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Traveling to Lagos Nigeria for the first time

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Nigeria is truly one of the best countries in Africa. It has a lot of tourist attractions and has been grabbing the attention of the international community because of many exclusive features. There are islands, beaches, fun-packed things like boating, cruising, animals, and birds seeing, etc. Lagos is one of the most important states in Nigeria. It also has a city of the same name. If you are traveling to Lagos Nigeria for the first time, you need proper guidance.

First of all, you need to take a look at the exciting features that Lagos has to offer to all of its local and international visitors. There are a variety of things to do in Lagos, Nigeria.

The numbering has been given randomly. None of the places can be given superiority over the other because every place is beautiful and attractive due to its unique specialties.

Just go through the sparkling features of the following wonderful places in Lagos, Nigeria. These places are so catchy that their description will convince you to visit them for sure. Travel and make a journey.

This is probably one of the biggest art galleries not only in Lagos or Nigeria but all over Africa.

It has a lot of artistic stuff to check and enjoy.

This is a huge collection of art that has been kept for display in a building that is 5 stories tall and wide.

It must be your first choice if you possess even a small or moderate appreciation for art and paintings.

2. Arts and Crafts Market

Arts and Crafts Market is especially meant for tourists who travel there. You will find the exciting and innovative arts and crafts that cover almost every aspect of your life.

Basically, the arts and crafts represent Nigeria in specific and Africa at large. It consists of sculptures, paintings, purses, handmade stuff, light furniture etc.

3. Freedom Park

It literally has a full lot of Nigeria’s history. When you go to Freedom Park, you just have to pay 200 Naira, and the full booming cultural and traditional offers of Nigeria and Lagos will be right in front of you.

One tip here would be to make sure you have your camera prepared with you before entering into Freedom Park because you will definitely regret it if you don’t bring your camera with you. There are beautiful parks, sights, fountains, picnic areas, eye-catching sculptures.


The most visited part of Freedom Park Lagos is the art gallery and the museum. You can spot them in one of the corners of Freedom Park.

It also attracts the visitors by offering them to see the prison cells where prisoners and slaves used to be kept. You can get a real feeling of that prison era when the Freedom Park used to be Broad Street Prison in 1861.

4. Lekki Conservation Center

You can enter this amazing Lekki Conservation Center in just 3000 Naira. Once you enter, you would feel that this is probably your best decision.

There is a beautiful bridge which says it all about the reason for getting this place noticed. The bridge is long and scary. It is quite heightened also. Don’t try this if you are scared of heights. You can enjoy yourself with your friends and family.

You can enjoy the juice of fresh coconuts and sight-seeing of some of the very beautiful and attractive places. You would love it when the monkeys would be passing by you playing freely.

Other animals are also available there to be observed and enjoyed. This place always provides excellent visitor experience.

5. Boating and Cruising

There are a lot of beaches in Nigeria and along Lagos. You will find a few beaches near you, and some are far away. But one thing is for sure, you would really love all the beaches that Lagos and Nigeria have to offer.

The best part about these beaches is that you can find a lot of opportunities there for boating and cruising. Cruising especially is such an exciting experience that you would feel like flying above waters like a bird.

Don’t worry if you have not experienced the cruising before because the cruising staff will get you covered. You will be provided with the proper safety jackets, without which, you would not be allowed to start cruising on your own.

You can also take the drinks and eatables all the way cruising. There are boat terminals like LASWA Boat Terminal and Ferry Terminal in Lagos where you can check about the pricing and choose the boat of your choice. 

6. Omu Resort

Omu Resort is similar to the Lekki Conservation Center, but it has some additional features. It is more like a family resort because it has rides, swings, and playlands for kids.

The ticket to Omu Resort is around 3200 Nairas but this price would not bother you if you have a look at the following list of fun-packs it contains.

  • Amusement Park
  • Antique Museum
  • Paintball Arena
  • Horse-Riding
  • Kayaking
  • Play Zone
  • Mini Golf
  • Seaworld
  • Wave Pool
  • Wax Museum
  • Zoo
  • Pendulum Swing
  • Water Slide

7. Seafood and Fine Dining

Food is probably the number one priority for the visitors when it comes to visiting a different place. If you will be travelling to Lagos for the first time, you will find the best seafood and meals all over Nigeria.

Just because it falls under the category of one of the most expensive foods, seafood takes the lead among all other foods.

Prawns and lobsters are highly delicious and greatly appreciated by everyone. A great range of platters will make your day. They are really inexpensive.

8. Local Nigerian Foods

So many different types of foods that local people of Nigeria eat in their daily lives would be waiting for you to taste. You must go for the pounded yam and some of the refreshing soups like Egusi, Ogbono, and Okro. Lagos is full of local delicious foods.

9. Fela’s Shrine

It is one of the most important places to visit not only in Lagos but in the whole of Nigeria. Fela’s shrine is the place where Fela used to live and spend his life.

One important tip for visiting Fela’s shrine is that you should visit this place in the day time.

If you would visit it in the dark, all you would experience is music and some kind of food.

If you want to see the real touches of Fela’s life, visit this place in the daylight so that you can hit the special places of Fela and find some very good paintings, sculptures, and nice quotes to give you rich Fela kind of experience. You are going to love it.

10. Arcades

If you have had enough of everything else and want to just relax and kind of offload, go to arcades in Lagos.

This place is best for gaming and sports. They have Rufus and Bees along with Get Arena. In Rufus and Bees, you can get a card to play the games.


