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Top 20 Travel Bloggers in Nigeria


We prepared for you a list of top travel blogs in Nigeria. If you are planning your next vacation or want to visit lovely places from the comfort of your home, you definitely should check these 20 blogs.

Blogging has become a trendy passion that received much appreciation and growth in the modern and ever-growing world of digitalization.

When it comes to travel blogging, it can be anything but boring. 

It is because everyone loves to travel and has a hidden desire to explore the world with its rich art, culture, people, places, cuisines and much more.

But everyone is not equally fortunate to carry on their passion as a travel blogger. 

Travel blog in Nigeria has been the talk of the town recently.

We have gathered this list of the best Nigerian Travel Bloggers showcasing the local and international destinations along with the inner and outer beauty of Nigeria and its people.

As Nigeria is always a great destination for tourists who are looking for rich culture, food, and talents, you need to get yourself abreast with the best content about Nigeria by the locals.

Here is the list of top 20 travel bloggers in Nigeria followed by their brief introduction.

1. Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji is the face of the travel blog in Nigeria. She is one of the pioneers in this field and has inspired many subsequent bloggers to follow her footsteps.

Born in Nkwerre, Imo, Nigeria, Ikeji had been showing great writing skills since her childhood. She started writing a travel blog when the internet was a rare possession in Nigeria.

She had to go to the internet cafes to write her blogs. A true example of a woman of her dreams.

That is the reason she is much more than just a blogger at the moment. Apart from blogging, she is a writer, entrepreneur, and a former model. All of these milestones reached her at the age of 39.

She has a verified Facebook page with the name of lindaikejiblog that has over 9K passionate followers.

She has a huge fan following on her Instagram account named officiallindaikeji, with over 5.4 million followers.

With her posts that get crazy engagements and people love to know about her updates.

Her tiring journey

Her blogging from Lindaikeji.blogspot.com to www.lindaikejiblog.com speaks volumes about her passion and commitment towards her mission.

She publishes breaking news related to many topics like politics, gossip, celebrities, destinations and much more. Her blog is very popular among the Nigerians and most of the African countries.

In addition to her blogging site, she owns Linda Ikeji TV, Lindaikejimusic, and LindaIkejiSocial.com, to name a few.

She recently moved to a luxurious mansion and attracted international acclaim for her success. She is considered as an icon for women’s independence for her self-belief, motivation, and is a brand ambassador for self-made women in Nigeria.

Linda Ikeji also received international accolades for her achievements including Nigeria Blog Awards NBA and Best Entertainment Blog in 2013. She has also been included in the list of most influential women in Nigeria.

All of her success owes to her passion and dedication towards blogging especially for her travel blog in Nigeria.

2. Lola Daniyan

Lola Daniyan is another great Nigerian travel blogger. She was born in Lagos – one of the beautiful states of Nigeria that attract plenty of visitors due to many tourist attractions.

Visit her travel blog and you will fall in love with her writing style. The way she weaves the ins and outs of the places to knit into a fine piece of article is worth exploring. 

She shares everything regarding Nigerian tourism, place comparisons, top destinations and attractions for travel recommendations in her blog.

Lola Daniyan felt the feeling of opening up a platform to let Nigerians and the rest of the world know about the mystical features of her beautiful country.

She found that there were a lot of places to explore in Nigeria, but not many people knew about them due to the lack of information available on the internet.

So she started this website in order to share some tips like where to visit, what to eat and where to live while you travel to certain destinations in Nigeria.

She also sheds light on the famous historical places to bring Nigeria’s culture, history, and civilization to the limelight.

You can follow her on Instagram with an ID of unravellingnigeria where she constantly updates her pictures along with her new travel projects.

3. Michael Balogun

Michael Balogun is another amazing blogger in Nigeria. He has been blogging on travel destinations and guidelines for many years.

His blog is famous for the tour tips and tricks prior to visiting those places. Promoting Nigeria to make it one of the biggest tourist destinations in Africa is the major goal of his company- Tour2Nigeria.

