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One of the striking natural falls that is at the southern part of Africa between Zambia and Zimbabwe and one of the seven wonders of the world.

It’s one of the largest rivers in Africa.

With a length of more than a kilometer and a height of more than hundred meters.

Victoria Fall View
Victoria Fall View

Its one of the largest waterfalls in the world with more than five hundred million cubic meters of water per minute plummet over the edge, over a width of nearly two kilometers, into a gorge over one hundred meters below.

The noise of Victoria Falls can be heard from a distance of 40 kilometers, the spray and mist from the falling water is rising to a height of over 400 meters and can be seen from a distance of 50 kilometers.

The falls can be viewed clearly at the Zambian side at the period of June and July.

At rainy season it impossible to see the base of the falls. Their various activities that can be done.

 Batoka Gorge Swing

Its one of the best adventures swing from one level to the other.

Whereby You stand on a platform 120m above the flowing Zambezi river below, attach yourself to a harness and simply, step off then drop 70m straight down in Zambezi gorges.

Batoka Gorge Swing
Batoka Gorge Swing

White Water Rafting

Its one of a recreational activity that is done around. The Whitewater rafting starts with a 100m walk down into the Bakota Gorge in river Zambia.

You have to save your adrenaline because it will be running all over the day.

The experience around the white water you will be able to see physical features and special species that will surprise you.

Bungee Jump

 It’s a 111m bungee jump from the center of Victoria falls bridge.

It gives you a 4 second jump that you will be able to see the most beauty parts of the seven wonders of the world.

It’s one of the activities that’s rushes your adrenaline fast more than a roller coaster!!!!

Bungee Jump
Bungee jump in Victoria falls

Helicopter Flight Above the Falls

Flight rides advances an exploration of the beautiful scenery views of the Victoria falls from way above the sea level.

For 15 minutes you glide above the 1700m curtain of water.

This is something that is not supposed to be missed.

You will be able to see the different parts of Zambia and Zimbabwe.


Devils pool – Zambia

It’s the spot over the edge that you will be hanging on air about 103m below.

This is most scary activity that you will adventure, a lot to see on wonders of the world.

But it will take place when there is lower waterfalls and about 80 people is taken to visit the pool per day only.

It is allocated in Zambia, so if you are staying in Zimbabwe it requires a trip towards the place.

Its also called Livingstone island…

Devils pool - Zambia
Devils pool – Zambia

Microlight Flight Over the Falls – Zambia

If you have done the most exercise of throwing yourself all over the activities is better now to make your adrenaline rest by just relaxing on a giant kite.

Make yourself relaxed by a fresh wind with heights and an incredible view.

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