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The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Kenya

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What makes a place a beautiful place? Is it the number of islands, mountains, hilly areas, greenery, beaches, safari, forests, skyscrapers, exotic scenery or anything else? What if we tell you that there is a place that has a variety of these things in addition to many more? Are you surprised? We’re not going to take the name of a continent. It is a country. Kenya is such an exceptional country that it is full of surprising natural sights, including waterfalls, islands, gigantic mountains, and cultural spots. Every inch of these exciting and mesmerizing beautiful places in Kenya will be ready to thrill your life.

You will find thousands of highly exciting landscapes, hilly areas, national parks, immensely attractive beaches that are properly maintained to hold your breath.

Are you ready to explore these beautiful places in Kenya?

Sit tight! You are about to go through the most thrilling and sensational journey in Africa via this article.

We have a surprise at the end of this article where we will describe the mysterious yet beautiful places in Kenya that you would love to explore.

National Parks in Kenya

Kenya is abundant with the national parks.

This does not mean that you will have all the fun by visiting just one park.

Each national park has things that possess a different and unique identity.

That is why we have included a brief teaser with every national park that we experienced so that you can have a better idea of those parks.

The list contains the national parks, gardens, and animal centers.

1. Amboseli National Park, Kajiado County

You can access Amboseli National Park if you are near Kajiado county in Kenya.

Go to this national park if you love the peaks or hill stations.

If you are an animal lover, this is the best place for you to visit.

There are plenty of animals like zebras, elephants, deer, lions, ostriches, and monkeys, etc.

You will also find wonderful huts to stay and enjoy within the National Park.

Also, explore some of the extraordinary lakes within this space for marine experience.

Access prettiest resorts that have amazing things to do like swimming in the clean water, relaxing on the creative chairs, and eating the food of your choice.

It has many picturesque locations that would be perfect for your selfies.

It has some of the most demanded hotels and resorts among all the Safari Parks in Africa.

You must visit Oltukai Lodge for a variety of fun activities and delicious food while you are on a visit to Amboseli National Park.

2. Lake Nakuru National Park, Nakuru

Located in Nakuru, this park is the dream destination for a variety of tourists around the globe.

In addition to the exotic locations, safari, and attractive greenery, you will find a number of reasons to stay here.

Don’t forget to visit Lake Nakuru because it is so wonderful that it will win your heart due to its water splashes and the cleanliness.

3. Tsavo East National Park, Taita-Taveta County

Tsavo East National Park is in Taita-Taveta County and is one of the most important national parks in Kenya.

The entry of this National Park is so amazing that you will know you have made the right decision to visit this park.

You will see plenty of lions, deer, zebras, tigers, crocodiles, rhinos, and other adorable animals in this amazing National Park.

Apart from the unforgettable Safari experience, it has several perfectly maintained places.

Some of these places include the stunning swimming pools and the old remains of the historical locations in this park.

There are places where you can find the remains of a variety of dead animals in the form of skulls and bones.

It has gorgeous lakes and ponds made for the animals to drink water where you can spot them live.

It also has some of the most modernized hotels, restaurants, and resorts for the visitors so that they can stay comfortable while having a full variety of entertainment.

You will also spot many locations that host a variety of lovely birds flocking together.

If you are in Kenya, you cannot afford to miss visiting this park that is also one of the oldest National Parks in Kenya

4. The Mzima Springs, Tsavo East National Park

It would be foolish not to visit the Mzima springs if you have visited Tsavo East National Park.

Why? Because of its magical springs that attract and amaze thousands of visitors who especially come to experience this enjoyment.

We have included these springs as a separate entry in this article because these amazing Springs have the surprising and unique features in all the Four Seasons.

5. Tsavo West National Park, Coast Province

It is located in the Coast Province of Kenya.

This outstanding National Park is one of the main identities of Kenya.

You can find zebras fighting with each other and the predators looking and hunting for their prey from a distance.

It has plenty of adorable birds and animals that are unique and extinct from any part of the world.

You may also behold the view of a cheetah climbing up the tree for hunting.

It also has some of the luxurious hotels and resorts for the tourists so that they can enjoy their stay while they’re at this wonderful national park.

If you’re lucky, you may also find the groups of cheetahs running for their daily hunting sprees.

6. Nairobi National Park, Nairobi

Situated in the heart of the capital, this National Park has everything to offer to the local and international visitors.

The park naturally holds a variety of exciting Safari experiences and the animals watching.

