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Tourist Attractions in Uganda

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Uganda is one of the most tourist attractions-rich countries in the world. The country is so blessed with the flora, fauna, lakes, birds, and wildlife that it is hard to find its match in any part of the world. There are so many reasons why Uganda should be your number one destination if you are planning a tour to relax and enjoy the ultimate beauty of nature. The most exciting places and tourist attractions in Uganda have been described below. The more you read about each place, the more it will attract you towards itself.

Top 10 National Parks in Uganda

National parks truly take the lead while talking about tourist attractions in Uganda.

You will find national parks everywhere in Africa. But the national parks found here in Uganda are unique of their kind.

The greenery, forests, birds, and animals that these national parks contain are hard to find anywhere else.

The following list of the national parks has been gathered for the convenience of our readers so that they can plan their visit according to their preferences.

1. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Found in the southwestern region of Uganda, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is highly important to visit for a number of reasons.

The forests are rich, green and contain beautiful plants and trees to soothe your eyes.

There are numerous hiking, and trekking trails and the park is full of natural features and eye-catching sceneries.

The park is especially famous for its Gorilla Safari Tours and is a host to many kinds of gorilla families.

Once you visit this national park, your mind would definitely distract you.

You might consider it the most beautiful park in Uganda, which might also be true.

But don’t be misguided. There are other parks on the list that will also call you to visit them for sure.

2. Queen Elizabeth National Park 

Queen Elizabeth National Park is the largest park in as tourist attractions in Uganda that is spread to four districts in Uganda.

Found in the Western region of Uganda, this park is truly the most visited place in Uganda. The speciality of the park is the Savanna Wildlife Safari and it is full of rare and unique wildlife.

This national park is so rich in its natural beauties that people from all around Africa and the world come to visit this park due to a number of reasons.

Watching the lion sitting on the trees, rhinos, and hippopotamuses playing around are the common features of this park. The wildlife sector of Uganda takes much care of its beauty.

That is why there are a number of fun activities and sight preservation here that would spice up your visit to this wonderful place.

Don’t miss out on visiting the famous Crater Lakes here which we will discuss later in this article.

3. Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo Valley National Park is found in the Karamoja region in northeast Uganda.

The park is full of flora, fauna, and naturally beautiful sights.

The main features of the park that distinguish it from its peers are the Narus Valley, including Narus river, Mount Morungole, Apoka, Kidepo valley, and Lomej Hills, to name a few.

Visiting this park will be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

There are a number of tourist opportunities, activities, and locations that will make a special place in your heart.

4. Semuliki National Park

Another amazing park is about to grab your attention. The Semuliki National Park is situated in the Western region of Uganda near the Bundibugyo District.

The park has many special features to make you fall in love with its beauty. The park is a host to many beautiful and colourful animals and birds that are free to move all around you.

There is a special wooden pathway that crosses right between the exotic grass to give you the ultimate freshness and freedom of exploration.

The park is meant for enjoying classical and natural beauty. Don’t forget to visit Sempaya Hot Springs that has a special feature of spraying water in an interesting manner.

Visitors get highly amused by visiting Sempaya Hot Springs in Semuliki Valley.

5. Mount Elgon National Park

The unique feature of Mount Elgon National Park is that it is situated right between the two countries – Uganda and Kenya.

It is divided by the volcano named Mount Elgon. Both parts of the national park are beautiful.

The Nigerian part is also full of amazing wildlife and greenery all around.

The park also hosts a number of tourist activities like lake exploration, long waterfalls, hiking, trekking, hot springs, and hill-climbing, etc.

6. Lake Mburo National Park

Another wonderful national park in Uganda is Lake Mburo, National Park. Situated on the Western side of Uganda, you can find this park between Masaka and Mbarara.

This park gives you an exciting opportunity to walk beside the animals freely. Don’t worry about your safety.

You will be accompanied by a trained ranger guide to protecting you from animal attacks.

This park is full of Safari opportunities and is a host to diversified animals and birds.

Don’t forget to go to the breathtaking Lake Mburo via an exciting boat trip to double up your enjoyment.

7. Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

Enjoy your trip to this brilliant national park with a rare opportunity to see a variety of gorillas and golden monkeys.

Situated in the Southwestern region of Uganda, this park is one of the liveliest national parks in Uganda.

The park is full of eye-catching sceneries, amazing hills, and astounding locations.

This park is especially famous for the gorilla families and contains huge species of gorilla clans.

Give this park a hit and give yourself a chance to see a real-life King Kong in Uganda.

8. Kibale Forest National Park

Get yourself close to nature by visiting Kibale Forest National Park located in the Western region of Uganda.

