8 Tips To Build a Healthy Relationship

Every relationship is unique, and people come together for many different reasons. Also, that’s something you’ll only know by talking profoundly and honestly with your partner. However, there are also some characteristics that most healthy relationships have in common. All romantic relationships go through ups and downs, and they all take work, commitment, and a […]

Best street food to relish on in Nigeria

Nigeria has a lot to offer when it comes to street foods. With several trendy restaurants with luxury foods to impress everyone that visits Nigeria. They cling to street foods like it’s their lifeline. They believe you don’t need a silver or gold spoon for tasty foods. If you want to learn about Nigerian culture, […]

August, 8 By Elizabeth Travel

How to Invest in Yourself for the Future

Investing in yourself is one of the best returns on investments you can have. Whether it’s investing in learning new skills, developing yourself personally or professionally, tapping into your creativity or hiring a coach, you need to give to yourself first before you can give to others. Investing in yourself especially for a business owner […]


Everyone should have money set aside in case of emergencies. But without having a solid plan and good habits, it is easy to digress from financial goals as saving does not come easy. You find that before the month-end, life interferes with the plan to save and money slips through the cracks. Bringing you back […]

Popular and Delicious South African Foods

South Africa is one of Africa’s most beautiful holiday spots, providing extremely diverse safari for your amusement with some of the most Popular and Delicious foods. Your enjoyment would not be complete without a taste of some South African dishes. South African dishes are among the most nutritious on the continent and will not only excite […]

July, 29 By Elizabeth Travel

Blue chips: How the Big Mac and Barbie helped set a new S&P 500 record

With the last Wall Street trading session this week dominated Blue chip companies, Google and Twitter. Beyond Meat continues to grow, and its stocks are more expensive than McDonald’s. But beware, if you think the new trend sent the good old Big Mac to the sidelines, then you will be disappointed. Shares of the company […]