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Top 20 travel agencies in Nigeria: say yes to hassle-free travels

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If you are planning an off-road trip, you may be searching for some top travel agencies in Nigeria. Well then, you have come to the right place! Travel agency services make trip planning more fun. Not all travel firms in Nigeria are made equally, however. So, we took some time out to list the best ones. So that you can quickly say yes to hassle-free adventures!

What to look for in a travel agency?

Some people book themselves instead of hiring a company.

Perhaps they’ve lost trust in a previous firm.

Or maybe they think they’re going to save more bucks, saying:

“Why do I pay others to schedule my trips when I can do it myself?”

But trust us:

Travel agencies are a major convenience for most travellers.

Hence, such firms can help with any potential problems you may experience regarding your trip.

It all boils down to finding the right firm for you.

So, check the following qualities when looking for top travel agencies in Nigeria:

1. An effective communicator

Good travel firms show amazing interpersonal skills.

So, Agents must learn how to communicate effectively.

It’s because they have to assess their client’s needs.

And also, solve any problems whenever possible.

2. Shows excellent management skills

Firms juggle many issues.

That includes itineraries, visas, clients, and vendors.

All those items can be handle by good companies while keeping their customers happy.

Good firms can manage all these things while keeping their clients satisfied.

Furthermore, agencies require top-notch management skills to do that.

3. Has a good understanding of technology

Trip management is now completed online.

Hence, your chosen firm should have strong online tools for this.

If they do, bookings and visas will surely be accelerated.

4. Licensed by regulatory bodies and organizations

Legal Nigerian travel agencies are associated with organizations that control their operations.

These bodies include:

  • Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority
  • Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)
  • National Association of Nigeria Travel Agencies Lagos (NANTA)

Also, if your preferred tour company is among those governed by these bodies.

You’ll get more peace of mind.

Your top 20 travel agencies in Nigeria list

Now, let’s proceed to the list of top 20 Nigerian tour firms!

All these agencies in Nigeria provide world-class services.

That will surely keep your tour-related woes away!

1. Marigold Travel Agency Lagos

Marigold Agency Lagos was established in 1991.

It’s among the most well-established companies on this list.

The agency caters to local and international markets.

It provides tours to popular countries including:

  • Australia
  • Germany
  • China
  • England
  • France
  • Spain

Marigold even added Russia and Netherlands recently to their expanding country list.

Solutions offered by Marigold include:

  • Organized group tours
  • Online bookings
  • Flight reservations and ticket issuance
  • Hotel reservations
  • Car hire reservations
  • Transit visas

Marigold values a hassle-free experience for all its clients.

To achieve this, the company customizes its service to fit each client’s needs as much as possible.

Marigold indeed reaches its goal of providing customer-centred services.

The agency even received two awards for this, namely:

  • Top Ten IATA Registered Travel Agencies in Nigeria
  • The Nigerian 2003 Sterling Enterprise Award

Because of these awards and their good qualities, Marigold agency deserves a spot in the top tour agencies in Nigeria list.

Contact Details:

Address: Plot 3-5, Adeyemo Alakija Street, Former NUJ Light House, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: 8033076878, 8033818080, 8034203251
Email: info@marigoldtravelsng.com, marigoldtravelsng@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.marigoldtravelsng.com/

2. Gadeshire Travel & Tours Limited

This agency is based in Lagos and Abuja.

It meets the needs of both local and international tours.

Gadeshire is your best bet for quality tour packages.

This agency also ranks high among tour management firms in Nigeria.

Here’s a sneak peek of Gadeshire’s offerings:

  • Group excursions
  • Educational tours
  • Vacations
  • Sports tours
  • Pilgrimages
  • Honeymoon holidays
  • Sightseeing services for conference delegates

The agency helps book tours to more than 100 destinations worldwide.

They also provide visa assistance, hotel reservations for international tours.

And aircraft charter/leasing services.

Gadeshire’s strength lies in its close relations with established global industry partners.

The agency also values customer service as evidenced by:

  • Emergency contact lines
  • Well-trained tour guides and client escorts

Hence, Gadeshire Travel & Tours Limited truly deserves to be among the top tour agencies in Nigeria, Abuja.

