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Awhum Waterfall

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Awhum waterfalls, also known as Ohum Waterfalls are the mysterious, magical, and super-attractive waterfalls in Nigeria.

Located in Amaugwe village of Awhum town, Enugu State, Nigeria, it has been an attraction for tourists and pilgrims due to many reasons.

In addition to the scenic beauty, the waterfall and its water are related to having supernatural healing powers.

Christian followers consider this place as holy and monks practice religious activities here.

The waterfall is covered with gigantic rocks from which the water flows from upwards to downwards like a rainfall.

The pressure of the falling water makes it feel like a strong wave of water that flows continuously with great strength.

People usually take a bath in the waterfall and move along the path where the water flows.

Surprising Features of Awhum Waterfall

Awhum Waterfall is known to be an extraordinary place in Africa. Its strange and mysterious features make this one of the natural and God-gifted wonders of Nigeria.

Hence, the waterfall and the surrounding place of Awhum use the monastery to worship God and heal the people who suffer from Evil spirits.

The Monks keep praying in the area and the place enjoys the visits of the Christian Pilgrims from all around Nigeria and Africa.

Also, it is believed that the more you sink yourself in the water, the more you get pure.

One of its surprising features is that the part of its waterfall remains warm throughout the year which is hard to find in any other waterfall in Africa.

Virtual Tour to Awhum Waterfall and Cave

Let’s take you to the wonderful Awhum Waterfall virtually. This virtual tour will also keep guiding you about the instructions that you would need to consider while you actually plan to visit Awhum Waterfalls.

  • Don’t think your journey to this waterfall would be a fun ride. The roads are rough and badly managed. Your ride for this destination may require you to be tough and determined.
  • A fence and the protected wall covering the monastery will lead you to the gate of this place.
  • A black gate on which “Monastic Consecration” is written will lead to the inside of the monastery.
  • The Awhum waterfall is not meant for everybody to visit. Hence, it is currently managed by the Awhum Monastery. The Abbey who is the chief of the monastery has the powers to allow or disallow the persons to visit this pious waterfall. You need to convince the Abbey to let you visit the waterfall and the cave. Just talk to him nicely and you may get the permission.
  • So, after getting permission from the monk, a guide will be assigned to you by the management who will lead you to the mountains and waterfall. You just have to tip him for his services. He will charge any fee from you.
  • Your journey will begin from the path that makes it way right between the jungles. The path is mostly rough and you continue your journey between the green fields and jungle with lush greenery all around you.
  • You have the option to walk to the waterfall which might take hours for you to reach there. Or you can order bikes to take you there which will obviously take less time.
  • The narrow path of caves will begin your actual journey to lead you to the great Awhum waterfall. You may have to walk barefoot in the water as well. The water levels may rise to your knees in the rainy season.
  • You come across the statues like the statue of Mary in your way.
  • Finally, you will be facing the waterfalls. The smaller waterfall comes first and then the bigger waterfall will be there where the water is streaming downwards from a height of 30 meters. The water flowing and pouring down from the steep rocky area will surely take away all the pain and agony that you would have suffered in your way.
  • There are prayer areas as well at the waterfalls along the cave with more statues of Jesus Christ and Mary.

Preparing for a Trip to Awhum Waterfall

As Awhum waterfall is one of the natural and magical gifts to Nigeria, it is highly advised to the tourists to visit this place to enjoy the natural scenes along with exploring the religious features of the place.

We found it necessary to guide our readers about the tips and tricks to visit Awhum waterfall and cave Enugu. Please consider the following tips for planning your tour to this waterfall.

  • Travel light. In fact, very light. As the physical tour to this place will require you to walk or hike, you would regret taking extra and unnecessary things with you. We won’t even recommend you take your DSLR with you. Just a good phone camera would be enough.
  • Take some extra pair of clothes with you in case you would need them to wear after you become wet.
  • Take some kind of quick snacks and water bottles. You could become hungry while hiking and walking. You can also take some of the holy water in your bottle if you believe in that stuff.
  • Don’t forget to take some towels to dry you up as you will not enjoy until you take a bath in the magical waterfall and the cave.
  • It is best to have a waterproof phone to make sure your phone does not catch water. You will also be in contact be with water while you travel through the cave to the waterfalls.
  • Take a selfie stick for a better photo experience.
  • Instead of walking barefoot, you should consider having plastic shoes or kind of a foot cover to keep your feet safe from the rocky areas.
  • A waterproof hat and sunglasses would be a plus.
  • Take things that are not damaged by water.
  • It would be great to have some kind of survival tools with you. Don’t worry, it is safe to visit this area but just for a precaution, you can take a foldable stick to support you all the way. You can use extra wooden sticks that you can find in your way.

A Brief History of Awhum Monastery

Awhum Monastery carries the concept of self-alienation from worldly affairs and materialistic life.

