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A Guide to Leadership Development

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Being a leader is more than just a wish. It is a complete lifestyle that involves mindset and attitude towards taking things in life. Leadership is the quality everyone is not blessed with. That is why there is always one leader in a bunch of people. However, Leadership development is something we can talk about.

What is leadership?

Leadership is the art of leading people and taking the responsibility to keep the group of people motivated to do a required task in the most efficient and effective manner. Leadership requires a lot of attributes. It is just a matter of people management in the most effective way. Leadership development expands the capacity of individuals to perform in leadership roles within organizations.

Who is a true leader?

Think about the coach of your national cricket team. He may not be the fastest bowler, highest record-breaker, finest batsman, or the greatest all-rounder. But, he would be leading a team of cricketers that may include all of the above. A true leader is a motivator, a mentor who works hard to utilize the best skills of the people working under his leadership. It is altogether a different characteristic. A true leader would sacrifice his own life to achieve good for his teammates. It is about responsibility, accountability, courage, motivation, much more. Leadership development is a common process in succession planning, which aims to produce high-caliber leaders to take over senior positions when they become vacant

Why leadership is important?

Leadership development is important because, without a leader, there will be no direction. A team or a group of people may only work under sound and intelligent leadership. Can any country run an army without its chief? An army without a Commander-in-chief would be a scattered army. There will be groups within groups of there would be a lack of leadership in society. The nations have only progressed under proper leadership.

Is leadership a skill?

Leadership is more than just a skill. With skills, you can just win portions of the game. With leadership, you can explore and make use of hidden skills. It is the responsibility of a leader to find, train, and utilize the skills of his team members which they are also not aware of. Leadership is a mindset to make everyone grow. A leader takes the right actions so that each and every person under a leadership gets a fair chance to prove their mettle on various platforms. A national leader takes action for the security and prosperity of his nation. Leadership development refers to activities that improve the skills, abilities, and confidence of leaders.

Leadership characteristics and Leadership Development

There are many characteristics of a leader. Leadership requires honesty, commitment, motivation, responsibility, and courage to take decisions. It also involves the well-being of the people under his leadership. These are only a few characteristics that are mentioned above.

If you want to explore what Leadership development is about, you must consider the above-mentioned attributes. If you have the courage to take initiatives, make tough and quick decisions, being honest with people, you are a potential leader. Start taking initiatives by leading your college team, society matters, family issues, and friend disputes. You will come to know about your strengths and areas of development. Work out on your weak areas and you will eventually become a true leader.

Leadership VS Management

Leadership and management go hand in hand. A true leader is naturally a good manager also. Utilizing the talent of a team or a group is all about management. You must have also observed in a good organization regarding the steps to become a top leader. They all have to perform on the managerial roles in order to become a leader of the organization. So, leadership is directly proportional to effective management


Leadership development takes time and if you invest time upon your qualities to become an effective leader in your life so that people always regard you as their mentor, motivator, and problem solver.

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