Michael and his team have been putting sincere efforts to achieve their objectives.

They promote Nigerian art, culture, and tourism in order to attract more tourists from all around the globe.

He has spent a couple of years in England, and from there he got an idea to promote his own country for tourism.

Michael Balogun observed many factors that are necessary for a tourist destination by living in England as England is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world. He has visited 30 states of Nigeria so far and is keen to become one of the most successful bloggers in Nigeria.

4. Abdulsalam Khalid Hamza

Abdulsalam ‘Khalid’ Hamza is a Nigerian traveller and documentary photographer from Abuja, Nigeria. He owns a website where you can check out his photography and travel articles. He is always very interested in smartphones and technology.

Khalid highlights everything that is untapped in Nigeria. From culture to the traditions and civilization of Nigeria, nothing stops Khalid from doing his job. He travels all around Nigeria and makes people aware of the local Nigerian traditions, foods, culture and beautiful places.

So if you’re the one who has similar taste buds in travelling, don’t forget to follow his articles in his travel blog. 

5. Ufuoma Okumagba

Ufuoma Okumagba Jessica has sacrificed a lot to follow her dream of being a traveller. She had to quit her well-paying job to become a full-time travel blogger.

Ufuoma Okumagba is from Nigeria but her love for travelling has taken her far beyond her country. She has visited 41 countries so far.

Her journey to becoming a travel blogger started when she visited Canada in 2014 to pursue her master’s degree in International Business.

From there, she acquired a passion for travelling all around the world and didn’t look back since then. She kept on exploring the hidden mysteries and the beautiful places in every part of the world and her journey seems to have a long way to go.

Presently, she works as an analyst in Downtown Toronto.

Her travel blog is very famous among her followers. She has also written a book named “100 travel tips and hacks” that received a warm welcome by the readers.

Her travel blog will truly convince you to develop a love for travelling even if you don’t like travelling much. She shares the insights of her adventurous and interesting trips on her blog.

Theufuoma.com is a hub for travel beginners as she provides travel guidelines, individual coaching, and travel inspirations.

You can even have a chance to work with her if you follow her blog regularly.

6. Chinyere Adogu

Chinyere Adogu is another awesome Nigerian travel blogger. Her exclusive qualities differentiate her from the regular travel bloggers because she has special attention to modelling, and hosting.

She is a benign philanthropist and loves to interact with different people.

Chinyere Adogu owns a website named www.chillinwithchi.com, where she writes about her travelling experiences all around the world.

She also owns a YouTube channel with the same name where you can see her videos to have a better idea of the places she has visited.

Her travel blog is not only limited to the reviews of the destinations. She is keen to guide the readers about the food, customs, traditions, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle of the places she blogs about.

She has contributed a lot to the massive and much-needed initiatives for a travel blog in Nigeria. Chinyere Adogu has shifted to New York, USA and is also called a beauty queen and fashion blogger for her equal interests in the fashion and beauty fields.

7. Funke Ogunkoya Futi

Funke Ogunkoya Futi, popularly known as Funke Ogunkoya is a Nigerian Blogger and Business Developer. Her major focused niches are travel and lifestyle blogging.

She used to live in Lagos, Nigeria but London and Vietnam were her dream destinations. She is also the founder and editor of Sassy Funke.

Funke Ogunkoya Futi holds an MBA degree from France and has studied in countries like Scotland and England. She is an ambitious traveller and keen to take photos wherever she goes.

She is always ready to explore the world and post updates on her various social media accounts.

Her blogs are written in an engaging style, and the readers feel that they are virtually present at the place she is writing about. She has developed a habit of travelling with her camera to take pictures of the interesting locations and sights that are worth sharing.

Her informal writing style always leaves an impact upon the readers in many ways. Her blogs are not limited to the locations in Nigeria.

She keeps on writing and updating her blogs as she travels around the world. At her exciting blog, she has written about many places and destinations in different parts of the world including Africa, America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East.

Reviews of interesting places in these regions

In addition, she also evaluates and writes about the different pros and cons of the flights and airlines she travels in.

