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21 Places to Visit and Things to do in Jinja


Jinja city is one of the most blessed cities in the world due to its richness in providing multiple exciting attractions to the tourists. The city contains a variety of lakes, bridges, waterfalls, dams, and offers multiple sightseeing, and adventurous opportunities to the visitors. This article would attempt to recommend the 21 best places to visit in Jinja.

Location of Jinja City:

Jinja city is located on the Eastern side of Uganda upon the shores of Lake Victoria.

21 Best Places to visit in Jinja:

If you are planning a tour to Jinja city, we can confidently say that this tour would surely be one of the most memorable tours of your life.

Most of the tourists have heard about Jinja city but do not know how to travel wisely so that they could touch all the best places there and get the real feeling of enjoyment and fun.

After reading this article, you would surely be able to make the most of your trip to Jinja.

That is why we have decided to guide our readers about the best places that they must visit.

Check our recommendations carefully to decide which place you would love most and plan your trip accordingly.

Jinja town has several places to visit for a great adventure.

1. Source of the River Nile

Who doesn’t know about the Nile?

It is the longest river in the world. But do you know about the source of this river?

This beautiful tributary of water has eye-catching sights and provides tremendous opportunities to the tourists to enjoy nature, see birds freely flying around, the mesmerizing sounds of water and wild water waves.

Along with those, there are many fun things to do while you visit the source of the river Nile in Jinja.

Some of the most exciting activities include the following:

Things to do at Source of the River Nile:

  • Boating – Including personal and group boating
  • Cruising – with rightly trained staff
  • Kayaking on the lake
  • Horse riding at mystical surroundings of the lake
  • Rafting
  • Picnic spots
  • Sports activities
  • Mountaineering
  • Fishing
  • Quad biking
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Awesome sunset watching
  • Some of the unique and highly artistic paintings
  • Sightseeing of some of the rare birds and reptiles

By the way, don’t be scared of the big lizards and don’t forget to visit the point where the lake enters the gigantic river Nile.

All of the above-mentioned fun activities can be enjoyed right from 8:30 am to 6 pm almost every day.

The sight is open on Fridays for 24 hours.

2. Ripon Falls

Another exciting place to visit in Jinja is Ripon Falls.

When you will move from the source of river Nile, take the northern direction and at the end of Lake Victoria, you will find the amazing Ripon Falls.

It was previously considered as the source of River Nile due to its tremendous flow of water and the similar features as the Victoria Lake.

The breathtaking sights of water falling from height leave the visitors completely baffled.

The gigantic flow of water would compel you to think about how powerful the natural resources are there in Uganda.

Things to do at Ripon Falls:

  • Sightseeing of huge water flow
  • The meeting point of water from Ripon falls to River Nile
  • Amazing locations
  • Dews of freshwater
  • Aesthetic sceneries
  • Birds watching
  • Catchy sounds of water flow

3. Owen Falls Dam

Don’t be surprised by the tagline of “dam”.

We are not recommending any informational or bookish stuff here.

Once you explore the Owen Falls Dam, you may fall in love with its beauty.

This is also named as Nalubaale Power Station.

The name has been given because of the strong relationship between the dam and the Victoria Lake.

The dam has been recently built to retain water and to use it for electricity generation.

Things to do at Owen Falls Dam:

  • Enjoy watching the great waterfall
  • Amazing locations
  • Dews of freshwater
  • Aesthetic sceneries
  • Birds watching
  • Picnic spots
  • Huge water release at specific timings
  • Catchy sounds of water flow

4. Bujagali Falls

Being another tributary to the Nile River, Bujagali Falls are surely not to miss when you are on a trip to Jinja.

The place is not only meant for the waterfall.

It has much more excitement to attract visitors from all around Jinja and Uganda.

In addition to the sights of a great waterfall, it contains a beautiful dam too.

People go there to enjoy the flow of water.

The water has a special feature of moving in a zig-zag manner crossing the huge pile-up of the rocks in their way.

The dam was built recently a few years ago that also helped in the upliftment of the place.

Things to do at Bujagali Falls:

  • Explore the traditional and mysterious myths behind Bujagali Spirits
  • Amazing waterfall with its unique path
  • Soothing greenery
  • Eye-catching sceneries
  • Unique Birds watching
  • Picnic spots and recreational opportunities
  • Catchy sounds of water flow

5. Speke Memorial Monument

The Speke Memorial Monument is a cultural and historical site located at Bukaya in the city of Jinja.

The persons who are interested in antique properties and traditions find it very much interesting.

Apart from its historical significance, the place is meant to provide many attractions to tourists from all around Uganda.

It is impossible to ignore the tremendous view of Speke Memorial Monument while you are crossing the magnificent bridge to Jinja.

Named after John Hanning Speke, who discovered the source of River Nile, it bears significant importance to the local community.

