Passion to Career – A step by step guide

Sometimes, showing up at work day after day is just tiring; you go to work not because you want to, but because you need the job to afford the necessities of life. A Deloitte University Press study reports that up to 87 per cent of the workforce in the United States is unable to contribute […]


Happiness plays a crucial role in our everyday lives, it’s no secret that our mood, emotions and response to every situation we come across daily, depends highly on how happy we are.


Admire those people who can step into a room and own it? While these people have mastered the skill of confidence, some are still struggling with ways to overcome nervousness. Overcoming your fears and nervousness may seem like a difficult barrier to your goals but trust me, you can be confident by following these easy […]

What to Do When Things Go Wrong in Life

What to Do When Things Go Wrong in Life? Circumstances like illness, business challenges, heartbreak and impossible situations are always unexpected. We all cross the bumpy road of life one way or another. Some roads leave us lost and overwhelmed while other roads seem to have a dead-end. No matter how brave and strong we […]

Overcoming Fear of Failing to Succeed in Life

Astronauts, Doctors, Engineers, or even Pilots, like every other kid, we always wanted to be something special when we grow up. But as we grow older and get the taste of what the real world is like, the dreams we had as kids seem to fade away. Sometimes we reminisce about those childhood days where […]

6 Ways to deal with Anxiety on the Job

Let’s talk about ways to deal with Anxiety on the Job. A lot of our stress-management tools like taking a hot bath, watching our favourite Netflix shows, hitting the gym, or drinking a glass of wine — aren’t exactly office- possible. So how can we deal with severe stress on the job? For the answer, we came […]