Japanese Investors Decry Kenya’s Unclear Trade Laws

Advertisements According to Jetro’s statistics, the Japanese export to Kenya have stood about $898million last year. This is due to lack of communication policy and regulation changes that have been established by the government. Which required irritation and blocking to the Japanese investors in Nairobi. The Foreign journalist claimed that the companies are scared for […]

Ending Child Sacrifice in Uganda – Kyampisi Childcare Ministries

Advertisements To many people, child sacrifice seems like an ancient ritual. This is however not the case for many people in the country of Uganda. It is a real, modern and terrifying crime. Child sacrifice which involves ritual sacrifice and mutilations of children is driven by witchcraft which is often demonstrated through abductions, murder and […]

July, 15 By Elizabeth News

Financial Troubles at Cell C Limited – South Africa

Advertisements Cell C, a mobile company ranked among the top 4 leading mobile network providers in South Africa is in huge financial trouble. The company was forced to delay in its debt payments and has hired Bowman’s Attorney to investigate its business practices. The problems at Cell C are so severe to the point where […]


Advertisements It is highly difficult to lose 20 pounds in few weeks. Surgery and weight loss pills can be an option but not for everyone. Many people can drop a big quantity of weight so rapidly but the problem is how to maintain it. Making some diet lifestyle modifications can assist with your weight loss objectives […]

Up To 2,000 South Africans To Face Potential Job Loss – ArcelorMittal

Advertisements ArcelorMittal is amongst the top five world leading steel and mining company. Owned by India’s richest man, Lakshmi Mittal, the company is guided by a philosophy to produce safe and sustainable steel. It is a major supplier of quality steel products in major markets like construction, automotive, household appliances and packaging. Headquartered in Luxembourg, […]