Being in the capital city, park management takes special care of the park so that it remains gorgeous and attractive to tourists from all around the world.

It has exceptional portrayals of the animals that will catch your attention.

The management of the park has made amazing walkways, paths, and bridges for the visitors so that they can enjoy their visit.

Nairobi National Park has some of Kenya’s most exotic greenery.

It has plenty of aquatic animals, including crocodiles.

It also includes a number of extinct species that can be seen right from the naked eye at a distance so that they remain safe from human interaction and vice versa.

7. The Aberdare National Park, Nyeri County

Aberdare is a mountain range in Kenya.

Although the mountain range is itself a perfect tourist attraction, different locations and activities that this park offers attract praise and appreciation from every kind of tourist from any part of the world.

Even if you don’t like safari or the world of animals, you’ll still have plenty of things to do that will make you fall in love with this place.

The breathtaking scenery at various spots, green covered locations, and the unique breeze in the atmosphere along with amazing waterfalls all lie within this National Park to win your heart.

The distant view of the water falling from an elevation and dropping to the ground will splash all the love it has to give to its visitors.

The more you explore this park, the more you fall in love with it.

The special green spheres of this region truly leave an impact on the hearts of visitors because of being one of their kinds in Kenya.

8. Meru National Park, Meru

Meru National Park is another awesome park in Kenya that would be ready to give you everything you want, especially if you are interested in watching the live scenes of predators like lions.

It is host to over 70 lions.

Other animals like elephants, cheetahs, and giraffes are found in abundance here.

The chimpanzees in this National Park will be ready to spread their love to mankind and have the potential to become your best friends.

There are resorts at certain selected places that have breathtaking scenery on the side of your window where you will be staying.

The mind-blowing view of the sunset and sunrise will appease you more and more every day.

Resorts here have every facility like swimming pool and rest areas along with the elegant interior that will make your stay memorable and will multiply your excitement.

9. The Shimba Hills National Reserve, Coast Province

Though it is a relatively smaller reserve, it is worth visiting due to its unique sightseeing, picturesque locations, and attractive wildlife.

It is located in the Coast Province.

10. Lake Bogoria National Reserve, Great Rift Valley

The Lake Bogoria National Reserve can be found in the Great Rift Valley province.

If you are somewhere near that area, don’t forget to pay a visit to this national reserve.

It has amazing features like vast and green fields with a variety of rarely found wildlife, along with the picturesque locations to please your tourist instincts.

Don’t forget to visit the great Lake Bogoria for which this park is named.

You can find this lake near the equator.

11. The Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Laikipia County

Found in Laikipia County, it is also a wildlife habitat that is rich with natural beauty to amuse visitors.

12. Haller Park, Mombasa

This is a natural park in Mombasa.

Here you will explore plenty of animals, including big crocodiles, tortoises, and friendly animals like monkeys.

A protective fence has been placed to keep the visitors and animals safe.

You must also explore the exciting trail experiences while you are at Haller Park.

13. Shaba, Samburu, and Buffalo Springs National Reserves, Isiolo County

You will have a great opportunity of visiting three national reserves in one go if you are near Isiolo County.

These three national reserves would be enough for you to grasp the vast natural beauty of Kenya.

14. The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Meru

Visiting the northern side of Kenya?

Don’t forget to visit the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy for the amazing and unique opportunities of camping, sightseeing, bird watching, savanna, and wildlife.

Do visit the famous Ngare Ndare Forest for exotic greenery, camping, hiking, and picturesque locations while you are at this conservancy.

15. Elephant and Rhino Nursery, Nairobi

Good news for the elephant and Rhino lovers.

You would explore plenty of such animals in this nursery that is on the verge of being extinct.

Visit them and let them know they still have their lovers like you.

16. Mount Elgon National Park, Kenya-Uganda Border

Although Mount Elgon is itself very famous among visitors, this corresponding national park is no less than any other park in the continent.

Don’t forget to visit the famous Mount Elgon that this amazing park is named after.

17. Ndere Island National Park, Lake Victoria, Kenya

The joy of being on an island and the national park has been combined to give a blasting effect to your visit in the form of Ndere National Park.

That too in Lake Victoria!

It is, in fact, a triple feast.

18. Saiwa Swamp National Park, Kitale

This is the smallest national park in Great Rift Valley.

Still, we have included this in our list of beautiful places in Kenya because of the lovely trees, ambience, and aquatic experience.

If you’re near Kitale, it is highly advised to visit Saiwa Swamp National Park.

