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Inspirational Love Quotes

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Do you continuously find yourself at a loss for words to express your deepest desires and feelings?

If yes, then this article is just what you need.

Below is a compilation of some of the most inspirational love quotes that have helped ardent lovers across the world to put their feelings in words.

Inspirational love quotes:

1. If your love is true, then its course may never run smooth.

2. Love perceives with the mind and not the eyes. Perhaps that is why the winged cupid is painted blind.

Inspirational love quotes

3. The irresistible sensation felt at first sight is often the true love.

4. You are my one dear love; dearer than sight, dearer than freedom, dearer than my very life-breath.

5. If our love is sincere then it will find a way even if the path is full of dangers.

6. It is often said that while friendship can grow into love, love will never end in friendship.

7. You are the rainbow guiding me through storms of life. You are the ray of eternal sunshine smiling the dark clouds away, bringing the hope of tomorrow with every word you say.


8. Love is a great masterpiece of sensation. Painted and ordained with our joys and pains.

9. Her eyes glow in the cloudless night, brighter than any star in the sky; she strolls in her beauty brightening up the very existence of my life.

10. Her beauty is an everlasting joy that becomes lovelier with her every heartbeat.

11. Two hearts beating as one, two souls joined in love forever.

12. There is nothing more certain in this world than the purity of my heart’s affections and the truth of its Imagination.


Poetic Love Quotes

1. The sunlight kisses the earth, as the moonbeams bounce on the waves; without you all these kisses are worthless.

2. Spring brings with it the spirit of love and a longing that is seen everywhere; every flower rises after the winter’s long rest.

Love quotes

3. If I pluck a flower for every thought that I have of you, I would have a home filled with the sweetest of scents.

4. Even if you nip all the flowers of love in their bud, you cannot stop the spring of romance from entering our lives.

5. You may call it a mere sentiment, but love is my only true reality. It is beyond the ultimate truth and rests in the depths of our hearts.

6. Even if I don’t touch the delicate flower of love, I cannot escape its eternal fragrance that emanates making my life a garden of bliss and delight.

7. Your deep love is the source of my strength like my love for you gives me the courage to face this brutal world.


8. Loving people is the one true expression of artistic reality.

9. Nothing in this world matters if you love someone special and they love you back.

10. Love is a necessity and not a luxury of the idle minds. Without love, humanity cannot sustain itself.

11. Love holds the power to make everything crystal clear.

Inspiration love quotes 2

12. I find myself drawn towards the sensation of being in love with the feeling of love itself. To wake up and smile has a special meaning that cannot be expressed.


These timeless inspirational love quotes have been written and re-written throughout the decades, centuries, and ages.


Moreover, they resonate as true as love itself and this makes them incredibly beautiful.

Also, there is no set formula to love as it is complex and simple at the same time.

So, are you ready to feel and SHARE the love?

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