UK supports the Catalyst Fund in Kenya

The Mayor of the City of London Peter Estlin, has announced £10 million of UK Aid support towards the Catalyst Fund during a visit to Nairobi. The Mayor’s visit comes ahead of the first UK-Africa Investment Summit next year, which will bring together businesses. So the governments and international institutions to encourage investment in a […]

3 Great Reasons Why You Should Learn Mind Control Techniques

You might be thinking that this mind control in the title is some sort of black magic; one that can be used to hypnotize people in doing your bidding. While that is a very nice thing to have and learn, this article is not about that. This is about mastering your thoughts; the things that you think […]

Top 5 Advice for Life

Life is short and uncertain. If you don’t know what you are doing in your life, you need to take a break and plan your life. Whatever has passed is a history. You can improve whatever is happening now and will happen in the future if you pay attention to this article. The advice for […]

7 Best Ways to Get the Motivation to Study

Lack of motivation to study? Did you ever feel like you are done with studying? You are not alone. Studying books for preparing for your exams or increasing your knowledge is not always a fun thing to do. RELATED: IMPORTANCE OF VALUES IN LIFE But it is a fact that if you do not study, […]

5 Most Efficient Tips for Clear Skin

Your skin is your first point of contact with the outer atmosphere. It protects you while fighting external sources like gases, air, and other environmental factors. It gets dirty, rough, hard and dark, but keeps your flesh and internal organs protected at all times. Clear skin is truly essential for letting it do its job […]

How to Deal With a Difficult Boss at Your Job

“Some bosses are like clouds, the minute they disappear; the day gets brighter”.  How to deal with a difficult boss? They are seldom easy to handle. If your boss always demands from you to do more, does not approve your leaves so often, yells at you sometimes.” appreciates your hard work and always complains about […]