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Waterfalls in Nigeria: Best places you can visit

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The world is full of beautiful attractions that tourists are keen to explore.While different tourists may have different preferences of the spots to visit, one thing is commonly appreciated by all – The beautiful waterfalls. Tourist activities from all parts of the world have made it evident that a waterfall is one of the most desired spots to be explored. The melodious sprinkling of the water and the mesmerizing route it takes to fall from a height wins everyone’s hearts. A person with an aesthetic sense to appreciate a great waterfall would certainly think about Nigeria’s waterfalls whenever a waterfall is under discussion.

Among all the fascinating waterfalls in every part of the world, Nigeria’s waterfalls truly stand out due to a variety of reasons.

One of the foremost reasons is the number of waterfalls Nigeria is blessed with.

You will explore other reasons as soon as you sink in the beauty and the uniqueness associated with each waterfall while reading this article.

We will discuss the sparkling features of Nigeria waterfalls in this article, along with their location and special activities associated with each waterfall.

Let’s just dive into the holistic beauty of Nigeria waterfalls right away.

We have not listed the following highlights of the Nigeria Waterfalls in any particular order of preference.

Moreover, the waterfalls are mentioned as per location in a particular state of Nigeria so that you can plan your trips wisely.

1. Agbokim Falls, Rivers State

Located in the Ikom area of the Rivers State in Southern Africa, Agbokim Falls is the centre of attention for every tourist not only in Nigeria but all over the continent.

These are not just ordinary waterfalls.

This is an overall excellent place to visit in Nigeria for a variety of activities.

It is a mixture of small and bigger waterfalls all adjacent to each other flowing in one basin.

What’s more exciting to watch is the exotic greenery that these waterfalls are surrounded with.

You will truly have a great and quality time while being to this exceptional waterfall.

The surrounding area is also full of adventurous and recreational activities.

It is the most famous waterfall of Cross River State in Nigeria.

The main locator of this amazing waterfall is that it is near the Cameroon border.

2. Arinta Falls, Ekiti State

Located in the Ekiti State, the Arinta Waterfalls is no less than a real blessing to Nigeria.

Apart from being a stupendous waterfall, it has many distinct features attached to it that make it stand out from the rest of its peers.

First of all, the waterfall itself is surprisingly amazing.

The way the water travels downwards is an awesome feature of this waterfall.

While most of the waterfalls travel straight down from a height, this waterfall takes a haphazard path.

Quite a unique waterfall, right?

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Another speciality of this waterfall is that you cannot just step out of your vehicle to have a sight of this fantastic waterfall.

You have to hike through an adventurous path to reach this waterfall.

You will hike your way just to let the fun begin.

The hiking path is also full of natural wonders, and you will love the way it leads to this waterfall.

Additionally, the surrounding, the serenity, the atmosphere, and the overall ambience will truly capture your soul.

If you are somewhere around the famous Ikogosi Warm Springs, then you must pay a visit to this astounding waterfall of Nigeria.

3. Effon Falls, Ekiti State

A few people must be surprised by this entry in this article as this might seem to be a name, they are unaware of.

Effon Falls is a newly discovered waterfall in Nigeria which must be a thing of interest to most of the visitors, researchers, and geologists.

This is about 10m high, and the overall look of the waterfall is quite exciting.

Due to its newness, the Effon Falls enjoys low popularity in Nigeria.

Still, if you combine your visit with Arinta Falls, it could be a permanent engravement in your memory because both of these waterfalls are on the same ridge and close to each other.

Effon Falls is found in the Effon-Alaaye region in the Ekiti State.

4. Assop Falls, Plateau State

Assop Falls is another amazing waterfall in the Northcentral region of Nigeria.

It is located in the Jos area and promises to be one of the most exciting waterfalls in Nigeria.

It is a big and rocky waterfall that has its uniqueness and captivity.

The water splashes downwards while hitting with each of the rocky edges creating a scenic beauty all around this waterfall.

The enchanting beauty of the surrounding also plays a vital role in highlighting the attractions of this site.

Multiple spots are ideal for outdoor activities like games, hiking, sports, and picnic.

This place is considered as a perfect outgoing spot for family vacations as you can also enjoy the swimming in the pond where the water gathers.

It is easily found on the map while you are travelling on Jos-Abuja road in the Plateau State of Nigeria.

5. Kurra Falls, Plateau State

While you enjoy your tour to Assop Falls, do not deprive yourself of this ravishing beauty of the Kurra Falls.

But there is a catch! You cannot visit this waterfall as you visited others.

This is estimated to be thousands of meters above sea level.

So, you need to act smart if you want to visit this waterfall.