The national park is famous for a number of reasons. Although it is meant for adults, it also contains activities for the children.

You can enjoy the Bushcraft children’s activities with your kids while you visit this park. You can also explore hiking, trekking and natural pathways that are beautifully maintained to attract visitors.

The Nocturnal Forest Walk is a famous activity for the tourists here. The Chimpanzee trekking and safari add further attractions to this park.

You can enjoy Jungle swamps in Bigodi Wetlands. There are luxury apartments for staying in this park also.

Don’t forget to pay a visit to the mysterious tree called “The Nakayima Witch’s Tree”.

The locals share this common belief about this tree that it has the divine capability of healing them from evils and illnesses.

9. Murchison Falls National Park

Enjoy the great Murchison Falls along with the unmatchable beauty of the wildlife and safari events that this outstanding national park is filled with.

Situated in the North-western part of Uganda, the park is full of extinct animals and birds. Visitors come here to amaze themselves with the live views of these rare animals and birds.

They are open to taking pictures to capture the lovely moments to cherish later on.

10. Rwenzori Mountains Forest

Being one of the highly important national parks of Uganda, Rwenzori Mountains Forest has been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage.

Located in the Kasese district of Uganda, it is full of tourist attractions and fun activities. Don’t miss out on visiting the biodiversity initiatives and the gigantic Rwenzori Mountains in this national park.

Which of the national parks in Uganda is just the best to visit? It really depends on your choice.

While all of the national parks are highly recommended from our side due to their unique and rich natural opportunities, you may opt for the Queen Elizabeth National Park as a must-visit national park if you are short of time to visit them all.

Rivers and Lakes in Uganda

Had enough monotony with the national parks? Uganda is much more than wildlife and greenery.

Although Uganda is a landlocked country, it is full of lakes and rivers to give tourists wonderful feelings and exciting opportunities to live by the beaches.

The most important rivers and lakes in Uganda have been described below.

1. River Nile

The longest river in the world needs no introduction and explanation. Although the River Nile passes through 11 different countries, it bears special attention in the country.

Uganda has put special importance on maintaining an uplifting this river for tourist attraction at different spots.

You will not only see the mesmerizing flow of the River Nile but will also enjoy tremendously beautiful sights, locations, and activities involving the Nile River in Uganda.

The major fun activities at River Nile in Uganda include:

  • Source of the River Nile at Jinja
  • Rafting
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Cruising
  • Clear sunrise and Sunsets
  • Water sports
  • Sight-seeing
  • Picnic spots
  • Clear Skies

2. Lake Victoria

If you love to explore sea life, then you must, Lake Victoria. Uganda has the second richest source of freshwater in the world in the form of Lake Victoria.

The place is so rich in its excitement that it will grab your full attention. Especially if you are somewhere near Jinja, then it is the place you would regret to miss.

From fishing to boating, it has everything to offer to leave a healthy impact on the minds and hearts of tourists.

Major Fun Activities at Lake Victoria in Uganda include:

  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Cruising
  • Birds Watching
  • Clear sunshine and sunbaths.
  • Awesome sky views
  • Islands like Ssese islands
  • Water sports
  • Sight-seeing
  • Picnicking
  • Wetland experience

3. Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi is not just another lake in Uganda. It has many special features. The lake is supremely beautiful with a number of spots to win the heart of all the tourists.

It is situated near the border of Rwanda. This lake got its name into the news when a mysterious cyclone covered the lake from the sky that had scared the locals.

The Lake has as many as 29 islands to amuse the tourists. The water is fresh and safe from dangerous water animals to enjoy swimming.

The major fun activities at Lake Bunyonyi in the list of tourist attractions in Uganda

  • Hiking Trails
  • Natural Sights
  • Freshwater
  • Clean atmosphere
  • Clear skies
  • Swimming
  • Water Sports

4. Lake Mutanda

Lake Mutanda is a peaceful, neat, clean, and bright lake in Uganda. Although small in size, this lake has much attraction for the tourists.

This offers a clear sight to the hilly area, which uplifts its importance and gives unique picnic spots for having fun activities.

5. Bunyaruguru Crater Lake Region

If you want to visit a bundle of crater lakes, visit Bunyaruguru Crater Lake Region. It is a host to more than 50 crater lakes in Uganda.

Crater lakes are also found in other parts of Uganda including a few of the national parks.

Mountains and Waterfalls in Uganda

The fun just does not end here. While in Uganda, you would be compelled to extend your stay owing to such a huge chunk of attractive opportunities.

Uganda is also home to some of the most wonderful mountains and waterfalls in the world. The following have been selected on the basis of tourist voting so that you can include them in your to-be-visited list.

