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Samsung Electronics has selected the VIAVI TM500 Network Tester and TeraVM 5G Core Emulator to validate 5G network equipment performance.

The partnership marks the first wrap-around testing of 5 G stand-alone (SA) base station equipment, and emulating real-world requirements encourages end-to-end radio access network (RAN) testing to improve field efficiency and reliability.

TM500 Network Tester

The TM500 is known for its standards in its class, a scalable test method for validating network performance as experienced by direct customers, and is in use with approximately every supplier of base stations in the business.

Recent industry-first features include uplink MIMO on two layers; downlink 8CC CA; MIMO support; 4CC uplink and downlink carrier aggregation at 120 kHz and 240 kHz; millimetre wave support; and support for large numbers of UEs on 5 G in both Non-Standalone (NSA) and Standalone (SA) modes.

In addition to TM500 and TeraVM solutions ‘ industry-leading capacities, VIAVI is famous for its long-standing reliability built on years of effective experience and expertise, technology roadmap, and strong local support.

5G Technology
5G Technology

“We are proud to be at the forefront of 5 G marketing at Samsung, delivering 5 G network devices built and tested to the best norms to carriers around the globe,” said Wonil Roh, Vice President and Head of Technology Strategy Group, Samsung Networks Business.

“We will continue to accelerate innovation in 5 G business facilities by working closely with Eco-partners such as VIAVI and leveraging our R&D knowledge.”

“As a pioneer in mobile communications and a client for over 15 years, Samsung’s demands are critical inputs to the development track record of VIAVI,” said Rajesh Rao, Vice President, Asia Pacific and Japan, VIAVI.

“Our end-to-end networking experience and business position also promote Samsung’s objectives of delivering market-leading devices and interoperable solutions in any ecosystem in which it participates, contributing to the level of excellence that clients of Samsung have come to expect.” #samsung #technews #VIAVI #5G

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