She has a special section of honeymoon destinations around the world on her blog. This gives full insight into honeymoon attractions for newly married couples.

These are not just blogs but also contain videos of the locations to give better ideas to the couples before planning their honeymoons.

Her travel blog has an aggressive presence on social media too. Funke Ogunkoya Futi’s Instagram account is sassy_funke with over 18K followers and can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Her YouTube channel is followed by thousands of people, and her videos keep coming up with fresh content on a weekly and monthly basis.

With all of these excellent efforts, her travel blog in Nigeria is being considered as one of the best, original, and interesting set of information for the Nigerian travellers.

8. Mofe Runsewe

Mofe Runsewe got inspired by her classmates with different backgrounds while studying at a university in the UK.

The cultural diversity and the traditional differences compelled her to go for a visit around the world which itself inspired her to write about the unique and interesting places to guide her fellow Nigerians.

She believed that her Nigerian counterparts did not have enough guidance about the travelling procedures and opportunities to different parts of the world.

That was the motive that laid the foundation of her brilliant travel blog called NaijaNomads.com.

Her blog includes tracking inspiration along with the tips and tricks to travel to any destination in the world. Her blogs are very informative for new travellers.

She puts special attention on guiding the readers about the right, easy, and cost-effective ways to travel to other places in the world.

Starting her own blogging services in early 2011, she has only been growing her blog since then.

She puts special focus on her experiences at different places, including individual and group experiences. Her website has a dedicated section for Nigerian people to guide them about the first-hand information that they need to know before travelling.

Her website states a tagline of “unique experiences for the Nigerian traveller”.

Her blogs include group experiences for nomads in Dubai and Egypt, Singapore and Malaysia, Seychelles and Kenya, Cape Verde and Senegal. You can book these nomad trips by checking out their activities and prices.

9. Ayodeji Adefila

Ayodeji Adefila is a Nigerian Blogger who started her website (54Africa.com) to carry on her blogging and travel ventures.

She has a good interest in technology, art, culture, food, and travelling. She shares everything which she comes through her travelling experiences on her blog.

Nigerian People love her blog as she keeps on sharing her adventurous tours to the Nigerian attractions.

She does not limit her blogs to the sights and locations but also includes the detailed insights of her interaction with the local community, their lifestyles, culture, and food.

She has a unique writing style, and the readers enjoy her blogs and anxiously wait for her fresh articles.

Being a tech woman, Ayodeji Adefila pays a special focus on new innovations to improve the existing set of working systems in the modern world.

She has come across many difficulties in her life but being firm and consistent with her passion for travelling and technology is what differentiates her from others.

Providing web designing services.

She is also involved in providing web designing services. TheGospelArena and Ouranos are the web designs created out of her innovative mind.

Her travel blogs are full of pictures and contain special information like the best time to travel to certain places, the weather of the destination, and places for parties.

She can be seen having fun with the local people and at the points of interest that keep readers engaged throughout her articles regarding her travel trips.

Most of her travel blogs are related to top places, tips and advice, and road trips to her favourite places. She also suggests guidelines for the new travellers so that they can have quality time over their trips.

You need to check out her blog and we can guarantee that you would love it if you have a travel-bone in your body.

10. Sam Adeleke

Sam Adeleke is a Nigerian travel blogger, and he shares his travel experience on his website SamAdeleke.com.

He travels all around the world and shares the take of his journey and everything in between. His audience loves his blogs as he has been doing exceptionally well with his travel articles.

He is not only limited to writing and blogging but also runs the company by the same name where he provides tourism services, travel outfits and other facilities to those who are keen to travel and explore the world.

His reviews about the destinations are considered an authority by his followers as he always talks with his first-hand experiences of the places he visits.

He is also into travel news that is updated on a regular basis.

The core focus of his blog is the tourist destinations in Africa, but he also keeps posting news and stuff related to the audience in the USA and other countries. 

Being one of the most reliable cross-continent travel bloggers, Sam Adeleke has gained importance and recognition due to his commitment to the blog he runs.

