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Top 10 wildlife game reserves in Nigeria

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Nigeria has a wide range of magnificent national parks with unique flora and fauna. Rainforests, nature reserves and preservation centers across Nigeria. The sceneries are breathtaking and unforgettable, so if you want to have the time of your life, Nigeria is the right place to go! Fauna in Nigeria has one of the most diverse species in the world. Nigeria’s wildlife game reserves are known for preserving rare animal as well as plant species. So if you ever get a chance to visit Nigeria, here is the top 10 list of wildlife game reserves in Nigeria you should see while travelling across this country.

Promise, you will be taken aback by the beauty of the wildlife in the game reserves mentioned below!

1. Folgore game reserve Kano State

Folgore Game Reserve, formerly Kogin Kano Forest Reserve, is located some 110 km south of Kano on the Jos–Kano road.

Folgore game reserve conserves savanna floral, faunal species within their natural environment.

However, one of the main purposes of it is regulation of sedimentation that threatens the multipurpose Tiga Dam the backbone of the Kano River Project.

Folgore game reserve has high potentials for the tourism of Kano State, Nigeria.

Inside the reserve, there are unique attractions that include many rocks, rapids of the river Kano.

A wonderful place for taking spectacular pictures!

Visitors of Falgore game reserve can also see the unique culture and remains of the ghost town of Falgore with its traditional architecture.

Moreover, accommodation and camping facilities are available around Folgore.

2. Chad Basin National Park

Chad Basin National Park is situated in the north-east of Nigeria, and its area is approximately 2,250 square kilometers.

Different regions, in which Chad Basin is divided, are called Bade Nguru Wetlands and the Chingurmi Duguma area.

Unfortunately, this park is not very popular among tourists, since there are many inhabitants of the park, which are considered quite common, so the park is losing its appeal for a lot of tourists that are coming to the parks to see some rare animal species.

However, there are several basic facilities available, which makes your visit more comfortable.

3. Kainji Lake National Park

There are 2 game reserves in Kanji National Park Niger State that are surrounded by Kainjii Lake.

Kainji is a place with a lush variety of wildlife.

Here you will find baboons, hippos, hyenas, warthogs and other rare animal species.

Moreover, for tourists, there are many activities available, such as cruises on boats and wilderness treks.

This is a great park where you will enjoy the beauty of African nature!

4. Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary

The sanctuary is made for rare animal species, which are protected in Nigeria.

This sanctuary is amazing for those who want to learn new things about the endangered species, research more about their conditions and life in the sanctuary.

Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary is managed by the authorities of the Cross River National Park, which is also protecting one of the oldest rainforest habitats in the world.

By the way, the Cross River National Park is one of the greatest areas of rainforest in West Africa.

Besides that, in the park, you will find many species of plants and birds.

The park also serves as a home for over three-quarters of the primate species, which are found in Nigeria.

Other endangered species of wild animals that can be found in the park include African forest elephants.

Alongside visiting Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary, you should also visit Cross River National Park to get the full experience of the wild nature of Nigeria.

5. Yankari National Park

Yankari National Park is known for its great number of wild African elephants, baboons, and buffaloes and located around Gagi River, South East of Bauchi Town.

Moreover, this park’s savanna woodland inhabitants are waterbucks, oribi, crocodile, hippopotamus, roan antelope, as well as different types of monkeys, which is amazing.

This park is one of the best national parks in Nigeria because you can get an opportunity to stay in the park’s territory.

There are many campgrounds, hotels, where people can have safari drives and other activities without leaving remarkable nature.

The Yankari Games Reserve will always be one of the best parks from the list to visit in Africa!

6. Okomu National Park

Okomu rainforests allow you to observe the unique life of Nigeria’s wild nature. In particular, there is a chance for tourists to see the world’s rarest primates, the white-throated monkey.

Okomu is the last surviving rainforest area in Nigeria, which makes this conservation important as never.

