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Happy New Year Wishes

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Start your new year celebrations with wishes that convey the best essence of new beginnings.

However, as we toast to fresh starts and new resolutions, we can’t ignore reflections of the year gone by.

Therefore, as every year brings with it its own set of ups and downs, a beautiful happy new year wish sent to a loved one can help them sail through it unscathed.

Happy New Year Wishes

1. “Wishing you a happy and joyful new year. Also, we hope that this year is filled with love, blessings, and goodness.”

2. “As the year is going, it is time to count my blessings, and you will always be at the top of that list.”

3. “May you ring in this new year and cherish all the happy moments of the year gone.”

4. “Let us take a moment and look back at the year gone by. Also, let us remember all those warm memories and joyful occasions.”

5. “Let the new year begin and the old year-end with the best of resolutions. So, let us resolve to be kind and grateful to one and all.”

6. “May this new year be filled with joyful moments that last forever.”

Happy New Year Wishes

7. “Let us ring in the new year with open arms and loving hearts. Let us resolve to help those in need and be more grateful for our joys.”

8. “I hope this year is filled with new achievements, new happiness, and new inspirations. Wishing you and your loved ones a year full of happiness.”

9. “Wishing you the happiest of New Year, hoping that this will be the best year yet.”

10. “May this new year bring happiness and prosperity in your lives. May all your wishes come true.”

11. “We wish you the best of season’s greetings. May you make everlasting memories this holiday season.”

12. “I hope from the bottom of my heart that you are blessed with all that is precious in this new year.”

New Beginnings

1. “The new year brings with it new hopes and new joys. May this joyous occasion last forever.”

2. “May you begin this new year by wishing joy to everyone so that all their good wishes come right back to bless you.”

3. “Look ahead on the road to your success. Hoping that you find your destiny this new year.”

4. “May you find all the courage in your heart to begin life anew on this joyous new year occasion.”

5. “Consider this new year as a blank canvas that you can beautify and decorate as you wish.”

6. “Keep your spirits high and your resolutions incredible so that you achieve all that you are capable of in this new year.”

7. “We can’t turn back time and change the past. But we can make new memories in the years to come. Happy new year!”

8. “Forget what others tell you. It is never too late to begin your life again. So, I wish you the best of new beginnings in this new year.”

9. “The happiest of new year wishes for someone smart and adorable.”

10. “We hope the coming year is filled with new possibilities and new dreams.”

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11. “I wish you the best of luck for the new year to come.”

12. “May this new year guide you along your rightful path to fulfill your destiny.”


These happy new year quotes and wishes are designed to add that required element of positivity so that you can stick to your resolutions.

Additionally, you can share these quotes with your loved ones and motivate them to welcome the new year in the best possible manner.

Further, you can exchange these wishes at your new year party and make someone feel special on this beautiful day.

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