Contact Details:

Address: 28, Covina Street, Sun City Estate, Galadimawa District, Abuja, Nigeria
Phone: 8033734944, 8053756464
Email: info@gadeshire.com

3. Wakanow Nigeria Limited

Wakanow is Nigeria’s first online travel agency.

It was created in 2008 to solve issues in the Nigerian travel industry.

Wakanow’s services were used during the 2010 FIFA World Cup held in South Africa.

Plenty of visitors flocked to their site to book tours, car rentals, and lodging.

Since then, Wakanow has grown extensively with a strong presence in:

  • Nigeria
  • United Kingdom
  • Kenya
  • Ghana
  • United Arab Emirates

Currently, the company plans expansion throughout the entire African continent.

Wakanow’s top services include:

  • Affordable flights
  • Holiday packages
  • Visa assistance
  • Hotel reservations

Wakanow Nigeria Limited also offers the following unique add-ons:

  • Loyalty Programs
  • Prepaid Travel Cards
  • International SIM Cards
  • Airport Transfers

Their website is simple and easy to use.

You can readily book your flights right from their site’s homepage.

No wonder Wakanow is included in the best tour operating agencies in Nigeria list!

Wakanow also tops the list of best travel agency in Nigeria Nairaland.

Contact Details:

Address: Plot 8, Elegushi Beach Road, Ikate Roundabout, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: 0700WAKANOW (07009252669), 07030095727 07028413705
Email: info@wakanow.com
Website: https://www.wakanow.com/en-ng/

4. Mayfair Travel Nigeria Limited

Mayfair is next on our list.

They are a reputed Lagos-based company.

They offer a range of solutions, including:

  • Itinerary planning
  • Tour consultations
  • Business trip planning
  • Prepaid tickets
  • Reservations on IATA airlines

Mayfair is proud to have ties with E-Ticket Compliant airlines.

Moreover, notable partners include:

  • British Airways
  • Air France
  • Qatar Airlines
  • Kenya Airlines
  • Virgin Nigeria and Virgin Atlantic
  • South African Airways

Excellent customer service is Mayfair’s goal.

Consequently, the firm provides tailored solutions to achieve this.

Examples of these solutions further include:

  • Special in-flight meals
  • Meet and Greets
  • Wheelchair use

Mayfair even runs a frequent flyer program to reward its loyal customers.

Moreover, this program excites Mayfair’s clients and keeps them coming back for freebies and flight upgrades.

To conclude, you’ll surely experience outstanding services if you partner with Mayfair Travel Nigeria Limited!

Contact Details:

Address: B1 LSDPC Flats, 24 Adeola Odeku Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: + 234 1 7747777, + 234 1 7752277, + 234 1 7769900, + 234 1 7764688
Email: info@mayfairtravel.net
Website: mayfairtravel.net

5. City Travels and Tours

What do people want in a tour firm?

This company’s motto nicely captures it:

“Book easy, Pay easy, and Fly easy”.

City Travels and Tours is an agency in Lagos.

It’s among the best travel agencies in Nigeria because they offer incredible services at competitive prices.

Take a look at what they have to offer:

  • Airline booking
  • Ticket and hotel reservations
  • Visa counselling
  • Pocket-friendly tour packages
  • Partnerships with prominent airlines

Another thing that makes this firm great is its fast and warm service to all its clients.

To conclude, City Travels and Tours made it to the top travel agencies in Nigeria.

That’s because of their great deals and admirable service!

Contact Details:

Address: Falomo, 162 Awolowo Rd, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: 08033218693, 07025285921, 08032001666, 01-7746947
Email: info@citytravelsng.com
Website: https://web.facebook.com/pg/CityTravelsandToursNG/about, www.citytravelsng.com

6. Travelstart

Are you looking for another great online Nigeria tour agency?

Then, you’re going to love Travelstart.

This is a trusted agency founded in 1999.

It started in Sweden but is currently based in Lagos, Nigeria.

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This company is among the top tour operating agencies in Nigeria.

It has already served more than a million tourists and business passengers.