Blog posts

His blog posts include detailed trips to multiple locations.

All the sizzling and exciting information is packed into one great article that readers can enjoy time and again.

He also guides Nigerians and other nationals about the perks and privileges of their passports.

The readers also get valuable information from his blogs about how they can get their visas to their desired destinations.

Apart from running a travel blog in Nigeria, he also showcases his skills related to content management and social media strategies.

One aspect of the business is not enough for this enthusiastic writer. He provides full-on services and guidelines for the new product launches.

In addition to this, he also runs a film production house.

The secondary objectives will be coming and swinging in Sam Adeleke’s life, but he will definitely be remembered as one of the greatest travel bloggers in Nigeria. 

11. Oto Tom

Oto Tam is a Nigerian Lawyer by profession and an extensive traveller by passion.

The name of her travel blog is Wakaholic.com.

Waka is a Nigerian word that means ‘to travel’.

Her passion for travelling grew up after her first trip to UAE which was her first-ever visit outside her continent.

She faced a lot of difficulties in her ways due to holding a Nigerian passport but this could only encourage her to explore the world more and more.

She serves as an inspiration for those who are afraid to travel especially in Nigeria.

Her blog is full of information-rich articles and posts that are ideal for new travellers, especially from Nigeria.

You’ll find a lot of sections at her blogs like places she has visited, reviews of the hotels she has stayed in, and the travel tips that are not available to everyone easily.

She also writes about food articles, visa application guidelines, and airline reviews.

Her story is not over yet. The best part about her blog is that you can also have a chance to travel with her as she organizes various travel events where she selects a few people to travel with her.

Her blog is truly “your travel journal” as the tagline says on her website.

While reading her travel blog, you won’t be able to believe that she is a practising lawyer who works full time.

Do consult her travel blog and save your time and energy before visiting any particular place.

12. Phillips Tunde

Phillips Tunde is a graduate of Economics from the University of Lagos.

He has an interesting story behind his blogging career. And tried a number of options to get settled in any of the fields, but fate had a different plan for him.

He finally got serious in writing about his passionate travel stories and since then, he never looked back.

Started his travel blog NomadicNegro.com where he tries to improve the culture of travel and tourism through his interesting blogs.

He shares diversified information in his travel articles. You’ll get a number of travelling tips such as the cost of travelling, requirements for traveling, travel distances, views of visited places, reviews of the places he has lived in, and much more.

Overall, his blogs are full of informative content and valuable information.

With so many features and benefits, you will definitely praise his efforts for his travel blog in Nigeria as a Nigerian or even as an international reader.

13. Zainob Fashola

Zainob Fashola, a famous Nigerian travel blogger, belongs to Lagos, Nigeria. ZeeGoes.com is her blogging site where she shares her adventurous trips in Nigeria and about the places she has visited all around the world.

She started blogging when she was 20 years old and passed out of her university. In 2015, she visited every continent except Antarctica, which is obviously very tough to visit.

She loves travelling, experiencing cultures, tasting foods, and trying out fashion. All of this is what describes her travel blog.

14.  Amarachi Ekekwe

Amarachi Ekekwe is a System Engineer by profession but a hardcore traveller by choice. She loves to travel all around the world and shares her experiences at her travel blog, Travelwithapen.com.

The catchy domain name of her travel blog is self-explanatory. She writes about wherever she travels to.

She has visited a number of countries so far and almost every continent. You can visit her site, which is worth exploring if you’re a new traveller and looking for some ideas related to trips.

15. Oluwafisayo Olayinka-Bello

Oluwafisayo Olayinka-Bello, more popularly known as Fisayo, is a Nigerian Blogger who writes about travel experiences.

Her blog is full of guidelines for travel destinations along with the set of instructions for the tourists.

She has her own blogging site, TheFisayo.com. She also runs a YouTube Channel with the same name. As she is Nigerian, she talks a lot about Nigerian culture in her blogs and vlogs.

Her written and video content can be very helpful for those who want to visit Nigeria sooner or later.