19. Kisumu Impala Sanctuary, Kisumu

Want to have live and safe sightseeing of freely walking animals?

Go to Kisumu Impala Sanctuary if you’re in Kisumu city.

Overall, it ranks high in the list of most beautiful places in Kenya.

20. Maasai Mara, Narok County

Being in Kenya and not exploring the Safari experience offered by Maasai Mara would be unfair if you want to see zebras, elephants, herds of giraffes, lions, tigers, deer, and ostriches along with the rivers and the exotic greenery.

You can enjoy visiting this place in your vehicle by passing near the wild animals and even the predators.

You will experience some of the extinct species that you don’t get a chance to see in normal life.


At the entry of this magnificent National Park, some of the remains, skull, and bones of the animals would welcome you to give you a hint of how adventurous your journey to this place will be. Maasai Mara is located in Narok county.

You would not have any problem visiting this glamorous place that has so much to offer to the visitors.

You can have plenty of good resorts and hotels if you want to stay here because a single day tour without staying will not be enough to grab the beauty of this place at it’s full.

This place is the pride of Kenya.

21. Kakamega Forest, Kakamega, and Nandi County

The best part of this forest is its feature of rainforest that has an overall pleasant impact on the environment of this jungle.

Other attractive sites include picnic spots, tall trees, and trails, etc.

22. Bio-Ken Snake Farm, Watamu

Snakes have always been a source of interest for mankind.

Visit this snake farm to meet multiple species of snakes, including pythons.

This farm also serves as a research center for making medicines and treating diseases like cancer.

23. The Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve

Visit the Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve for multiple fun and excitement opportunities.

You must consider combining your tour to the Ruins of Gedi explained later in this article with this forest reserve.

Both are two of the most beautiful places in Kenya that are nearby, and you can visit them in one go.

24. Mara Naboisho Conservancy, Great Rift Valley

Another exciting animal habitat in Great Rift Valley.

The place is known for its animal conservancy and green locations along with the unique sightseeing for outdoor activities.

25. Nairobi Safari Walk, Nairobi

This outstanding Safari Park is situated in Nairobi.

You would be thrilled to face a number of unique animals in this park that is properly supervised by the trained staff.

26. Karura Forest, Nairobi

Explore a wide range of sightseeing and fun activities like picnic spots, camping, outdoor games, and bird watching at this wonderful forest in Kenyan capital.

This forest precedes others in arranging the list of beautiful places in Kenya.

27. Uhuru Gardens Memorial Park, Nairobi

Share the joy of Kenya’s independence from the British in this outstanding memorial park in Nairobi that has wonderful locations to enjoy with your friends and family.

28. The Giraffe Center, Langata

In love with the cute giraffes?

The local government has taken special measures to preserve them for you.

The Giraffe Center is located in Langata, on Duma Road near Nairobi.

29. Nairobi Animal Orphanage, Nairobi

It is one of the biggest animal shelters in the capital of Kenya.

The local management takes special care to give shelter to the animals that need to be preserved.

Visit this orphanage for a huge opportunity to interact with endangered animals.

30. Ruma National Park, Ruma

You will have access to watch one of the endangered species like Roan Antelope as soon as you enter this park from Kamato Gate.

The medium cliffs and wide grounds covered with green grass would be right there to enrich your tour to this great national park that is considered as an essential part of tremendously beautiful places in Kenya.

31. Elephant Orphanage, Nairobi

Experience the unique interaction with the friendly and endangered elephants at this humanistic orphanage in Kenyan capital for as low as 500 Kenyan shillings per person for adults.

32. Mount Kenya National Park

Do you want to go mountaineering and hiking on the most adventurous Mountain in Kenya?

Mount Kenya is not only the highest Mountain in Kenya but is also the second-highest mountain in the whole continent.

Climb up this adventurous mountain and have a look of the whole of Kenya in one go.

Don’t consider it an easy task to climb up the hill to the top.

It may take you three to four days if you have never done this before.

You can also explore the amazing wildlife at the National Park of the same name.

Places to Visit in Mt Kenya Region

Mount Kenya sometimes also referred to as Mt Kenya is quite famous among visitors due to many reasons.

It has multiple spots where you would find the scenery to be unbelievably stunning and loveable.

In addition to the mountain, this region has a full variety of different picturesque locations, picnic spots, and other fun-filled elements.

Don’t forget to visit Point Lenana on Mount Kenya to augment your joy of visiting this special region in Kenya.

