of Rivers State in Nigeria for many years due to its mystical atmosphere and wonderful sceneries.

6. The Tinapa Free Zone & Resort in Cross River State

If you want to divert your taste from the natural beauties to the modern facilities, The Tinapa Free Zone & Resort is the place where you need to be.

It has everything that tourists from any part of the world could wish for.

Tinapa has the relevant tourist sites for the tourist of any nature.

Tourist Attractions in Nigeria

It has family spots, children parks, and free zones, well-maintained joy lands, cinemas, night clubs, casinos, bars, and pubs.

Being one of the liveliest places in Nigeria, it is truly the most promising place in Nigeria where you can get anything you wish for.

Give this place a visit and you would never regret your decision for sure.

In addition to the heavenly tourist attractions described above, there are many other places in Nigeria that cannot be ignored in this article.

The tourists are also advised to visit the following places as well to do justice with their visit to Nigeria.

The following places also offer unique and ravishing experiences to the tourists and thus are included in our chosen list of 15 top tourist attractions in Nigeria.

7. The Giant Footprint of Ukhuse Oke in Edo State

You may have heard about Goliath’s 6 feet long footprint vertical on a rock.

Yet you would be stunned by a glimpse of the prehistoric footprint of a Giant on a granite rock in a village between Ukhuse-oke and Ukhuseosi in Edo State, Nigeria.

Tourists who may be archaeologists or anthropologists by profession will be lost in this mystical and permanently embedded Giant’s footprint.

This is one of the most surprising archaeological masterpieces in Nigeria. It is believed that the footprints have their roots back to the time when the earth was still in a transitional phase.

As the earth and the materials included in its formation like rocks and granite got settled, some wonders were left for mankind to remain surprised.

The Giant Footprint of Ukhuse Oke is one of such great wonders. The footprints are as large as the size of an average human being.

It still requires much of the research and poses a big challenge to the archaeologists and historians to unveil its history.

The footprints speak volumes about the Owan community but as a tourist, you must enrich your prehistoric exploration experience by visiting this Giant Footprint of Ukhuse Oke in Edo State, Nigeria.

8. Ogbunike Caves in Enugu State

Visiting Nigeria and not going to the ancient Ogbunike Caves would be an injustice to the trip itself.

These are basically a series of caves and tunnels that are interlinked with each other. Once you enter one of the caves, you can move in any direction and explore the mystical features of these caves and tunnels.

You would also be surprised to explore the talking stone, tortoise, and crocodile holes in these caves. Don’t be scared with the crocodile hole as it is safe to visit these caves.

A huge bat colony also resides inside these caves as there is dark. Don’t forget to take searchlights with you before visiting these caves. You can also use your phone light.

These caves have been in place for a long time ago. People have religious affiliations with these caves. Stories narrated by the natives are interesting and strange.

People say that prophets used to live in those caves. Water falling from the roof of the caves is said to have healing powers.

Portraits of Snakes, Pythons, and crocodiles are engraved on the walls of caves. A mystical river also runs near these caves where you can go for swimming to freshen after the hectic adventure.

Ogbunike caves are easily accessible but require a little physical effort to be explored in full. People with claustrophobic issues and physical weakness should visit these caves in groups for backup support.

Overall, it would surely be an exciting and heart-catching journey that is full of adventure and excitement.

9. Tourist Attractions in Nigeria: Coconut Beach in Lagos State

Beach and the coconut trees create a heavenly sight. You will fall in love with the finest and most magnificent coconut beach located near the coastal town of Badagry Lagos State, Nigeria.

Embrace yourself with the fresh coconuts falling from the bunch of finely maintained coconut trees alongside this exotic beach.

The water is neat and clean and clearly reflects the blueness of the sky.

Enjoy the atmosphere, the picturesque, and the matchless ambiance at this brilliant beach that speaks volumes about nature’s endowment to Lagos state in Nigeria.

You can multiply your excitement by staying at luxurious resorts and huts alongside this beautiful beach.

Play volleyball, go fishing, write your names at the wetlands, or just sit back at a relaxing chair and enjoy the magical sunset with sips of fresh coconut juice at this beach.

This beach has wide accommodation facilities for couples and families.

You can enjoy watersports, swimming, birds watching, and surfing with your kids. The coconut beach will bind you with itself and it would be a hard decision for you to move on from this exciting beach.

10. Lagos Bar Beach in Victoria Island

Lagos Bar beach is situated in Victoria Islands. This is one of the most popular beaches in Nigeria. 

This beach also provides private spaces for families and couples. Lagos Bar Beach does have an entry fee but the atmosphere inside is worth your money.

Enjoy the cool and fresh breeze from freshwaters of the famous Victoria Island.

Once you enter the Lagos Bar Beach, then the sky’s the limit.

There is a wide parking space at the start of the beach and enough sitting arrangements have been developed alongside the attractive sites of this beach.