They aim to make tour booking affordable and straightforward.

Hence, the agency offers user-friendly websites and apps.

For instance, you can search for affordable deals online and transition into booking right away.

Here’s a list of the solutions they offer:

  • Online flight booking
  • Rebookable flight upgrade
  • Automated check-in
  • Car rentals
  • Premium Service Packages

They also offer insurance policies covering:

  • Medical cancellation
  • Aviation accident benefits
  • Baggage protection
  • Insurance
  • Airline liquidation protection

Finally, top all of these offers with high-quality customer service.

You’ll then see why this agency is on this list of the top travel agencies in Nigeria!

Contact Details:

Address: 52 Allen Avenue, Studio 24 Building, Allen, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: +234 (0) 1 280 0661, +234 (0) 813 984 2222, +234 (0) 1 280 0665
Email: info@travelstart.com.ng, hotels@travelstart.com.ng
Website: travelstart.com.ng

7. God’s Power Travels and Tour

Don’t get intimidated by this travel agency’s name!

God’s Power Travels and Tour sounds a bit serious, but it’s not.

The company is a great place to book flights at affordable rates!

The agency started in 1994 and is still going strong until now.

It’s due to their desire to innovate and provide friendly customer service at all times.

This agency offers lots of travel services to fit its clients’ needs:

  • Online flight bookings
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Assistance in Visa Processing
  • Protocol Services
  • Insurance

The firm also gives great deals on travel and flight rates.

Catch discounts when you book online through their site or Facebook page.

The IATA accredits God’s Power Agency.

It also has updated communication equipment despite being a pioneer in the Nigerian travel industry.

Contact Details:

Address: 114, Broad Street, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: +234 809 079 8702
Email: reservations@godspowertravels.com
Website: https://web.facebook.com/gptaonline, godspowertravels.com

8. Rewards Travels and Tours Limited

Online booking agencies continue to star in our list of the top travel agencies in Nigeria!

Rewards is another online agency with a good industry grasp.

It has been around since 1999 and has received IATA accreditation the following year 2000.

The agency is strengthened by its years of experience in the industry.

Services offered by this agency include:

  • Tour management and consultation
  • Frequent Flyers Clubs
  • Car hire services
  • Cruises
  • Hotel reservations

This agency offers solutions for both local and foreign tour needs.

Their website has a user-friendly booking form.

Various tour packages featuring exciting global destinations are also displayed below the form.

Three things make the company worthy of being on the top agencies in Nigeria list.

These are the following:

  • In-depth experience
  • High-end technology
  • Highly-skilled and motivated human resources

This agency nicely tops it all off with its transparent business practices!

Contact Details:

Address: 4 Bashiru Oweh Street, Opposite Lagos City Computer College, Off Medical Road, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: 08057098293, 08057098294
Email: info@rewardstravels.com, salessupport@rewardstravels.com
Website: http://www.rewardstravels.com

9. Airgate Travel and Tours Limited

This is a travel agency located in Ikeja, Lagos.

The agency is proud of its quality tour services, coupled with excellent customer service.

Airgate is a young travel agency since it was just established in 2014.

But it already offers online bookings for flights, hotel reservations, and car rentals.

In addition to that, the agency already caters to local and international tours and is even IATA-certified.

Other top solutions offered by Airgate include:

  • Exclusive flight deals with major carriers
  • Visa application guidelines

The agency works hard to partner with bigger agencies in Nigeria.

Airgate does this to continue providing great solutions to their clients’ needs.

Airgate has several satisfied customers.

This is due to the company’s 24/7 customer service and easy-to-use booking platform.

To conclude, Airgate’s stellar performance proves that even a young company can become one of the top ones in the industry by providing a quality service to its customers on a regular basis!

Contact Details:

Address: 76, Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: +234 (0) 7032338729, +234 (0) 8089401918
Email: info@airgatetrip.com
Website: airgatetrip.com, https://airgate-travel-and-tours-limited.business.site/

10. iCarryGo.com

Are you looking for top online travel agencies in Nigeria Abuja?