33. Ewaso Ng’ iro River, Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya cannot be ignored in the collection of beautiful places in Kenya.

While on a visit to Mount Kenya, don’t miss out on visiting the energetic flow of Ewaso Ng’ iro River on the western side of this mountain for an additional experience.

Marine Parks in Kenya

Another thrilling aspect of Kenya for ultimate enjoyment is its marine parks.

You can find a variety of thriving marine parks with all the aquatic aspects to uplift your mood.

The most wonderful marine parks in Kenya have been mentioned below.

34. Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve, Mombasa

You cannot miss visiting this outstanding marine environment to explore aquatic life.

You would also love its exclusive features of diving and snorkelling with your friends and family in as low as $17 per person.

35. Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park, Kwale District

The blue water and the friendly aquatic species of this marine park is a must-visit place in Kenya.

The exclusive activities like scuba diving and swimming would thwart you from leaving this place once you enter this national park.

It is found in Kwale District and is a source of ultimate marine entertainment to the visitors.

36. Watamu Marine National Park, Watamu

Do also visit the enthusiastic marine life to add spice to your overall visit to Watamu.

It will be an awesome experience to enjoy and explore marine life in depth.

37. Malindi Marine National Park, Malindi

Another similar park is found in Malindi where you will have relatively greater sources of entertainment including, swimming, diving, and dolphin shows.

It is the pioneer in marine parks in the whole continent.

38. The Taita Hills, Taita-Taveta County

Go mountaineering and bring your adventure to the front while you are still in Taita-Taveta County by visiting this great mountain range of The Taita Hills.

Islands and Beaches

No trip is complete without visiting islands and beaches.

Fortunately, Kenya is tremendously rich in islands and surprising beaches.

Check out the list of excellent islands and beaches in Kenya below.

39. Diani Beach, Near Mombasa

It is the most amazing beach in the Indian Ocean.

You can find it near Mombasa.

It is beautifully maintained with fresh and clean water.

The beach and the sand are neat and attractive.

You can have a variety of beach activities that will make your day.

Diani Beach is one of the most attractive beaches on the whole continent.

That is why the tourists from all around Kenya and the continent prefer to visit the beach every time.

40. Ksite Island, Near Mombasa

This excellent Island is a great source of entertainment for everyone who visits this place.

It has everything to offer that an island is capable of.

You would surely love to visit this Island.

41. Watamu Beach and Town, Watamu

This amazing town of Watamu is located near Mombasa in Kilifi County.

This beach is one of the top tourist destinations in Kenya due to its exciting activities like swimming, diving, beach games, and clean water.

The Watamu town is also unique, and you will love exploring the local people and their cultural lifestyle.

42. Paradise Beach Resort, Mombasa Coast

You would find excellent food and a variety of premium services at this magnificent beach resort.

You can also enjoy the spa and salon services along with the special buffet that would ignite your excitement.

43. Mombasa Beach, Mombasa

Combine the visit to Paradise Beach Resort with Mombasa Resort to multiply your enjoyment journey.

44. Nyali Beach, Mombasa

Yet another exciting beach in Mombasa.

Visiting this amazing beach in Mombasa will remind you of being on the shores of Dubai beaches.

The beach and the Nayali area are especially known for their modern lifestyle and outstanding hotels and resorts.

You will find it difficult to believe you are in an African country due to its ultra-modernism and supreme hotels.

45. Mombasa Island, Mombasa

A relatively smaller Island but worth visiting if you are in Mombasa.

46. Rusinga Island, Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is itself an amazing attraction to the tourists.

An island within that territory would certainly be a thing of huge interest.

47. Wasini Island, Indian Ocean

This stunning Island located in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

It is a source of entertainment for thousands of tourists from around the continent and world.

The water is scattered across the Island in patches that are differentiated by rocks.

You would love visiting this Island in many ways due to its unique location and attractions.

48. Chale Island, Kwale County

The pride of Kwale County, Chale Island is the center of visitors’ attention due to its entertaining activities like fishing and sightseeing.

49. The Crescent Island, Lake Naivasha

Lake Naivasha and Crescent Island go hand in hand.

Both places are full of beauty and provide a refreshing experience.

Hidden Places to Visit in Kenya

Do you think that all the beautiful places in Kenya have been covered so far in this article?

Not really! It has tremendously amazing places that are not even highlighted so far.

Some of the hidden but immensely beautiful places in Kenya have been mentioned below.

50. Lake Elmenteita, Great Rift Valley

This is a salty lake in the Great Rift Valley that is known for its taste of water, broader view of the sky, and mostly cloudy atmosphere.