That is why there are a variety of enjoyable activities that you can experience here.

Things to do at Speke Memorial Monument:

  • Attention-grabbing views
  • Lush green and clean gardens
  • Picturesque locations
  • Surrounding lakes and water tributaries

6. Nile Discovery Resort

Situated on Kayunga Road, Nile Discovery Resort would be one of the best resorts you will ever visit.

The place, the scenery, the atmosphere, and the gentry, all add up to make this resort one of its unique kinds.

The area of this resort is also wide enough to be used as an outdoor activity you would like.

Things to do at Nile Discovery Resort:

  • Surrounded by the most famous places like Source of the Nile, Speke Memorial Monument, and the Victoria Nile
  • Bars and Pubs nearby
  • Family Activities
  • Picnic and outdoor spots
  • Properly maintained and attractive parks
  • Pure green locations including tropical forests
  • The clean and clear atmosphere
  • Great pathways to enjoy the scenery
  • Awesome beach

7. Itanda Falls

Yet another waterfall that will grab your heart is Itanda Falls.

It is around 27 km from Jinja. Once again, this is not limited to being a waterfall.

You will have many things that would attract your attention for sure.

The waterfall is flowing from the upside to joining the river at the end.

This incredible journey of water is highly appreciated by visitors. Some people even prefer visiting Itanda Falls in the replacement of visiting other waterfalls.

Why? Certainly because of so many options that they find through this outstanding location.

Things to do at Itanda Falls:

  • Traditional dancing
  • Unique and beautiful birds seeing
  • Kayaking
  • Rafting
  • Picnic places
  • Games and sports

8. Jinja Central Market

A good and exciting tour always calls for buying new things.

Especially if you are visiting Jinja from outside of Uganda, you would definitely be searching for good general and specific stores to fulfil your needs.

Jinja Central Market is a host to thousands of different vendors.

From clothing to sports and traditional items, Jinja Central Market would be all you would need to go to.

Things to Buy at Jinja Central Market:

  • Fashionable items
  • Traditional clothing
  • Food items and spices
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Arts and crafts

9. Kyabazinga Royal Palace

Enjoy the visit to stupendous Kyabazinga Royal Palace and get a touch of being an emperor.

The kingdom still has its roots in the modern culture of Uganda.

Located at Igenge in Jinja, this palace is the attention of every other tourist.

Not only the palace but the surrounding is also impressive.

If you have any interest in exploring the lifestyle of kings, Kyabazinga Royal Palace is a must-go place for you.

Things to do at Kyabazinga Royal Palace:

  • Joyful ride to the Palace
  • A holistic view of the surroundings
  • The arts and crafts of the Palace
  • Sports and Games activities nearby
  • Picnic and outdoor spots
  • Kyabazinga Royal Trail

10. The Source Cafe

Good eating and drinking are part and parcel of every cheerful trip.

The quality of food and customer service are highly desired features of any visit.

Located at Main Street in Jinja, the Source Cafe is the place where you would find delicious food with utmost satisfaction.

Additionally, the environment this cafe offers soothes up your adventure and gives you a feeling of freshness.

Things to do at The Source Cafe:

  • Observing the beautiful wooden interior of the cafe
  • Experiencing attractive handicrafts
  • Drinking delicious coffee and tea
  • Eating excellent meals
  • Yoga classes for fitness
  • Outdoor dinners and lunches at exotic places

11. Nalubale Rafting Base

If you have never done rafting before, this is the place you would need to visit.

The exciting rafting experience with your friends and family would make you fall in love with this activity.

Nalubale Rafting Base is located at Kira Road in Jinja.

Important things to do at Nalubale Rafting Base:

  • Enjoying the monkeys running around you freely
  • Drinking the famous tea from The Tea House to freshen you up
  • Experiencing the catchy sights of the surroundings
  • Open-air bar
  • Rafting and slide jumping into the Nile River

12. The Keep Cafe

Don’t think that we have included this name in the best places to visit in Jinja just because it is another good cafe.

The trip is, in fact, incomplete without having the food of your choice.

The Keep Cafe knows this very well, and they offer a variety of food and drinks to suit their customers’ needs.

It is located at the Iganga Road in Jinja.

Things to do at the Keep Cafe, Jinja

  • Live music performances
  • Finger licking food serving
  • Trained and well-mannered staff
  • A variety of festival ceremonies like Christmas and other events
  • Enjoying the unique taste of the fresh juices and shakes

13. The Black Lantern Restaurant

Talking about the restaurants and not including The Black Lantern would be unfair. Located at Bujagali, Jinja, Uganda, this restaurant has all it takes to be the best choice for the visitor of any origin.

Things to do at The Black Lantern Restaurant:

  • Extremely fine interior
  • Beautiful swimming pools
  • Outdoor sitting
  • Food of your choice
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Nile Porch Lodge

14. Jinja Sailing Club

Yes! You read it right.