It’s high time you check iCarryGo.com!

iCarryGo.com is a reputable agency at the heart of Abuja.

But the firm also has an online portal where you can search, book, and pay for all your travel needs.

Here’s what iCarryGo.com offers:

  • Flight tickets
  • Hotel reservations
  • Car rentals

The agency caters to both domestic and international trips.

In addition to that, it also offers tour packages and cruise holidays.

Moreover, iCarryGo.com is IATA certified, giving you access to lots of airlines and countries.

Visa consultation services are also available.

However, note that visas aren’t directly granted by iCarryGo.com (nor any of the other companies in this article).

In other words, the agency only assists travellers in their application processes.

iCarryGo.com is among our top agencies in Nigeria because of these:

  • No booking fees
  • Lots of flash deals and exclusive discounts
  • Personalised customer services
  • Transparency in business practices

No wonder people flock to iCarryGo.com to book flights and plan their travel destinations!

Contact Details:

Address: Suite 203, 2nd Floor Obum Place, Plot 1140 No 16 Ademola Adetokunbo Crescent Wuse 2, Abuja, Nigeria
Phone: 07062499570, 08111344063
Email: info@icarrygo.com
Website: icarrygo.com

11. Travelbeta

This is among the top emerging online travel agencies in Nigeria.

Its mission is to provide clients with memorable tour experiences they can’t get elsewhere.

This company’s dedication to its customers, coupled with its superior booking platform pushed it up to the top travel agencies in Nigeria list.

Moreover, solutions that this agency offers to include the following:

  • Holiday packages at affordable rates
  • Flight deals with major airlines
  • Domestic and international bookings
  • Travel insurance
  • Visa application support

Its website has a form where you can instantly search for flights, tour packages, and hotels.

You can then checkout and pay for your chosen vacation in a few clicks.

It’s that simple!

They even offer a Book Now, Pay Later program.

Through this, you can reserve your chosen holiday package and pay for it over several months.

It’s a great way to go on vacation while on a limited budget.

You can book flights on their website.

However, download their mobile app for faster transactions.

Or you may also visit their Abuja and Ikot offices.

Nigerians rave about their superior customer services.

The agency maintained its high customer service standards from the time it was still an offline agency until now.

Contact Details:

Address: Transcorp Hilton Abuja, 1st Floor, Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria
Phone: 016311375, 07001110111, 08170003419
Email: info@travelbeta.com
Website: travelbeta.com

12. Travelden

“Dare to Discover”

– this is the motto this agency lives by.

They believe that travelling isn’t a luxury.

The agency makes travelling a reality for anyone who wishes to explore!

Travelden joins emerging online travel agencies in Nigeria.

The agency offers the following solutions:

  • Domestic and international flights
  • Tour packages
  • Visa application assistance
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Travel insurance
  • Airport pick-up

Their platform lets you fly to top destinations and countries across the globe.

Their site contains lots of exclusive online trip deals.

All these are made possible through partnerships with major carriers.

Their platform also provides opportunities for Nigeria-based people to earn extra income.

In fact, their NASH program doubles as a side hustle where people can sell tour packages and flight tickets.

Affordable rates are also a plus in Travelden’s services round-up.

This is in line with their goal of making travelling accessible to everyone.

Contact Details:

Address: 29, Toyin Street, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: +234 (1) 448 2 500, +234 9082888865
Email: info@travelden.com
Website: travelden.com

13. Aeroport Travels and Tours

This is another esteemed online travel agency in Nigeria.

It is also among the top UK travel agent in Nigeria.

Here’s what this agency offers:

  • Holiday and business tours
  • Accommodation
  • Visa guidance
  • Corporate trip bookings
  • Educational tours
  • Airport protocols

Professionalism is one of the core strengths of this agency.

People trust Aeroport’s professional staff to guide them in their tour needs.

Moreover, Aeroport always goes above and beyond to satisfy their clients’ needs all the time.

The agency commits to provide unbeatable tour experiences to its clients.

