Short Success Quotes


Do we know how can we define success?

While success has many definitions, it seems that it can only be achieved by incorporating diligence and perseverance in our lives.

Therefore, as there are no pre-qualifications for success, all that you require is a never-give-up attitude and a good dose of positivity.

For instance, you can start your day by repeating a bunch of these short success quotes.

Short Success Quotes

1. “Don’t dream about success, instead work for it.”

Success Quotes

2. “Failure is the road to success.”

3. “The secret of success is trying; so, try where others don’t.”

4. “Doing a regular thing in an uncommon manner can lead to success.”

5. “If you believe you can, then you surely will.”

Success Quotes you surely can

6. “Stand up every time you fall because it will make you successful.”

Stand up

7. “Don’t be afraid to say yes.”

8. “Prepare for it and then work for it.”

9. “The excitement of success is greater than the fear of loss.”


10. “Because you want to progress, you must step out of your comfort zone.”

11. “If you are willing to take the risk you cannot taste success.”

12. “Success and failure are two sides of the same coin.”

13. “Every success is built on multiple sacrifices.”

14. “Success is simple, without complications.”

15. “Begin with what you have and find out what you can build.”

16. “Desire is the beginning of achievements.”

17. “Do the right thing, at the right time, in the right manner to be successful.”

18. “You will only appreciate success after tasting defeat.”

19. “Action is the first step on the ladder of success.”

20. “You can’t be successful if you don’t love yourself.”

21. “Give fodder to your curiosity to succeed.”

22. “Find out what you did right and where you went wrong after every failure.”

23. “You never know how close you are to success; so, don’t give up.”

 24. “Both attitude and ability are important for achieving success.”

Power Packed Success Quotes

  1. “Stop the talk and start the walk.”
  2. “You can’t avoid failure, but you can always look for success.”
  3. “Don’t give up is you don’t succeed the first time.”
  4. “Face your fears head-on.”
  5. “Go after your passion instead of the money.”
  6. “Don’t give or take excuses if you want to be successful.”
  7. “Work hard because good luck will always follow it.”
  8. “Dream it, live it, breath it.”
  9. “Find the courage to chase your dreams.”
  10. “Don’t wait for opportunities, create them.”
  11. “You can only succeed if you respond to change.”
  12. “Don’t repeat your mistakes if you want to be successful.”
  13. “Try to learn the game before you play your hand.”
  14. “Focus on creating your success instead of finding it.”
  15. “Forget the problems of yesterday and look forward to tomorrow’s success.”
  16. “Every problem becomes a nail because you are holding a hammer in your hand.”
  17. “Success is the difference between sanity and insanity.”
  18. “Limited imagination cannot see success.”
  19. “Confidence is the root of success.”
  20. “Be ready to grab your opportunity.”
  21. “There is nothing like the right time to look for success.”
  22. “If you have the will, then you can succeed.”
  23. “Giving up or going are entirely your choices.”
  24. “Design your own life with your own plan.”


Success is the ultimate goal of our existence.

For instance, we use it to define our personal and professional relationships, our dreams and aspirations.

Additionally, success is a universal feeling that is shared across humanity and transgresses various cultures.

Therefore, there is no reason why you should not look for it.

The above listed short success quotes can prove to be helpful in your attempts.

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