Discovery – Resort Revives an Old Kenyan Town

The Panari Resort hotel brought a life to a beautiful town called Nyahururu on the north of Aberdares mountain, fell off the radar of must-see places in Kenya some years ago which takes like an hour to drive from Nairobi. There is a long driveway colonnaded entrance from the gate of the hotel, it’s a […]

August, 13 By Christina Travel

Best street food to relish on in Nigeria

Nigeria has a lot to offer when it comes to street foods. With several trendy restaurants with luxury foods to impress everyone that visits Nigeria. They cling to street foods like it’s their lifeline. They believe you don’t need a silver or gold spoon for tasty foods. If you want to learn about Nigerian culture, […]

August, 8 By Elizabeth Travel

Balala Urges Tourism Players to Unite.

Najib Balala who is the secretary on the cabinet of tourism has called upon the players of tourism and traveler to operate as one entity to continue boosting the performance of the sector. He stated this on the ceremony of Kenya Association of Travel Agents (KATA) and instated that the uniting of this players will […]

Cruise Tourism on the Rise in Kenya’s Upper-Middle Class

Today, cruise tourism is the fastest developing one in the travel and tourism industry. University of Nairobi Research Archive Cruise tourism has increased in demand in the country this is due to the Bazaar’s Nishma Shah holidays. The tourism sub-sector said that the cruise bookings have been ranging from no more than 20 guests annually […]

August, 6 By Christina Travel

Tanzania to Build Cable Car System on Mount Kilimanjaro.

The Tanzanian government is set to build a cable car service on the tallest peak in Africa, Kilimanjaro mountain. The government sees this as an opportunity to boost its tourist number. However, over a quarter million mountain guides and porters will lose their means of livelihood. The Kilimanjaro mountain is the source of liveliness, trade, […]

August, 1 By Elizabeth Travel

Popular and Delicious South African Foods

South Africa is one of Africa’s most beautiful holiday spots, providing extremely diverse safari for your amusement with some of the most Popular and Delicious foods. Your enjoyment would not be complete without a taste of some South African dishes. South African dishes are among the most nutritious on the continent and will not only excite […]

July, 29 By Elizabeth Travel