The lake stands out in its beauty but is yet to come to the limelight.

51. Mount Longonot, Great Rift Valley

Don’t miss out on visiting this great attraction of Mount Longonot if you are around the Great Rift Valley.

You can find it near Lake Naivasha.

Do also visit the Mount Longonot Crater to have a broader view of the valley and grassy hills.

Both are tremendously beautiful places in Kenya and are not much explored, like others.

52. The Mamba Village, Nairobi

Do you want to see a lot of crocodiles?

Mamba Village is the place for you to explore.

It’s in Nairobi, and you must consider visiting this place for an excellent experience. 

53. Mkwiro Village, Wasini Island

This unexplored village is located on Wasini Island.

This village has tremendously abundant sources for fishing.

People come here for live fishing experiences to take them along.

Do visit Mkwiro village if you love fishing activities.

54. Ol Donyo Sabuk Mountain, Machakos County

Are you somewhere near Machakos County in Kenya?

Go to explore a few of the biggest mountains in Kenya for a wonderful experience of a hill station like Ol Donyo Sabuk Mountain.

55. Nairobi Arboretum, Nairobi

You cannot ignore this marvellous arboretum in Nairobi.

It has such a peaceful environment that will take away all of your worries and restlessness.

It has lovely pathways to walk, jog, and run that is covered with long trees all the way.

You can also find various spots within this arboretum, including picnic spots, games, and excellent sitting arrangements.

56. Bomas of Kenya, Nairobi

It is a town near Nairobi that has its own culture, tradition, and living style.

You will be highly impressed to view and interact with the residents of this village to explore how they are different from others in today’s world of modernization.

57. Menengai Crater, Great Rift Valley, Nakuru

A gigantic crater that has been formed naturally after a series of volcano outbursts in Kenya.

This place grabs attention due to its unique identity and attracts visitors and archaeologists for research and entertainment purposes.

58. The Ngong Hills, Great Rift Valley

Combine your visit to The Karen Blixen Museum with The Ngong Hills because this museum is located in the feet of these hills.

The hills provide an excellent opportunity for steep hill climbing and mountaineering with adventure.

The Karen Blixen Museum is explained later in this article under the cultural attractions in Kenya.

Cultural Attractions in Kenya

Kenya is an extensively rich country in culture and tradition.

It has a tremendous history, and its culture is unique and strong enough to leave an impact on the visitors.

We have listed below only a few of the many cultural attractions in Kenya.

59. The Maasai Market, Nairobi

Enough of the wildlife, safari, forests, and greenery?

Go to the Maasai Market for arts, handicrafts, and cultural clothes.

A traditional fair of such unique items is also held here.

You would be lucky to take part in this fair for a wonderful experience of buying local and traditional products at cheap prices.

60. Nairobi National Museum, Nairobi

Another brilliant storage of ancient and traditional stuff in Nairobi where you can take your family and kids for full-on entertainment.

Here you will see many portraits and statues of big animals like lions and elephants.

Their presence will amuse your family without even facing the real animals.

61. The Nairobi Railway Museum

Nairobi takes the lead in presenting the most beautiful places in Kenya.

Combine your visit to Nairobi National Museum with the Nairobi Railway Museum for an exciting exploration of the ancient railway system and defunct railway bogies.

62. Kazuri Beads, Nairobi

Go to this wonderful bead center in the Kenyan capital.

You will love the creativity with which the beads are made in Kenya.

Try buying some of the beads for your loved ones from Kazuri Beads.

63. Lamu Museum, Lamu

This museum is rich with Kenyan cultural and historical elements.

You would love to explore the ancient and cultural items that have been preserved in this awesome museum.

64. The Karen Blixen Museum, Nairobi

If you’re staying in Nairobi or passing by the vicinity, consider making a stop in this amazing museum to enrich your historical and cultural knowledge.

It has been considered one of the most beautiful places in Kenya for years.

Miscellaneous Attractions in Kenya

Now we are going to tell you about the miscellaneous attractions that you can enjoy visiting after the specific types of tourist attractions in Kenya.

65. Thomson’s Falls, Laikipia County

It is not only a simple waterfall.

It also gives you tremendous opportunities to enjoy attractive resorts while watching the aggressive waterfall around your sides.

If you are a citizen, you can enjoy the entry to this great waterfall in just 50 Shilling for adults and 20 Shilling for children.

