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Arinta Waterfall: Place You Must See in Nigeria


Did you ever wonder what heaven would look like? Although it is surely uncertain. But one thing is for sure. It would be beautiful. What appeals to you as a beautiful sight is a matter of preference, but a great waterfall with an eccentric and unique flow of water is certainly a thing of amusement. Arinta Waterfalls immensely qualify for being one of the most wonderful waterfalls blessed to this world.

The way water dances down to the steam is a rare object to behold.

The scenic beauty around the waterfall, the picturesque locations, the atmosphere, and the gentle sprinkles of water splashing on your face would truly capture your heart.

Location of Arinta Waterfalls:

Arinta Waterfalls are located in Ekiti State, Nigeria. If you’re visiting the famous Ikogosi Warm Springs, then you are very near Arinta Waterfalls, and you can’t afford to miss this site.

The exclusive features of Arinta Waterfalls:

Arinta Waterfalls is full of exclusive features that would amaze you.

We can guarantee that you would have hardly been to such a lively site that is full of surprising features.

While there are a lot of attractions within this outstanding waterfall, the following list has been produced for you to have an idea of this exotic place.

  • Refreshing stream of water following a long and uninterrupted route all the way creates an astonishing impact on the visitors.
  • The sliding path of flowing water as opposed to the vertical path purely distinguishes Arinta Waterfalls from mainstream waterfalls in the world.
  • The flowing water in Arinta Waterfalls also takes the lead in being the most unique of its kind. The water doesn’t just fall off evenly. Rather it follows a twisted and haphazard path which adds further awe to its beauty.
  • Arinta Waterfalls is blessed with yet another amazing feature that tourists love the most. As the dripping water strikes with the series of uneven rocks on its way, the water takes a form of showering sprinkles. This leads to the addition of the water particles in the air to make it more refreshing.
  • The mesmerising effects of the drops and dews on the faces of visitors induce a new wave of excitement and freshness.
  • No matter how hot the weather is, the magical water of Arinta Waterfalls makes it sure that the weather remains pleasant for the tourists in its proximity.

A virtual visit to Arinta Waterfalls:

Let’s take you to the great Arinta Waterfalls in our virtual vehicle.

In this section, we have tried to give you an imaginary feeling of being right at Arinta Waterfalls.

Ready to get started? Let’s dive in.

A neat and clean road would lead you to the entry of this amazing waterfall.

You can see boards mentioning the Arinta Waterfalls.

Some of the boards would look bad and old. Just ignore them and move forward.

You will see the pathway that leads you further towards the destination.

The fun has already started by the way.

You will find the sitting arrangements that have been covered from above so that you can enjoy in any weather conditions.

Be it a rainy season or tough sunshine.

You can sit in the chairs and enjoy your time here.

After that, a beautiful path would take you towards the waterfalls.

Don’t miss out

Enjoying your way to the Arinta waterfalls because the journey has its beauty too.

You would have to hike towards the top of the hill to explore the real beauty of this waterfall.

The hiking path has been carved out right between the exotic greenery that includes beautiful plants and trees.

You won’t have to wait longer to look and behold the magic of the waterfall.

You will start seeing the water in patches while you go up.

As the water is divided by the rocks, you will find the bigger and shorter streams of water spread all around you.

You would also explore the amazing natural bridges made out of the bamboo and the residues of the trees.

Don’t walk on them as there may be a high risk of slippage and falling.


Look up, and you will find the charming waterfall coming down from a height.

There are places where the flow of water is extremely aggressive because of the steepness.

The water flow is also mild in other places.

It all depends upon the conditions of the rocks coming in the way of falling water.

Have you ever found such a variety in any of the other waterfalls?

Try to grab the depth of the ambience by sitting on the huge rocks and dipping your feet in the flowing water.

Attractions in the surroundings of Arinta Waterfalls:

This amazing Arinta Waterfall is not just limited to being a waterfall alone. It also has plenty of added attractions in the nearby and sides of the waterfall.

Some of the most exciting attractions have been described below.

  • The place is full of greenery, including the lush green plants, trees, and grass.
  • Human beings do not just love the Arinta Waterfall. It also attracts the most beautiful birds. People love watching birds flying all over and around the mystical waterfall.
  • There are many natural places in the surroundings of this great waterfall. You can enjoy sitting there and get amused by the addictive water sounds.
  • The place is itself full of catchy sights. Tourists love taking photos and selfies to capture enjoyable moments.
  • There is plenty of vegetation that has the full potential to attract someone interested in exploring vegetation belts of the natural sights.

Things to do at Arinta Waterfalls

In continuation of the attractions at this surprising waterfall, we find it important to provide guidelines regarding how you can make your trip to Arinta Waterfalls more enjoyable.

The idea is not just to look at the waterfall, and your trip would be incomplete if you don’t make use of all the possibilities that this place has to offer.

Consider trying out these activities while you are at a visit to this place.

Its a must to do these activities

  • Use amazing locations and attractive patches on the sides of this waterfall as picnic spots. There are patches where you can easily find plenty of space to sit in groups. A lot of people love spending their weekends and holidays at this stunning site.
  • The place is ideal for family gatherings. It has been considered as one of the top destinations for local parents to take their kids for recreation.
  • This waterfall has all the potential to attract international students for tourism combined with education. A lot of university and college students prefer going to this place in their summer and winter vacations. Their management also supports the idea of visiting this place for students.
  • Go swimming like a pro. The place is full of small and decent pools. You cannot rule out the option of swimming at these pools along with enjoying the fresh influx of natural water.
  • This waterfall has many peaceful locations. The place is considered as ideal for relaxation and meditation purposes.
  • Locals often come here for jogging and exercising. The place is so vibrant that it gives plenty of opportunities to those who want to exercise in the open atmosphere.
  • The excitement does not end here. Rather, it has just started. You can go hiking on the trails, especially made and maintained for the tourists.
  • The same goes for trekking too. As said earlier, the waterfall is full of natural sights. So it would be an excellent choice if you are into trekking.
  • The awesome watching of the beautiful and colourful birds is a rare thing to enjoy. You will find a variety of birds here that are permanent contributors to the beauty of this place. 

Guidelines for visiting Arinta Waterfalls:

It would be pertinent to mention some of the most important guidelines and tips before visiting this waterfall.

This would help you enjoy most out of this place while you are still comfortable.

The selected guidelines and tips are as follows.

  • Wear rough and tough joggers to walk smoothly on the rough and curvy rocky areas.
  • Take hiking stuff with you if you have a plan to go hiking or trekking.
  • Take an extra pair of clothes with you in case you get wet during your excitement.
  • Consider taking a swimwear. You never know if you get convinced for a bath or swim in the amazing shower of this unique waterfall.
  • Take a good camera with you to record the awesome features of this place and your selfies to post on social media to impress your friends.
  • Take a towel to dry you up.
  • Consider taking picnic stuff with you as this place offers a variety of spots for a great family and group gatherings. You might want to sit down at a side of the showering water to enjoy your lunch along with a beautiful ambiance.


There may be thousands of waterfalls in Africa alone.

All waterfalls are the masterpieces of nature and have their unique features.

Arinta Waterfalls is different from all of them in many ways.

If you are on a visit to Nigeria, then missing out on Arinta Waterfalls may be one of your biggest regrets.

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