VISA Upgrades Security to Avert Fraud

Advertisements VISA financial service corporation and makers of the VISA branded credit card has unveiled a suite of innovative security capabilities. The new security capabilities are to help prevent and disrupt payment fraud. This innovation is a ground-breaking achievement in cybersecurity Fraud prevention across Central & Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa (CEMEA). The […]

Tigo Tanzania announces Zantel Takeover

Advertisements The MIC Tanzania PLC which trades as Tigo Tanzania has officially announced the completion of Zanzibar Telecom PLC (Zantel) takeover. Also, the company announced that the process to transfer ownership of the shares of Zantel to Tigo has been completed. The successful takeover will enable the two companies merge their operations in the mainland […]

NSO Group faces Lawsuit from WhatsApp

Advertisements Facebook owned messaging application WhatsApp has officially filed a lawsuit against an Israeli based company NSO Group. Also, NSO Group has accused to be the firm behind several cyber-attacks. That infect about 1,400 devices with a malicious software for surveillance purposes. Users affected by the malicious software includes journalists, human rights activist, diplomats and […]

KOKO Network delivering Opportunities in Africa

Advertisements KOKO Network is a venture-backed technology company that believes communities thrive when each of its members is connected to opportunities. Product development and engineering projects to sustainable energy solutions. KOKO is on a mission to deliver technology for life in the world’s fastest-growing cities. Koko Network main aim is to make a simpler way […]

Project Management Apps to Boost Business Productivity

Advertisements Management is very important and it’s the key to success on everything. A productivity app is any piece of software that makes your job easier and allows you to get more work done in less time. The main features of the productivity app are to focus on communication and project management. So, no matter where you […]

Must have APPS on your Phone

Advertisements Apps are the most interesting thing about having a phone beside the camera. Apps simplify our life, with the way we interact on a daily basis. In today’s scope of technology, we are able to run our business and schoolwork from your smartphones. Their many apps that are available, but the below are the […]