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Funtopia Water Park, Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos


The Funtopia water park is a modern entertainment facility. It is located at Ibeju-Lekki in Lagos, Nigeria. Also, entertainment activities are designed for people of all ages. The entire theme park is situated across 2 acres of land. If you are planning your next family getaway, then this is the perfect location for you and your family.

Overview of the park

Funtopia water park is jam-packed with fun activities for all ages.

It offers one of the best entertainment theme parks in Nigeria.

This location has been attracting families from all over the world due to its amazing reputation.

The park has both outdoor and indoor facilities.

The recreational facilities are of a world-class standard.

Also, there are 3 giant water slides situated across the facility—all of these interconnected feature pools.

There are also in-pool bars where adults can relax.

The park also has arcade and computer gaming facilities.

You can play sports such as table tennis and ping pong, among others.

Separate outdoor

Where there is an entertainment section where bands will play live music for the guests.

Various water rides, as well as carnival games, are dotted across the entertainment park.

People are advised to bring extra clothes and swimwear.

Because the chances of having fun without getting wet are next to impossible here!

It is an ideal location for kids who want to experience a wholesome atmosphere.

Funtopia is the perfect spot for you and your kids to have quality time.

The ambience of the area is amazing.

The activities cater to all age groups.

There are even special education programs for school children.

These programs are designed to give children something to learn while having fun.

No wonder why this park has become one of the premier destinations for Nigerian families.

Things to do at Funtopia water park

Looking for a picnic location for your family? Then the Funtopia water park is the place to be at.

Don’t forget to bring a camera along your trip to capture all the sweet and fun moments of your family.

The park has it all

The park has it all, be it water slides or arcade games.

There are multiple water rides and outdoor games.

This is where your kids can enjoy the outdoors with their friends.

There are bars and swimming pools for adults; you can relax and unwind with your loved ones.

The Funtopia water park location is a very safe and family-friendly area.

Location of Funtopia water park

The Funtopia water park is situated along the KM 35 Epe Expressway Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos.

Which is near the Official Pan African University in Lagos.

This entertainment facility is merely a stone’s throw away from Victoria Garden City.

Funtopia water park gate fee is just 1500 Nigerian Naira per person.

So, for less than 5 American dollars, you can experience this amazing theme park all day long.

If you have a family of four, it will cost you 6000 Nigerian Naira to have a fun-filled outing under the sun.

This park is all about having high-quality entertainment at a very affordable price tag.

The park opens at 10 in the morning and closes at 6 pm.

Recreational facilities at Funtopia water park

This park is built with modern equipment and designed thoughtfully.

All the activities are geared towards giving joy to the entire family.

I had an opportunity to visit the park when it opened in 2017.

I was thoroughly impressed by the modern entertainment facilities that were on offer.

There is a special section in the park called ‘Cusco City.’

This location has billiard and pool tables where adults can have fun.

The outdoor live entertainment section is another great place for couples.

This is where you can experience live music and get a secluded atmosphere away from your kids.

Lively and fun activity

The thoughtful amenities mean that everyone can experience activities.

Nobody needs to get bored in such a lively and fun environment! I had two kids who thoroughly enjoyed the water slides.

My kids also enjoyed computer games that were on offer.

The bar offers a great variety of drinks and a lively atmosphere.

This is where I, along with my wife, relaxed and enjoyed a glass of wine while our kids were having fun with the water.

My family created some wonderful memories when we visited this park.

The educational programs are very intuitive.

There are special lessons designed for different age groups of school children.

My kids visited different exhibitions and workshops as part of their educational tour.

They had an amazing time learning about wildlife in Africa.

Professionally trained staff in Funtopia water park

The park is very well-maintained by highly trained staff.

All the people working at this park have a sense of pride and happiness that is unmatched.

This facility is truly one of a kind in Lagos.

The people working there are hospitable and welcoming to all the guests.

This warm atmosphere helped my kids to enjoy even more.

I also managed to get some quality time with my wife.

The food on offer at the park is also of a very high standard.

There are plenty of snack bars for the kids. The park is also home to a high-end restaurant serving quality food to adults.

This leisure park has outdone itself with all the amazing facilities.

Funtopia water park Final thoughts

The Funtopia water park is an entertainment park, unlike no other.

This leisure park has quickly garnered a lot of reputation for being one of the best entertainment theme parks in Nigeria.

And also, the park offers plenty of amenities at a very competitive price.

Thus, it has become a source of affordable entertainment for families in Nigeria.


I witnessed first-hand the amazing hospitality of the Nigerian people in this park.

The modern facilities thrilled me when I visited this location back in 2017.

The park has only gained more reputation since then.

This has become possible due to the hard work of the staff who continuously maintain the high standards of this leisure park.

If you are in Lagos, then you should include this park in your to-do list!

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