There are many other tourist attractions available in the park: sport fishing, canoeing and crocodile viewing.

Visitors will have a lot of fun during their experience in Okomu.

It is also good to know that the Okomu Forest Reserve is quite well-equipped with visitor facilities, including accommodation to stay the night in the unique rainforest!

7. Jos Wildlife Park

The Jos Wild park attracts thousands of visitors annually.

The park’s location is in the Rantya area of Jos.

Jos Wildlife Park serves as a home to rare species of animals, such as elephants, lions, hyenas, birds, chimpanzees, baboons and monkeys.

The thing that makes this park stand out from others is that it is the only tourist destination in the area, but that doesn’t mean that you will not enjoy your time there.

You will have the time of your life here, as its hills with lush woods and forest streams make it a perfect place to observe many kinds of animals, birds, including pigmy hippos, lions and buffalos.

Moreover, there is a great number of well-kept facilities available, including picnic spots, children’s playground, restaurant, and a small museum.

So you will have a great time enjoying nature as well as quality time spent with your friends and family.

8. Kamuku National Park

Kamuku shares a boundary with the lush Kwiambana Game Reserve in Zamfara State.

A natural border River Mariga only separates them. Kamuku Park represents one of the best remaining Sudan-Guinea Savannah vegetation in the protected area in Nigeria.


Kamuku also has a similar ecosystem as in Kwiambana Game Reserve.

In Kamuku its a wildlife reserves in Nigeria that you will find wild animals, such as elephants, roan antelope, western hartebeest, bushbuck, reedbuck, etc.

You will have a great time exploring nature there!

9. Old Oyo National Park

Old Oyo National Park has not only a huge diversity of wild animals, such as elephants, buffalo, etc. but also a unique variety of birds.

Here you will find different species of animals and plants. In this park, you will find a great combination of historical relics and beautiful nature.

This park got its name from the ancient political capital of the Yoruba Empire.


Old Oyo is easily accessible and covers almost 2,500 square kilometers (965 square miles).

So tourism is well-developed in the destinations around places: Igbeti, Igboho, Iseyin, Saki, Sepeteri and Tede, where you will find many attractions.

In Old Oyo National Park you will find granite outcrops, caves and several famous rivers in the area.

Ikere Gorge Dam offers popular water-based recreation, while you will also have the opportunity to climb the mountains in the central area.

You will get busy exploring the great nature and attractions this area offers you.

10. Gashaka Gumti National Park

Gashaka Gumpti Taraba State is the biggest national park in Nigeria that is located between Taraba (Gashaka and Adamawa (Gumti).

The highest mountain in Nigeria, Chappal Waddi, is also located close to this park.

Also, the natural environment has a wide range of plant and animal species from the leopard to elephants, lions, wild dogs, antelope, forest hogs, golden cats, birdlife, insects, reptiles and aquatic life.

In the early 1990s, Gashaka Gumti National Park was created by the combination of two existing reserves.

Now its county’s biggest park, covering a vast area of just over 6,400 square kilometers (2,470 square miles).

During the West African dry season, Gashaka Gumti National Park has a great river flow that helps to support its wildlife.

You should visit Gashaka Gumti as here you will find a wide variety of extremely colourful birds, for example, red-faced lovebirds.

There is no doubt that Nigeria is a unique place with the gorgeous nature that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Nigeria’s wildlife reserves are preserving, protecting and saving many endangered species of animals, birds, and plants from their complete extinction.

This is very important not only for Africa but for the whole world.

The lush green rainforests, green areas, a huge variety of animals and plants are worth seeing at least once in life as I believe, there is no better place than Nigeria to get this unique experience.

That will be an unforgettable adventure.

Yours. You will be taken aback by the luxuriant beauty of the wildlife reserves in Nigeria, as you visit them.

It’s guaranteed, you will have the time of your life exploring beautiful Nigeria!

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