3 Best Books to Read for Motivation

Books are rightly said to be the best companions of a person. While some people may find it annoying to read a book, they might have never read the books which compel their readers to read them again and again.  You don’t have to read a lot of books to be a book lover. It […]

7 Brilliant Tips for Job Interview

Are you planning to go to the interview? Do you already know these tips for a job interview? The interview is the most important stage of the hiring process for any job. Whether you have appeared in some kind of written test, you have to appear for the interview in most cases. Whether or not […]

6 Amazing Facts about African Women

“Frailty, thy name is a woman”. This is a famous proverb that is generally attributed to women in the world. This refers to the fact that women are generally weak less tough as compared to men. This is not the case when it comes to African women. When you think of an African woman, you […]

3 Best Movies to Watch For Motivation

Watching a movie is one of the best sources to get inspiration and motivation. You imagine yourself to be a part of the movie as the scenes develop. You relate the incidents of your life to the scenes of the movie, and you learn a lot of lessons till the end. If you are getting […]

9 most successful small businesses in Africa

Everyone wants to have a shot, a chance to achieve their dream business. However, not all people have the big capital that they need. Which is why they tend to find an alternative – one that would allow them to start small but still dreaming big. Hey, you got to start somewhere, right? This is […]

Kenya Telecommunication companies in a Lawsuit

A Kenyan lawyer and IT practitioner, Adrian Kamotho has sued three mobile telecommunication companies in Kenya . He stated that the telecoms networks are depriving consumers of their unused internet bundles. Furthermore, he stated that he was aggrieved by the high cost of data bundles and frustrated at the expiry of the hard-earned bundles. The […]