Is it worth it? You will love your decision to visit this waterfall if you successfully reach the top and behold this heavenly beauty.

The risk is worth it because as they say that the most expensive gems are always hidden.


6. Mambilla Waterfalls, Taraba State

Located in the Mambilla Plateau on the Northeastern side of Nigeria, the Mambilla Waterfalls is yet another entry into the unpopular waterfalls in Nigeria.

It is less explored, and tourists might be interested in carrying out their sting operation while having a tour of this beautiful waterfall.

It will be up to them to term it as the mainstream waterfall or among the underrated waterfalls in Nigeria, but one thing is for sure.

The Mambilla Waterfall will truly leave a lasting impact on visitors with its unique flow of water, the atmosphere, and the ambience of the site.

7. Barup Waterfalls, Taraba State

Barup Falls can be termed as one of the most non-popular waterfalls in Nigeria, but it has great potential.

It is located in the Gembu region of Taraba State in the Northeastern side of the country.

Include this waterfall on your exploration trip with Mambilla Waterfalls because Barup Falls is also one of the loveliest waterfalls in Nigeria.

As it is located in the Gembu area, you can easily access this waterfall because of its local popularity.

The waterfalls are not short as you might presume it because of its unpopularity.

The Barup waterfalls have all the attractions and beautiful spots that it takes to be called an outstanding waterfall.

These waterfalls are long and create fascinating effects as you behold them.

The greenery that the water flows from is also a thing of enjoyment for the tourists.

It is full of picturesque locations, and people come here for different parts of the country to enjoy their vacations.

The waterfall is open and gives a hundred reasons for any visitor to come again for a repeat visit.

8. Awhum Waterfalls, Enugu State

Located in the Udi area of the Enugu State in Nigeria, the Awhum Waterfall is full of “awe” and “hum” as they call it.

Although we have termed the previous waterfalls in this article as one of the most special waterfalls in Nigeria, Awhum waterfalls have a genuine lead among its peers.

If you have a blend of spiritual beliefs and you possess a religious vein in your body, this the waterfall where you want to be at your next tour.

The Awhum waterfall is not just known for its beauty and attraction.

It is way more than just a tourist spot. The water it contains is considered to be a soul purifier.

The place is surrounded by the Christian priests and monks who practice religion at its peak.

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The Awhum Waterfall is also run under their supervision, and there are special rules and permissions to visit this waterfall.

Unlike other waterfalls in Nigeria, it is not a place that is open for every other visitor.

There are proper protocols that you must follow if you want to visit this waterfall.

Once you visit this place, you will experience a mysterious peace and satisfaction in the overall atmosphere.

You will observe that people are not just there for a recreational trip, rather you will notice people filling up their vessels with the holy water as they call it.

You will love the standard operating procedures and the norms that have been developed to visit the waterfall.

There are proper timings in which you can visit the waterfall, and you must abide by all rules.

You may have to face charges if you break any of the mentioned rules.

We have a detailed article on this marvellous waterfall which you can read here.

9. Ezeagu Falls, Enugu State

Located in the Ezeagu area of the Enugu State, this is among the most adventurous waterfalls in Nigeria.

The scenic beauty, the bird seeing activities, and the overall ambience leave a lasting impact on the visitors.

These are the 23m high waterfalls, and they also enjoy special importance in Nigeria by the locals.

The people of Ezeagu believe that the water it contains has special healing powers.

While there is not much evidence to support this claim, we can still say that each droplet of the freshwater it possesses has a positive impact on the visitors.

You will notice that this waterfall flows somewhat in a mid-horizontal direction.

And will feel that you are experiencing the water flowing down some stairs.

You will not be mistaken for it because the path the water follows does create such an impact on the visitors.

Being in Ezeagu State and not visiting this waterfall to experience its diversity and the healing capabilities would be unfair.

10. Ngwo waterfall, Enugu State

The famous pine forests of the Ngwo region have hidden this masterpiece of waterfalls inside their shades.

All thanks to its explorers, that the world has been blessed with its outstanding beauty.

The stream that flows out of this Ngwo Waterfall has much to do with the Ngwo Cave also.

Don’t you think that pine forests, the Ngwo Cave and Ngwo Waterfall appeal enough to be explored this weekend?

11. Farin Ruwa Falls, Nasarawa State

As you indulge in the addictive attractions of the Nigeria Waterfalls, you would not be satisfied until you visit this famous waterfall in Nigeria named Farin Ruwa Falls.

Located in the Nasarawa State, this waterfall is one of the main identities of this state.

The pure and crystal-clear white water would surely claim your love for the natural beauty it carries.

The literal meaning of Farin Riwa also relates to the White Water that this waterfall is all about.

