East Africa Struggles with Heavy Rains

Countries in East Africa have been struggling with the aftermath of heavy rainfalls. The latest being Djibouti, currently going through flash floods. The government of Djibouti and the United Nations have said the equivalent of two years rain fell in a single day in the country. Between October to mid-November rainfall has been up to […]

Kidney Infection Causes and Signs

Kidneys are responsible for filtering out the residuals and impurities from your body. The diet and drinks that we consume are digested in the stomach and their residuals and harmful elements are filtered out by the kidneys and excreted from the body through urine. It is vital to have healthy kidneys for your body to […]

Air Peace CEO charged with Money Laundering

Allen Onyema the founder and CEO of Air Peace have been indicted for bank fraud and money laundering in the United States. On Friday 22 November 2019, the US Attorney’s Office, Northern District of Georgia issued a press release. In the press release, Mr. Allen Onyema was charge with bank fraud and money laundering. The […]

TMDA bans medication containing Ranitidine

Tanzania Medicines and Medical Devices Authority – TMDA has instructed all patients taking heartburn drugs with the active ranitidine ingredient to stop their course of treatment immediately. Patients need to report to any nearby health facility as authorities have raised concerns about the drugs. TMDA said the drugs with the trade names Raniplex 150mg, Rantac […]

November, 29 By Elizabeth News

Agricultural economics Investment

If you think that agribusiness’s earnings would not turn a profit for you, think again. So to understand more about agribusiness, one must know first what it means. Although the topic is related to farming, agribusiness does not directly refer to farming. So, it mainly refers to the business that covers the seed supply and […]

Healthy Hair Tips and dispel myths about it

Your hair is your crown. This is why you have to take care of it. Great looking hair can boost the confidence of any person. There are infinite ways to style your hair and it entirely depends on your lifestyle and personality. You cannot begin to imagine some people’s efforts to keep their hair shiny […]