What are the benefits of corporate social responsibility?

Corporate social responsibility of a company is an approach of it to be responsible towards its customers, shareholders, and the mass in general, for the social and environmental impact of its business operations. CSR or corporate social responsibility limits not only in donating money or printing double pages to save the trees. It relates to […]

Top 40 business ideas for college students

Still in college, but want to find a way to make money? In this article, we’ll list 40 business ideas for college students. Although it seems like being a broke college student is the norm nowadays, it wouldn’t hurt to be an outlier. We will share with you some good college ideas for business you […]

How to do a competitor analysis?

In today’s economic climate, most businesses prefer to focus on internal strategies rather than external strategies, such as conducting competitor analysis to initiate business growth and profitability. When last did you go out there to see how your competitors run their businesses? Most businesses have never even done a competitive analysis to determine who their […]

Charismatic leadership: definition, characteristics, examples

Many different methods of management currently utilize throughout different organizations across the world. Some of these include; charismatic leadership, participative leadership, situational leadership, transactional leadership, transformational leadership, micromanagement, etc. However, despite the innate differences, the clear underlying. And the stagnant factor is that a leader must be capable of working with people to achieve the […]

20 Best leadership qualities and skills

You can’t be a leader if you don’t have what it takes to lead. There’s always a lot of debates on what makes someone a good leader. So, if you ask one or two persons about it, you’ll be surprised that they have lots of things to say. The truth is that being a leader […]

MV Wakashio Split into two on Coral Reefs

On July 25, bulk carrier MV Wakashio struck a coral reef and ran aground in Pointe d’Esny, Southeast of Mauritius.  Before the MV Wakashio got grounded, the National Coast Guard (NCG) Radar Operators first spotted the Panama-flagged vessel at 11.5 nautical miles in the common sea route at 18:15 on July 25. Consequently, a series […]