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Be yourself feel happier and contented by avoiding pretensions


A lot of people think that they can only be happy once they achieved the things that they worked hard for. Sure, that can happen but after that feeling of bliss, what normally follows? They yearn for more. This happens because people continue dreaming big. They continue to aspire for something. Now, don’t think wrongfully about this. Having a goal makes a person continue to forge onto life. No one wants an uneventful life. Have some guts and be yourself. Remember to always believe in yourself especially in times that no one would care to believe in you.

Having friends to rely on certainly helps. However, always be ready to rely on your own at all times. Why? Because not all of these friends would remain when you are in a bind. Some of them will leave you once they got what they need from you. A number of your friends might also leave you when you make an accidental and unintentional embarrassment of yourself. You could not blame them because they want to save face. Still, you will feel betrayed after all this.

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All the more reason to be yourself, and trust yourself before trusting anyone else. People always have a hard time gaining lost trust. Know yourself; discern if you rely on people too much, so much that you feel sad without seeing them often. People come and go and you have to accept that. In this article, you will learn how to be yourself more and to trust yourself more than others.

1. Check yourself and your feelings

Ask yourself if you become dependent on another person to feel happy. Does this person’s absence in your life make you upset? Do you feel incomplete if you and your friend do not do things together? If you find these statements true, then you have become over-reliant to that person. Always remember that only you can decide if you want to be happy. Other people could not decide this for you. Be yourself and be happy on your own accord.

1. Check yourself and your feelings

2. Happiness can be found within you

As much as possible, do not try to find happiness first through your surroundings. You can do this after you found happiness and contentment from within you. Being at peace with yourself will help you attain happiness. If possible, compliment yourself more; even for the little things that you achieve. This will make you more content on the things that you have at present. After that, you can aspire to achieve more. Of course, you have to know first if you will feel genuine happiness when you reach that goal. If not, think of another goal. This will put you in the right direction.

2. Happiness can be found within you

3. Be yourself and be comfortable even when no one is with you

This would be the best time to meditate and reach a higher level of peace. Meditation has long been proven to help a person gain peace of mind. When you are at peace with yourself, happiness will follow.

4. Ascertain and unlock your potential

Some people are known to be shy in their lives. Too shy that they would not like to interact with other people. This results in botched relationship opportunities. The opportunity to show these people their potential gets lost as well. Being shy shows low self-esteem in people. Be more confident in yourself and break those self-limiting boundaries that you have unwittingly placed on yourself.

4. Ascertain and unlock your potential

Whenever faced with adversities in life, just be yourself. Believe that you can do it and proceed through life with your head held up high.

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