Last Updated on January 5, 2020

7 Ways Secrets to Beating Jet Lag

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Since 1958 where the jet age began and the start of trying to beat Jet lag after long flights.

Jet lag is a disease which affects mostly travellers who travel to different time zone with long flight hours the sign is always familiar.

Jet lag affects not only your physical being but your mental state.

It is also called desynchronosis that affects the internal body clock that keeps you in tune with the pattern of day and night.

BUT Hey!

Don’t be scared they are ways you can eliminate its effects.

Here are the smart strategies for beating jet lag:

Drink a Ton of Water

Water is life and the best remedy that build our body.

Therefore, jetlag is caused by loss of water in the body.

In order to avoid this attack, drink a lot of water before getting on the flight.

Add Vitamins to Your Water

Get yourself vitamin C an hour before you enter in a long flight.

For more safety you can add the Vitamins inside the water then you have it throughout the flight.

They are very portable you can even put some inside the carryon.

Whereby you can even chew taste them inside the mouth since they are flavored and sweat.

Beating Jet Lag: Wear Compression Socks

It seems like a joke but the socks make the legs be more comfortable.

In this case, it helps the blood to circulate keeps legs from feeling heavy and sluggish when landing.

It seriously helps with the fatigue and keeps the ankles from swelling.

Get on the Time Zone You’re Traveling To

Another not well-known way of beating jet leg has a watch.

It is very important that it will help to catch with the time.

Even if you’re travelling in different kind of zones still just use the same time that your body is used too.

If it’s night there, relax and try to sleep.


If it’s daytime, try to stay up.

But after reaching the destination just make your body relax.

Set your mind according to the time zone and forget about the former time zone.

Clean-Up as Soon as You Land

The quickest thing that you can ever do to treat this jetlag lag disease.

When you get time while waiting for the next flight rash into a shower.

Please carry all of your items that will make you feel home in the hotel.

Change your clothes and get a fresh breath this will help you too much.

You will experience a strong energy.

Choose a Low-Sodium Meal on Board

Since hydration is key when flying, it pays to cut back on the salt.

Choose meals that have low sodium.

That simple change makes a huge difference for your body.

Consider checking your airline to see if it offers low-sodium meals when you book.

Beating Jet Lag: Comfort Is Key

Don’t stress your body with tight clothes, wear comfortable clothes that make the body relax.

Then get a neck pillow with a thin blanket which will make it beating jet lag easier for your body.

No one wants to roll up to the airport in their sweats, so we recommend dressing in your usual stylish clothing for security, making sure to pack a set of comfier clothes for the long haul so you can change onboard.

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