Top 30 platforms to build your eCommerce website

A good product sells itself, but it needs a good market to do that. The term “Market” here means both the buyers and the place where they’ll buy the product. So, if you want millions of people to buy your products, you must show it to them on an eCommerce website. Besides attractively showcasing your […]

What is a live webinar? Here’s everything you need to know!

You may have heard the term webinar being commonly used online but may have no idea what exactly it is. We can’t blame you for that. After all, it’s not a word that commonly pops up in casual conversation anyway. So, for those unfamiliar with a webinar, it’s short for Web-based seminars, a presentation, lecture, […]

ENGIE Africa, Redefining the Renewable Energy Sector

ENGIE has faced a steep learning curve as one of the first movers in Africa’s renewable energy sector. However, the company and its African customers and partners are beginning to reap the rewards. ENGIE Africa currently employs around 4,000 people across the continent from Morocco to Uganda. Many of them work in the off-grid sector. […]

Affiliate marketing in 2020: how to start?

There is a considerable rise in the demands of online jobs in the year 2020. The coronavirus outbreak forced everyone to stay inside their homes, and we are getting more familiar with the “work from home” concept. So if you are one of the victims of this unexpected situation and want to learn about online […]

Mastercard Launches Young Africa Works in Uganda

The Mastercard Foundation recently announced its Young Africa Works (YAW) strategy program in Uganda. The program is set to enable more than 3 million young people access dignified and fulfilling work opportunities by 2030. Under Young Africa Works, the Foundation has committed $200 million to ensure young women, men, and refugees in Uganda have access […]

What should you know about how to start a podcast?

A simple google search on “How to start a podcast” will reveal lots of results concerning the topic. This points to the fact that podcasts are increasingly becoming popular these days. Thanks to streaming platforms like iTunes, Tidal, Spotify, and other audio streaming platforms, podcasts are all over. Due to its popularity and effectiveness, lots […]