The amazing height of 150m would leave you in awe and surprise when you visit this waterfall.

The area of this superb waterfall is also the focus of many researchers due to its vast research material.

Many water bottling companies also use this location and water to promote their businesses.

12. Gurara Waterfall, Niger State

You must have seen the waterfalls that are straight, narrow and fall steady from a height downwards.

Gurara Waterfall is different.

It presents an amazing scenery to visitors as it is a huge cluster of waterfalls that takes the form of a massive entity.

You will feel like being in another world once you visit this waterfall.

Located in the Niger State, you can easily find this waterfall on the sides of Suleja-Minna road.

Once you reach there, the fun will entangle your life for that period.

You will be so much obsessed with the addictive sounds of the water that flows in this waterfall in a way that you would find it hard to leave this place.

This waterfall truly creates magic in your life by presenting the wonderful sceneries that are rarely seen anywhere else.

The overall effect of this waterfall is a thing never to be missed by any visitor.

It is quite near the capital of Nigeria – Abuja.

Gurara Waterfalls, Nigeria, is one of the most exciting waterfalls in Africa.

13. Kwa Falls, Cross River State

Found in the Akampka region of Southern Nigeria, the Kwa Falls is one of the unique waterfalls in Nigeria and is also one of the distinctive features of the Cross River State.

The Kwa river already enjoys its importance in the state as it is linked with this waterfall.

You will enjoy two-faced benefits while on a visit to this waterfall.

You will not only enjoy the natural beauty of the waterfall but will also be able to relive the experience of the natural surroundings, including the river itself.

14. Obudu Falls, Cross River State

If you live or cross by the Cross River State, you must have come across the Obudu mountains.

That is where this interesting waterfall is located.

The waterfall itself is shorter as compared to other waterfalls but still provides enough reasons for tourists to be explored.

The additional benefits attached to its visit are the attractive resorts and animal seeing in the nearby vicinity.

Are you thinking of combining the visit with Kwa Falls?

That is we were hinting at.

15. Matsirga Waterfalls, Kaduna State

Located in the Madakiya region of the Kaduna State, you will truly be amazed by what Matsirga Waterfalls has to offer.

The scenic locations all around the waterfalls are a rare thing to be explored anywhere else.

Additionally, the greenery in patches here gives a wonderful feeling as you explore this outstanding waterfall.

16. Oferekpe Falls, Ebonyi State

This waterfall is located in the Ikwo region of Ebonyi State.

It is also included in the list of the most unexplored waterfalls in Nigeria.

Still, the Oferekpe Falls keeps getting highlighted among the popular landscapes of Nigeria.

The waterfall itself is amazing and possesses every inch of getting recognized in the top list of waterfalls in Nigeria because of the steady flow of larger water streams.

The waterfall is also huge, and the terrain is also admired for its beauty and attraction.

17. Ogba Falls, Anambra State

Located in the area of Owerre Ezukala, this waterfall enjoys its importance in the whole Anambra State of Southeast Nigeria.

This is the border area and has its significance.

The Ogba Falls is such a beauty that you will truly be stunned by the way water takes a free fall into a pond.

The scene is so awesome that you will not believe your eyes.

There is virtually no land or rock that interacts with the water on its way to the pond.

The water is also very clear and gives an amazing opportunity to swim and bath at the same time.

18. Olumirin Falls or Erin Ijesha Falls, Osun State

The famous Olumirin Falls, also known as Erin Ijesha Falls, is located in the Erin Ijesha region of Osun State in Southwestern Nigeria.

It has this significance due to its thunder splash that the water makes after being in contact with the gigantic rock at the basin of the waterfall.

A must-visit waterfall that you will never forget. It has its historical significance too.

19. Osome Falls, Kogi State

Located in the Ukpogo region of the Kogi State, the Osome Waterfalls is the speciality of Northcentral Nigeria.

You will have plenty of other picnic sites and birds, seeing opportunities here to make your trip memorable.

20. Owu Waterfalls, Kwara State

Located in the Ifelodun LGA region of the Kwara State, Owu Waterfalls has its reasons to fall in love with.

It is a relatively narrower waterfall that promises to keep a visitor engaged in its beauty until the last moment.

It has a considerable height and gives magical and surprising effects on everyone who visits it.

With a height of 330 feet, it is probably the tallest waterfall in Nigeria.

Waterfalls in Nigeria summary:

A waterfall in Africa may be one of the common features of this continent.

The one who reads about these astounding waterfalls in Nigeria would surely be surprised.

But believe us!

We have not exaggerated anything about a single waterfall mentioned in this article.

You would have to go and explore them yourself to validate our candid reviews of these awesome Nigeria Waterfalls.

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