If you are a foreigner, you can enter these falls in 200 Shilling for adults and 100 Shilling for children.

66. The Chalbi Desert, Marsabit

Yes, Kenya has a desert too.

It is located near the Ethiopian border.

Won’t it be a good experience to visit a desert after a lot of beaches, islands, hills, and national parks?

67. Mount Suswa, Narok County

Mount Suswa represents the Suswa community and holds importance due to its unique and attractive locations along with activities like mountaineering and hiking.

68. Oloolua Nature Trail, Nairobi

This is not just a trail in Nairobi.

It also offers a peaceful and calm atmosphere to the visitors with green pathways along with an amazing forest and outdoor activities like camping.

It also contains a cave for a different enjoyment.

You can enter this amazing place with just 200 Shilling for adults and 100 Shilling for children if you’re a citizen.

You have to pay 600 Shilling for adults and 300 for children if you’re a foreigner.

It has a little waterfall with water sliding down the rocks.

It has amazing wooden bridges that would ignite your fun activities.

69. Kiambethu Tea Farm, Kiambu County

Kenyan tea is famous all over the world.

Won’t you be curious to explore the brilliant tea farm that supplies tea products all over the world?

In addition to that, the farms are intensely attractive, which will surely be a thing of ultimate green and clean sightseeing.

70. Vasco da Gama Pillar, Malindi

Who doesn’t know about the greatest sea explorer known as Vasco Da Gama?

It will be a wonderful experience if you visit the excellent memoir built in his honour at Malindi.

Mysterious Places in Kenya

Lastly, as we promised, we are excited to let our readers know about some of the mysterious and beautiful places in Kenya.

These are not only beautiful places in Kenya, but they also possess something very special that attracts everyone’s attention.

Following is the list of such places that you must visit in Kenya.

We only include a brief explainer of these places so that your interest and curiosity remains intact.

71. Mbaraki Pillar, Likoni, Mombasa

It is a national monument and is considered as Kenyan heritage.

Some people believe that it is a home of spirits and is haunted due to its ancient history that dates back to the 15th century.

72. Komarock Shrine, Nairobi-Kangundo Highway

Get ready to be indulged in the spiritual powers of this amazing shrine known as Komarock.

Apart from its magical and spiritual powers, the shrine is also unique by portraying the sculpture of Jesus and Mary.

73. Marafa Depression, (Devil’s Kitchen), Malindi

It is the combination of some of the most unique rocks that look like broken rocks in pieces.

Some locals call it the Devil’s Kitchen too because of its strange look with no obvious logic.

People believe that these rocks got self-destructed; that is why it is considered as one of the wonders in Kenya.

74. Taita Skull Caves, Taita Taveta County

If you’re around Taita Taveta County, do not forget to visit Taita Skull Caves.

These caves have a huge collection of skulls that date back to the ancient tradition of removing skulls from the human body and burying them here in caves.

75. Kit-Mikayi, Kisumu

A collection of huge rocks placed surprisingly above each other is a source of wonder for the intellectuals too.

People wonder how these rocks were lifted, and it was almost impossible to place them perfectly above each other in that era with no technology.

The place still holds importance as the rocks stay intact over the edges too.

76. Hell’s Gate National Park, Near Lake Naivasha

Curious about its unique name?

It takes the name from the gigantic crack in the rocks of the hills in this national park that is considered to be the hell’s gate by the local people.

You can find this national park near Lake Naivasha on the northwestern side of Nairobi.

Apart from the amazing wildlife, this national park gives you an exciting opportunity to see some of the finest hills in Kenya that are amazingly covered with grass.

Its resorts have wide and clean swimming pools, and you will have tremendous options for hill climbing, mountaineering, and hiking at various locations.

The places are so calm and peaceful that you can even meditate there for hours for relaxation and focus.

There will be boards and signs to guide you about the important spots in this park.

You must be aware of the flash floods that are often expected unnoticed in certain areas of this park.

The park is finely maintained, and you can also spot fun areas like children arcades for a family break.

77. The Ruins of Gedi, Kilifi District

Don’t forget to check out the amazing and ancient ruins of Gedi while you are in Kilifi District.

You will surely love this place if you have an archaeological bone in your body.

The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Kenya Summary

All the above-mentioned attractions and beautiful places in Kenya are only a few and selected spots that are highly advised for the tourists to visit without a second thought.

With so many features and natural attractions, don’t you think that Kenya is perfectly made to portray the natural blessings to represent itself as the World’s Ambassador for natural beauty?

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