Lagos bar beach is huge and provides multiple opportunities to attract tourists of every kind. Parents especially take their children to this beach for a family outing.

You can see people celebrating their occasions and spending quality time.

If you are into some group activity, choose to visit this amazing beach that has so many options for you to explore.

The beach itself is so attractive that you would forget all of your worries behind and would be lost in the matchless beauty of this beach. Do pay a visit to Lagos Bar Beach if you are near Lagos.

Definitelly one of the top tourist attractions in Nigeria.

11. Millennium Park in Abuja State

Millennium Park is one of the identity differentiators for Nigeria. Get yourself introduced to one of the most entertaining parks in the world.

You can literally find anything of your interest while you are at a visit to this great park.

There is a long and clean pathway to take your steps forward right between the grassy area that is full of pretty fountains.

This park is especially popular for having family get-togethers. The park is wide and can be accessed by anyone easily.

You would find strong streams, long walking tracks, kid zones with lots of swings and fun activities. The amazing sights of antique and lonely trees would definitely grab your attention.

The park is full of colorful flowers and rare trees. Kids can enjoy horse riding and visiting zoos for birds and animals.

People mostly visit this place at sunset for a walk. The sceneries in this park bear special importance for photographers.

Plan a visit with your family and hang out at the flourishing green carpet grass.

An incredible place to play sports. Take your food inside and get the mats on rent to enjoy your meal. You can even plan a party in the park.

12. The Ancient Nok Settlement in Kaduna State

Nok village is located at Jaba in Kaduna state. The mysterious place is strongly worth visiting. A museum has been made to preserve the cultural casings of unique carvings.

You cannot afford to miss the chance to visit Africa’s first civilization.

The enchanting piece of art and workmanship with the antiques and human skeletons kept in the museum shackle your attention.

Astounding stories of people vanishing from the village in 200 AD would wake up your Sherlock Holmes inside you.

Want to unveil more mysterious stories of the same kind? Visit this ancient Lok Settlement first thing on your trip to Nigeria.

An excellent place to be for the visitors with archaeological background and for those who have an interest in history.

This is a must-visit place to get a rare chance to explore the world’s most ancient piece of work.

13. Kainji National Park in Niger State

Kainji National Park is situated in Niger State. The park is divided into three sub-sectors i.e., Lake, Zugurma and Borgu Sector. Only the Borgu Sector is open for tourists.

Park has multiple attractions like different species and a variety of Flora and Fauna. This National Park has multiple things to attract visitors.

You can spot freely moving animals that would grab your attention. There is a lot of greenery everywhere in the park. There is a museum inside the park named “Kainji National Museum”.

Do pay a visit to this museum. It has animal skins and remains some of which might surprise you in many ways.

You will observe the antique and rare species and cultural remains of the Nigerian Civilization in this museum.

Don’t forget to explore Kainji Lake inside this park. You will get a chance to see animals playing inside this lake.

You would see elephants, deer, and hippopotamus drinking water from this lake.

Tourists are advised to take care of themselves along with being careful while dealing with wild animals. You would not be allowed to go fishing or hunting inside this park.

You can take pictures all the way if you want. It is also advised to take basic things like water, meals, and sunblocks while visiting this park.

Wear light clothes and shoes to keep yourself comfortable. Overall speaking, Kainji National Park must be in your priority destinations especially if you are somewhere near Niger State on your trip to Nigeria.

14. Oke-Idanre Hill in Ondo State

Oke Idanre Hill is situated in Idanre town in Ondo State, Nigeria. This hill presents itself as one of the most beautiful natural topographies in Nigeria.

Tourists with a special preference for hiking, trekking, and mountaineering are highly advised to visit this hill. It also includes some of the culturally rich sites that are worth visiting.

The place has got the oldest tree named as Iraye Tree at the entrance.

Consider your visit as incomplete before visiting Iraye Tree that enjoys great importance from the locals due to many of its mystical features.

15. Freedom Park in Lagos

Freedom Park is a memorial park situated in the middle of Downtown Lagos in Lagos Island, Nigeria. The Park serves as a National Park and is open to the public every day.

This serene park is best for recreational and outdoor activities. It is an excellent choice for family gatherings and picnic spots.

A historical place where you can get to know about the history of Nigeria in basic and Freedom Park in particular.

Give yourself a feeling to be a royal prisoner by visiting the cells where great personalities of Nigeria used to be kept when this park was used as a prisoner facility by the British Government.

Check out complete insights of the Freedom Park here.

Top Tourist Attractions in Nigeria Summary:

Every place has its own unique importance and has a special reason for being famous.

The list presented by us in this article is our fair attempt to guide the tourists about shortlisting their tour plans in Nigeria.

There are other places in Nigeria as well that require the tourist attractions but the top 15 tourist spots have been included in the list for the convenience of the tourists.

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