The concept of the monastery is dependent upon forming a strong relationship with God to pursue the objectives of life as described by God to prepare for life after death.

Awhum Monastery takes its roots from St. Anthony the Great (ca. 251-356). He is consider as the father of Christianity and the father of Monastery.

And was the first person to take the concept of self-alienation to practical life. Also, went on to deserts for worshipping God and for purifying his soul.

After getting close to his objectives, he attracted many followers who followed his footsteps. The same principle is follow to modern monastery.


The monks dedicate their lives to worship God and follow His instructions to purify their souls. The Awhum Monastery and the monks here can be easily found to practice the same.

They keep worshipping the whole day and that is why this place is considered a gift from God and is a host of Christian pilgrims from all around Nigeria, Africa, and the whole world.

The Catholic Christians are mostly found high in numbers to follow the principles of Monastery.

The monks in this monastery believe to bring a positive change in humanity by carrying forward the mission of their fathers and role models like St. Anthony the Great and Jesus Christ and Holy Mary.

A Brief History of Awhum Community

The Awhum community has high values for their religion. So, people of the Awhum community are not much educated and possess a little awareness regarding their health education.

They mostly rely on traditional methods to heal from illnesses. Initially, the people in and around Awhum used to be one of the largest producers of palm wine.

Even more, the wine that is used to grow palm trees was one of their major source of income until the religious pilgrimage started.

The monastery and the culture of Monks changed the entire scenario for the Awhum community.

So, they are now known for protecting and preserving the values of the modern monastery. A huge lot of monks join the monastery from the Awhum community.

The villages surrounding Awhum mainly depend upon agriculture and the money generated from religious tourism. The main professions here are farming, crops, and tourist guides.

Important Instructions for visiting Awhum Waterfalls, Cave, and Mountains

Awhum is a formal worship place for the Awhum Monastery. Therefore water of Awhum waterfall is consider to set you free from evil powers and bring peace and harmony in your life.

The clothes and behavior matter here. This is not just another waterfall.

You can also persecute if it’s found breaking the rules. You can find many boards there asking the visitors and the pilgrims to maintain silence.

Also, there are boards with clear instructions written on them found in the way to waterfall and along the cave.

The exact instructions from one of the boards found in that premises have been reproduced below:

Monastery Mountain/ Waterfall Awhum Instructions

  • No waterfall/mountain until 11:00 am on Sunday
  • Nobody is allowed to go to the mountain/waterfall at 4.PM
  • Those there should start returning the latest by 5.PM. hence defaulters will be punished.
  • Also, clapping of hands and shouting at the mountain and monastery environment is prohibited.
  • Immodest clothes such as:
    • Transparent materials, shorts, also trousers for women are not allowed.
    • Women should cover their head(hair)
  • Do not use images statues and candles within monastery environment, mountain, and waterfall.

There are other boards with further instructions as well in that area allowing the pilgrims to pray in groups, asking them not to practice exorcism or deliverance exercises in the specific areas, forbidding the visitors to take pictures.

The visitors still take pictures as there is no one monitoring your activities and your mobile phones and cameras are neither confiscated at your arrival nor are they checked at your departure.

More Tourist Attractions along Awhum Waterfalls

Awhum is not only famous for its waterfalls. It also has many other sights to offer to its visitors. So, if you are planning to visit Awhum, don’t forget to embrace yourself with these two amazing sights mentioned below.

The Story of Jesus Christ at Awhum, Enugu, Nigeria

Hence, the Awhum is also known as the home of angels and god. The Awhum consists of sculptures of the Jesus Christ that represent his journey to the crucifixion.

So, there are some places where Jesus can be seen lifting and carrying the cross on his shoulders, representing that Jesus is lifting the load of human sins.

Also, Jesus can be seen fallen three times in this place until the last step of his crucifixion.

The sculptures here beautifully represent the life story of Jesus in a very creative and attractive manner that summarizes his whole mission.

Lady of Mount Calvary Mountain in Awhum

In addition to the mystic waterfalls, Awhum is also a host of an amazing mountain named Lady of Mount Calvary Mountain. This mountain has a special attraction for tourists.

Apart from giving you the best experience of sightseeing and hiking, you would see prayer areas and statues for religious pilgrims in your way.

If you are a practicing Christian and want to enjoy hiking along with the beautiful attractions of the mountain, Mount Calvary Mountain surely has a lot for you.

The mountain provides excellent hiking experience and you can also enjoy the overall sight of Awhum being at its top. This exciting hike will last about 40 minutes.


The Awhum Waterfalls and the cave Enugu are really worth visiting.

Especially, if you have a passion for religion and want to get a religious taste of the holy waters of Awhum Waterfall, you must pay a visit to this place.

You can also enjoy a lot even if you do not have a religious taste or you belong to another religion.

This waterfall is one of its kind not only in Nigeria or Africa but in the whole world.

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