Finima Nature Park

If you want to enjoy the excess of greenery, the leafy lush trees, brilliantly made walking bridges, and live display of playing birds and animals all around you, Finima Nature Park is the place for you. It is the number one visiting spot for nature lovers in Nigeria and Africa because it has promising sites […]

E-Passport: Tanzanians in a rush to obtain travel document

The number of Tanzanians applying for e-passports has drastically increased, as the deadline for use of old passports is this month. From 300 to 400 applications per day, the number has increased to an average of 1,200 applications per day. The Commissioner-General of the Immigration Department, Dr Anna Makakala, has commented that Tanzanians, both within […]

Travel Advisory: The UK issues advisory for Kenya

The British government has issued a travel advisory to its citizens visiting Kenya, warning that terrorists might try to carry out attacks. The UK government advises British citizens to be vigilant when visiting areas frequented by foreigners. These areas including hotels, bars, restaurants, sports bars and nightclubs, sporting events, supermarkets, shopping centres, commercial buildings, coastal […]

Oguta Lake – A peaceful, serene and tranquil sight to behold

A lot of people find themselves staring at lakes, rivers or oceans for several amounts of time while doing nothing. They tend to lose themselves because of the tranquility that they feel. A gentle breeze from these bodies of water often passes by leaving a feeling of comfort. Oguta Lake does the same to the people of […]

Ibeno Beach – The Perfect Tourist Spot

Beaches are the way to go if you want to relax and rejuvenate. Be it a digital detoxification or a break from the shackles of daily-life problems; one mostly prefers to go to a beach to let go of. One of the most popular beaches in Nigeria is the Ibeno Beach which attracts tourists as […]

Who is Olu of Warri? Kingdom of Warri in Nigeria

Nigeria, like other countries, has a diverse culture, traditions that span centuries, and a history that speaks a lot about the region. A city worth talking about would be Warri. In southern Nigeria, Warri has become a major hub for petroleum businesses and has a population of more than 500,000 according to the nation’s census […]