The sailing is also offered at the magical city of Jinja.

Jinja Sailing Club is located at the Pier Road, Nile Crescent.

The tourists love it and want to spend most of their time here due to many reasons, including the following wonderful activities.

Things to do at Jinja Sailing Club:

  • Well-maintained infrastructure
  • Neat and clean environment
  • Peaceful and calm places in the surroundings
  • Outdoor Hi-Tea and lunches
  • Greenery in parks and nearby places
  • Fully cooperative and humble staff
  • Sightseeing of Lake Victoria and the Source of the Nile River

15. The Pearl Restaurant and Lounge

Being one of the liveliest restaurants in the Jinja city, this place also bears special importance to the visitors and locals.

It is situated on Main Street in Jinja City.

Among many features and benefits, let us present a few of them which will make you excited even prior to the visit.

Craving for the traditional food of your own country?

This is the place for you.

Things to do at The Pearl Restaurant and Lounge

  • Large accommodating places for lunches and dinners
  • The natural sights of plants and trees while you eat
  • The delicious quality food of your own choice
  • Funds gathering activities for the village community

16. Nile View Casino

Enough of the lakes, waterfalls, and hotels.

One visit to a good casino will bring the spark back to your life.

The Nile View Casino offers ultimate entertainment to its visitors.

The Nile View Casino is located at Lubas Road near the Visvar Mall in Jinja.

Things to do at the Nile View Casino:

  • Playing casino just for fun
  • Blackjack for ultimate excitement
  • American roulette machine experience
  • The relaxation sessions that you would love
  • Overnight Casino
  • Party all night

17. Jinja Safari Sailing Activities

Sailing is one of the most rarely done activities in the world.

Jinja Safari Sailing is one of the highly praised sailing clubs in the whole country.

Apart from the wonderful sailing activities, this sailing club has many more things to offer.

A few of them are listed below for your convenience.

  • Great Restaurant with premium quality foods
  • The bar for drinks
  • Eye-catching sights at the shores of Lake Victoria
  • Perfect gardens and greenery in the surroundings

18. Kakira Estate

It is basically the headquarter of a business group that is involved in running multiple businesses.

The main attractions in this estate and why we are recommending it to visit are mentioned below.

You will at least be inspired by the business ideas and will know how a group can expand their business ventures by visiting the Kakira Estate.

Things to do at Kakira Estate:

  • Experiencing the industrial spread of the Kakira Estate
  • Kakira Power station
  • Kakira-owned airport
  • Kakira social service projects
  • Kakira hospitals and schools

19. Royal Hill Gardens

The captivating beauties of the Jinja City are not over yet.

If you love to care about the natural beauty of the flowers and plants, then you would love to visit Royal Hill Gardens in Jinja.

These gardens are situated in Muziransa Road, Bugembe, Jinja.

Here, once again, you will have a chance to see the distant view of Kyabazinga’s Palace for the hilltop.

Things to do at Royal Hill Gardens:

  • Enjoying the soothing greenery all around you
  • Old and beautiful trees with unique looks
  • Party spots and family activities
  • Outdoor functions and group performances
  • Beautiful walking areas
  • Hill climbing
  • Restaurants with delicious food
  • Attractive bar

20. Nile Reptile Park

Nile Reptile Park is one of the most amazing parks in Jinja.

This place is perfect for family tours that include kids.

The guides are very knowledgeable and friendly.

It is a kind of zoo that has a variety of animals and reptiles.

You will find crocodiles, pythons, turtles, and zebras that will double up your amusement.

The Park is well maintained and provides a cosy atmosphere to make your trip pleasant.

Things to do at Nile Reptile Park:

  • Observing reptiles closely
  • Enjoying green and shady trees
  • Neat and clean parks
  • Informational guidance by the trained staff

21. Griffin Falls

The last entry on our recommended places to visit in Jinja is Griffin Falls.

This does not mean that this place is the least recommended.

Griffin Falls is one of the gigantic waterfalls in Jinja that no one can afford to miss.


Along with the waterfall, there is a clean forest that is worth visiting itself.

There are proper pathways to walk and jog.

The lush greenery and the zip lining would add spice to your trip.

The trees are tall and wide enough to surprise tourists.

Things to do at Griffin Falls:

  • Amazing landscapes
  • Experiencing freely walking animals like monkeys
  • Colourful butterflies
  • Hiking and trekking options
  • A lot of picnic and outdoor activities

Places to Visit in Jinja Conclusion:

Jinja is truly a tourist heaven in Uganda.

The 21 places to visit in Jinja that are described in this article bear the utmost importance and attract thousands of visitors from all around the globe every year.

Although there are other places that are worth visiting in Jinja as well, these 21 places are surely the must-visit places if you plan to visit Jinja.

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