Her writing motivates you to travel by overcoming your fear of moving around and exploring the beauty of nature.


And Instagram account shouts a tagline of “Changing African Narrative”, and she does this by highlighting and promoting bright sides of the whole of Africa.

She calls herself a Tourism Development Advocate and she has been living up to her title with full dedication.

The pretty smile on her face speaks much about her level of enjoyment whenever she is on a visit to certain places.

She is fun-loving and her blogs are engaging and bind readers till the last word. That is why she is considered as a fresh face of travel blog in Nigeria.

16. Diusor Odiakosa

Diusor Odiakosa is a Sociologist by qualification and a passionate traveller and explorer by nature. She owns a travelling blog site, Diusorodiakosa.com.

Her travelling goal is to visit 25 states of Nigeria before she turns 25. So far, she has visited 17 states.

She has also visited a few other countries on the African continent. She writes about her personal travelling experiences and inspires people to travel to Nigeria.

Diusor Odiakosa is comparatively a new blogger and her energy can be seen in her powerful articles that inspire and attract others to follow her footsteps.

She can be seen frequently in her blogs with pictures at different locations.

Her journey tails and experiences are genuine as she shares some interesting insights and reviews of her visits to beautiful places in Nigeria and other parts of the world.

17. Nnennaya Fakoya-Smith

Nnennaya Fakoya-Smith owns a tourism company named Nene-Uwa Hub Ltd and a travel blog named www.nene-uwa.com.ng.

The meaning of Nene Uwa is ‘See the World’ in one of the Nigerian dialects. The company’s goal is to create “Life-Changing Travel Experiences”.

Nene-Uwa Company provides tourist destinations, travel packages, and other travel-related services.

So if you’re among those who are searching for such services, then Nene-Uwa is an ideal site for you.

She is quite active on the leading social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube, with thousands of followers and subscribers.

Her blog includes attention towards women empowerment especially in the sector of tourism and travelling.

She keeps on posting about the popular and interesting festivals and encourages people to join them for more insights.

She also promotes Nigerian women to be entrepreneurial and self-independent. 

18. Funmi Oyatugun

Funmi Oyatugun is another brilliant Nigerian blogger who has shown a great interest in travelling and guiding people all the way.

The best part about her blog is that it is not only limited to the typical top 5 places to visit anywhere or anything like that.

She has excellent essays and musings gathered on her website.

She also shares her side of the story regarding the people of Africa. Her blog also deals with guiding people to achieve the path of self-empowerment.

Funmi Oyatugun is often called a ‘Travel Wizard’ due to her extraordinary interests in travelling.

19. Funmi Ajala

She is predominantly considered as Nigeria’s pioneer travel storyteller as she regularly posts updates of her travel details in her blog.

FunmiAjala.com is all about the travel tips and tricks along with the guidelines on how to enjoy your trips most.

She also promotes tourism in Nigeria by posting on her blogs and via her social media accounts.

Do follow her blog if you want to identify a great travel blog in Nigeria.

20. Olamide Egbayelo

Probably the most talented and diversified blogger on the list is Olamide Egbayelo. She is much more than just a blogger.

Starting from a tech guru to a social media activist, she has done everything possible in her life. She is a public speaker, a coach, and a motivator.

Olamide Egbayelo has events, stories, women’s series, digital communications, and much more on her blog.

She is also the owner of HexalPlace, an online platform to connect businesses.

Her travel blogs are worth reading, and the readers get amused while they unravel the hidden treasures of the magical destinations in Nigeria and abroad.

Top 20 travel bloggers in Nigeria Summary:

The list of the top 20 travel bloggers in Nigeria is in no particular order because every writer has a unique writing style and enjoys preference from a certain type of audience.

The above-mentioned 20 travel bloggers are doing an awesome job to inform the world about nature’s blessings to Nigeria and other parts of the world.

Their tireless efforts can only be rewarded by following their blogs and social media accounts to appreciate their initiatives and to keep them rolling.

Their travel endeavours are truly giving the right shape to the travel blog in Nigeria and elsewhere.

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