Its efforts eventually paid off as the company received the following awards:

  • Cooper Africa Excellence Awards 2019
  • 2019 Award for Integrity in Travel Business
  • Great Travel Business Awards 2019
  • 2018 Africa Most Trusted and Preferred Travel Company

To sum up, this company became one of the top tour operating agencies in Nigeria due to its trustworthy and professional services.

Contact Details:

Address: 41 Osolo Way by 7&8 Bus Stop, Airport Rd, Ajao Estate 1000001, Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: 08065754076, 07082299989
Email: info@aeroporttravels.com, reservations@aeroporttravels.com
Website: aeroporttravels.com

14. Business Travel Management Limited

This agency mostly targets corporate clients in Nigeria.

It enters our top tour agencies in Nigeria list because of its excellent services for business travellers.

The company was founded in 1998, making it one of the pioneers in corporate travel services.

Both IATA and ISO 9001-2008 accredited it.

From there, Business Travel Management grew to become the best corporate-focused firm in Nigeria and Africa.

The firm offers the following services:

  • Travel advise and consultation
  • Visa application assistance
  • Meet and Greet
  • Airport transfer
  • Ground transport
  • Group excursions
  • Airline block seating
  • Events and expense management
  • Escort services
  • Executive jet charter

It’s easy to see why this agency is among our best travel agencies in Nigeria.

For instance, their corporate-specific solutions make them appeal to business clients.

In addition, their responsive customer service is always a winner in our book!

Contact Details:

Address: 2nd Floor GHI House, 45, Oduduwa Way, Ikeja GRA, Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: + 234 1 2702690, +1 0 678 8680 911
Email: info@btmlimited.net
Website: btmlimited.net

15. Aeronat Travels & Resorts Limited

This company has been in the travel business since 1997.

It’s an IATA-accredited agency located in Kaduna, Nigeria.

Aeronat provides basic and premium tour solutions for its customers.

For instance, here are some of their products:

  • Holiday planning
  • Tour packages
  • Apartments
  • Logistics
  • Car tour deals
  • Car rentals
  • Health insurance
  • International SIM cards

These products apply to both local and international destinations.

Speaking of which, Aeronat offers tours to top destinations such as Accra, New York, London, Dubai, Egypt, and Paris.

The agency also offers a special local guided tour of Abuja, Nigeria.

Aeronat has its resorts, apartments, and logistics.

You may avail of these services in case your chosen accommodation or car rental service is already fully-booked.

To sum up, Aeronat’s products, affordable rates, and efficient service pushed it to the top travel agencies in Nigeria.

Contact Details:

Address: Stanbic IBTC Bank House, 14 Ahmadu Bello Way, Kaduna, Nigeria
Phone: +234 8035033626, +234 8036250513, +234 8086512499, +234 8072380600
Email: aeronatravels@yahoo.com, aeronatbookings@yahoo.com, info@aeronat.biz
Website: aeronat.biz

16. Now Travel and Tours Limited

This is a young but successful agency in Nigeria.

IATA just accredited it in 2007.

Today, it operates in 3 locations across Nigeria.

Now provides services such as:

  • Tour packages
  • Visa assistance
  • Transfers
  • Hotel reservations

The agency lets customers fly to popular destinations like Dubai, London, New York, Tokyo, Cape Town, and Zanzibar.

The company also offers cruise holidays, aport trips, and corporate getaways.

You can even book a custom trip package with them!

Now Travel gives good customer service to its clients.

Proof of this is the company’s Client Care Team.

Moreover, this team is always ready to answer questions and provide customized travel options.

This company deserves to be among the best tour agencies in Nigeria due to its wonderful product offerings and customer service!

Contact Details:

Address: 6, Tombia Street, GRA, 50012, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria
Phone: 08183959047, 08182902621
Email: bookings@flynowtravels.com
Website: flynowtravels.com

17. Empire Travel Services Limited

Looking for a company with long years of experience in the tourism industry?

Then, Empire Travel Services might just be what you need!

This company is among Nigeria’s pioneer firms.

This is because it was established in 1989.

IATA certification was then issued to the firm by 1990.

The company has since been a stronghold in the Nigeria tourism world.

Popular solutions offered by this firm include:

  • Affordable tour packages
  • Flights and hotels booking
  • Visa assistance
  • Travel insurance

Muslims can book Umrah and Hajj pilgrimages through the company.

