Obinwanne Okeke – Forbes to Fraud

A story of Obinwanne Okeke known popularly as Invictus Obi. The Forbes 30 under 30 list, get arrest for fraud by the FBI. Who is Obinwanne Okeke? Invictus Obi, born Obinwanne Okeke on November 9 1987, in Nigeria it is an internationally celebrate entrepreneur and the CEO of the Invictus Group. He was the 17th […]

German tourist falls off a cliff while sightseeing

In South Africa 31-year-old German tourist is recovering in hospital after falling off a cliff in Mpumalanga. The woman was on a sightseeing trip with her partner at Lisbon Water Falls in Graskop when she slipped and fell. The police spokesperson Brigadier Leonard Hlathi said that the woman was saved because of the swift reaction […]

September, 4 By Christina Travel

Southern African nations: Ask for permission to sell ivory, elephants.

Southern African nations are threatening to quit the global wildlife trade regulator. Demanding the right to sell ivory acquired through natural deaths, confiscation and culling. Countries like Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe have joined the force against the regulator until their demands are granted. Comparatively these countries are home to the world’s largest elephant population. However, […]

South Africa: Another wave of Xenophobic Attacks

3rd September 2019 marked the third day of xenophobic attacks that have been ongoing in South Africa. The xenophobic attacks targeted at other Africans had Nigerians and Indians living in South Africa majorly affected. Many of the targeted individuals who are business owners have had their shops looted and burned down. Stories and images of […]

5 Tips For a Healthy and Productive Home Office

The Tips to easily to imagine the concept of working from home, from creating an online-worthy home office. Realize, there’s a lot more to remote working than meets the eye — especially when it comes to creating a healthy and productive work environment. It might seem so easy and simple to work from your home […]

Five Nigerian Students Win PAADC Competition

In Nigeria, at the University of Ibadan, five students have won N1 million at the Professor Ayodele Awojobi Design Competition (PAADC) for a solution that leverages Robotics. And Artificial Intelligence (AI) to solve societal problems. What is the Hive? Hive, a learning community that builds robots to solve Nigeria’s social problems. While also teaching relevant […]