The amount the card is around 5000 Nairas, and you can just start playing whatever game you like in this money. Just load the card and start playing right away.

It is probably a suitable place for teenagers. It is really full of fun and gaming. Get the real-life driving experience with one of these games. You can eat Nigerian foods in Get Arena. Foods in Get arena are really amazing and finger-licking.

11. Eko Atlantic

Eko Atlantic is one of Nigeria’s commercial cities. It is soon going to be one of the most important cities in Nigeria. So just for the culture and a feeling of being superior, visit this place while being at Lagos.

There are beautiful buildings, pools, and penthouses. The prices of the houses, flats, and buildings are quite high even for rental purposes. It definitely deserves to be visited when you are in Lagos.

These are the top 11 places to visit in Lagos, especially when you are done with drinking, clubbing, and nightlife stuff.

Give yourself a break and hit out the above-mentioned places in Lagos that will make your stay fabulous. Each place has multiple surprises that you would love while being there.

Tips for preparing your first trip to Nigeria

This section will also address requirements for traveling to Lagos Nigeria for the first time. If you intend to visit Nigeria, you must consider the following guidelines so that you can act according to the situation that may apply to any of us while traveling.

1. Start your visa process as early as possible

If you want to save your hassle at the eleventh hour, apply for the visa on time to avoid inconveniences.

2. Complete the paperwork

Go to the Councilor website. Follow the application process. You should send the completed application form to them for evaluation. You must be clear on the following requirements to visit Nigeria.

  1. Confirm online payment.
  2. Get your 2 passport size photos ready.
  3. Letter of invitation from your host.
  4. Hotel reservation confirmation if you are not staying with your host.
  5. Funds to cover your stay. Either sponsorship, a bank statement or a letter from your bank.
  6. Don’t send your application without your actual passport.

3. Beware of the traffic in Nigeria

Nigeria’s traffic is not much organized. If you are traveling to Lagos Nigeria for the first time from the US or any other country, be reminded that traffic rules here are a bit shaky. The best option for you would be to use Uber or the driver.

You can expect the rules to be broken on the roads. The traffic police system here is not robust. No ticket system for traffic rules breakers or in a case an accident. Avoid driving yourself if you are traveling to Lagos Nigeria for the first time.

4. Stay on Peaceful Places

You should stay on an island. It is very convenient. We are not discouraging to stay in other places, but life at an island is so peaceful. You will really enjoy staying on the islands. This is just a genuine recommendation from our side.

5. Act cool

Just be cool and calm in every situation. Don’t hesitate to show yourself as a foreigner. They will know that you are not a local person and that is alright. There is African culture which will make you stand out. Try not to be offended by anything. Just enjoy your stay.

6. Bargain at Every Purchase

Don’t forget to bargain whenever you make a purchase from local shops. Try asking, “Is that your final price?” It really works. They will slash the prices for you. Don’t let them fool you by accepting their rates for the general items.  Just cut the price in half and start arguing.

7. Pack light

Don’t overload your luggage with plenty of unimportant things. You will find everything there at cheaper rates. Just go light and hassle-free. Only pack the things you need most.

8. Learn some words of the local language

Although English is one of their official languages, it is always advised to learn their local language to gain their love and affection towards you. Try Google in this regard, and it will help.

Can you get a Nigerian visa on arrival?

It depends. According to the Nigerian immigration official website, you are eligible to get a visa on arrival if you are a very high net business investor and you frequently travel to Nigeria. This service is to facilitate such business owners who have no time to wait for the visa officers in the embassies of their respective countries.

What shots do you need to go to Nigeria?

We have written a full-length article on Travel to Nigeria Vaccinations Required. To reiterate, WHO recommends getting vaccinated against the following epidemics before entering Nigeria.

  • Polio
  • Hepatitis
  • Meningitis
  • Malaria
  • Cholera
  • Typhoid
  • Rabies
  • Yellow Fever
  • Influenza
  • Tuberculosis

Frequently Asked Questions

For the convenience of our readers and followers, we have answered some of the frequently asked questions below. Please go through them to get the quick answers.

What is the Best time to visit Nigeria?

Holidays. Or whenever you can find a cheaper ticket, you should go.

What to pack for Lagos Nigeria?

As there are summers most of the time in Lagos, Nigeria, you can take necessary things like your comfortable joggers, easy night suits, your camera, papers and passports, and the local currency. You can buy the rest from Lagos at competitive rates.

The dangers of visiting Lagos Nigeria

Every place bears some level of safety risks. Lagos is not a heavenly place as far as the security of the foreigners is concerned. There have been a few cases of ransom and robbery. It is advised to the visitors to stay vigilant and avoid unnecessary travel to Lagos Nigeria at night.

What is needed to travel to Nigeria?

You will need a valid passport, visa, finances to cover your stay, and the necessary vaccinations described above to visit Nigeria.

Is travel to Nigeria Safe?

Nigeria is comparatively a safe country to travel, but you need to be vigilant and active all the time. There are some places where it can be risky for international tourists at night. Kidnapping for ransom and robbery may happen if you don’t remain vigilant.

Traveling to Lagos Nigeria for the first time Summary:

Nigeria may not be the country in the limelight, but it is really worth visiting. Your decision to visit Nigeria or Lagos will definitely be memorable. Plan to spend your next holidays at Lagos, Nigeria and let the magic of Lagos cheer you up.

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