It’s because the firm is a member of the Association of Umrah and Hajj Operators of Nigeria (AUHON).

Moreover, the company has been sending pilgrims to Umrah and Hajj for over 20 years.

They are affiliated with several organizations such as NANTA.

It also partnered with big hotel booking services, such as The Marriot Group and Unitravel group.

Customers love the firm’s extensive experience and customer care.

No wonder Empire Travel Services has been among the best travel agencies in Nigeria, then and now!

Contact Details:

Address: No. 3, Bompai Road, Opposite Central Hotel, P.O.Box 12813, Kano, 700001, Kano State, Nigeria
Phone: (234)-8053281901, (234)-8023091703, (234)-8185189311
Email: empiretravelkano@hotmail.com, empiretravelkano@yahoo.com
Website: empiretravelkano.com.ng

18. Jolie Global Travels and Tours Ltd

This is an agency offering several travel services.

Hence, they cater not only to tourists but also to immigration and foreign education applicants.

Here’s a list of Jolie Global’s main services:

  • Tour Packages
  • Travel Insurance
  • Flight bookings
  • Visa and immigration assistance
  • Study Visa processing

Many customers are satisfied with Jolie Global’s excellent customer services.

This is especially true for immigrants and student visa applicants!

And in fact, people commend the staff’s professionalism and courteousness.

To sum up, Jolie Global is truly worthy of a spot in our top travel agencies in Nigeria list.

Contact Details:

Address: 7 Agatu Street, Off Gimbiya Street, Area 11, PO Box 10634, Garki, Abuja, Nigeria
Phone: 08033412707
Email: travels@joliewaka.com
Website: joliewaka.com

19. Zenith Travels and Tours Ltd

This agency has been around since 1998.

Hence, it already has in-depth knowledge regarding the travel industry.

They provide this long services list:

  • Tour Service
  • Ticket and Hotel Reservations
  • Insurance
  • Conference Packaging
  • Car rentals and bus hire
  • Boat Cruise
  • Management Retreat (MICE)
  • Events Management
  • Visa and Immigration Counseling
  • Protocol Services

Zenith believes that going the extra mile is equivalent to quality customer service.

Moreover, they couple this dedication with long years of experience and high standards.

To sum up, all these things make Zenith truly among the best in Nigeria.

Contact Details:

Address: 4th Floor, Shobo House, 5 Simpson Street, Lagos Island, Lagos State, Nigeria
Phone: 234 (1) 794 2316, 234 (0) 802 2235 119, 234 (0) 805 5469 754
Email: info@zenithtravelgroup.com
Website: zenithtravelgroup.com

20. Ashton and Dave Travels and Holidays Ltd

Does your dream getaway seem far from reality?

Make it possible with Ashton and Dave!

Ashton and Dave is a new agency offering a variety of basic travel services.

Here are their products, for instance:

  • Tour packages
  • Business trips
  • Cruise ships
  • Hotel reservations
  • Protocol services

The agency is still young because it was only incorporated in 2007.

However, it has already earned a good reputation.


They perform so well it’s already worthy of being among the top travel agencies in Nigeria.

Ashton and Dave are already IATA certified.

Moreover, it’s associated with NANTA and the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA).

Ashton and Dave values professionalism, enthusiasm, and love for tourism.

Eventually, all these qualities made the company rise among the best travel agencies in Nigeria.

Contact Details:

Address: 7 Saka Tinubu, 101001 Victoria Island, Nigeria
Phone: 07044987102-10, 07044987104
Email: info@ashtondavetravels.com
Website: ashtondavetravels.com

The Wrap-Up

To sum it up, there are lots of great travel agencies in Nigeria.

Hence, you just need to look for them wisely!

We showed you the top 20 of them.

These companies will surely help plan your trips perfectly.

All companies also have great track records.

So, why not check them out now?

Moreover, select the best one that resonates with you!

Tick off your travel goals in a safe manner!

Come and patronize any of the Nigeria-based agencies on our list and say yes to hassle-free travels now!

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