1. Kisiizi Falls

Visit Kisiizi Falls in the Rukungiri District that is located in the Western region of Uganda. These waterfalls are one of the catchiest waterfalls for a tourist attraction in Uganda Uganda.

Tourists must not miss this place while they are on a visit to Uganda. The place is full of excitement and tourist activities.

Along with enjoying the falling water from a height above 30 meters, they can enjoy trekking to the hilltop to see the source of Kisiizi Waterfalls.

They can also enjoy the sightseeing and birds watching on different sides of this excellent waterfall.

2. Sipi Falls

The Sipi Falls is located on the Eastern side of Uganda in Kapchorwa district. It is basically a series of three waterfalls.

The water drops from a substantial height and falls at a place that looks like a big hole while having a distant view of this waterfall.

There are a number of fun activities at Sipi Falls, including hiking, trekking, and amazing birds watching sights.

The falls are covered with lush greenery that further adds beauty to the place.

3. Virunga Mountains

Virunga Mountains is, in fact, a mountain range that is spread between three countries of Uganda, The Democratic Republic of Congo, and Rwanda.

The whole area of mountains is full of natural beauties and attractive sites. The skies are clear, and you can also spot the places where volcanoes used to erupt in ancient times.

The place is ideal for mountaineering, hiking, and trekking activities.

4. Murchison Falls

Don’t miss to enjoy the perfect amalgamation of Lake Kyoga and Lake Albert in the form of Murchison Falls.

The water is fresh and flows with great strength right between the rocky areas to make its own way.

This site amazes all of the tourists as they can enjoy their time by having healthy and fun activities while the water strikes their faces in the form of fresh dew.

5. Rwenzori Mountains Forest

Located in the Rwenzori Mountains Forest National Park as the name suggests, this mountain range is full of hiking trails and natural features that every visitor wishes for.

Do visit Rwenzori Mountains Forest for an exciting and thrilling experience of mountaineering.

Shopping Malls in Uganda

As a tourist, you would be in need of buying stuff for your living, visits, and things to take back with you like the memories of this beautiful country of Uganda.

That is why we are recommending you the top 10 best shopping malls in Uganda.

From clothes to general utilities and traditional items, these shopping malls will provide you with everything you would need. Most of these shopping malls have recreational activities inside them too.

These include kids’ zones, food courts, and cinemas.

The following are the top shopping malls in Uganda.

  1. The Acacia Mall at Cooper Rd, Kampala, Uganda
  2. Victoria Mall at Berkeley Rd, Entebbe, Uganda
  3. Freedom City Mall at Entebbe Rd, Kampala, Uganda
  4. Metroplex Shopping Mall in Northern Bypass, Kampala, Uganda
  5. Lugogo Forrest Mall In Lugogo By-Pass, Kampala, Uganda
  6. The Oasis Mall in Yusuf Lule Road, Kampala, Uganda
  7. Quality Shopping Village in Lubowa Rd, Kampala, Uganda
  8. Maridadi crafts in Kintu Rd, Kampala, Uganda
  9. Ham Shopping Mall at Makerere Hill Rd, Kampala, Uganda
  10. Kingdom Kampala at Nile Ave, Kampala, Uganda

Cultural and Religious sites in Uganda

Uganda is also full of the cultural and religious sites that grab tourists’ attractions of any religion and origin. You must pay a visit to the following cultural and religious sites to freshen up your soul while you are in Uganda.

  1. Ruins of the Fort Patiko
  2. Gaddafi National Mosque
  3. Baha’i Temple
  4. Rubaga Cathedral
  5. Namirembe Cathedral
  6. Kasubi Tombs
  7. Uganda Martyrs Shrine

Informational Sites for Tourists in Uganda:

Uganda also has many informational sites, especially for foreign tourists. Some of the most popular tourist sites for informational and educational purposes are listed below.

  1. Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre
  2. Ndere Center (for traditional dance and music)
  3. Entebbe Botanic Gardens
  4. Uganda Equator (The actual place where the equator of our Earth passes through Uganda)
  5. Kabaka’s Palace

Not to Miss Cities in Uganda:

With all the beauty-rich sites described above, we thought to share this important message to our readers that they must not miss visiting the amazing cities of Jinja and Kampala while they are in Uganda for any purpose. You will know the reasons for our recommendation when you visit these outstanding cities in Uganda.

Tourist Attractions in Uganda Summary:

Uganda is truly a tourist paradise. It is one country that shows how a landlocked territory can also be far better than others who share boundaries with seas and oceans.

With all the tremendous tourist opportunities in this country explained above, don’t you think the tourist attractions in Uganda qualifies enough to be your destination of the year?

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