3 Great Reasons Why You Should Learn Mind Control Techniques

You might be thinking that this mind control in the title is some sort of black magic; one that can be used to hypnotize people in doing your bidding. While that is a very nice thing to have and learn, this article is not about that. This is about mastering your thoughts; the things that you think […]

7 Best Ways to Get the Motivation to Study

Lack of motivation to study? Did you ever feel like you are done with studying? You are not alone. Studying books for preparing for your exams or increasing your knowledge is not always a fun thing to do. RELATED: IMPORTANCE OF VALUES IN LIFE But it is a fact that if you do not study, […]

5 Most Efficient Tips for Clear Skin

Your skin is your first point of contact with the outer atmosphere. It protects you while fighting external sources like gases, air, and other environmental factors. It gets dirty, rough, hard and dark, but keeps your flesh and internal organs protected at all times. Clear skin is truly essential for letting it do its job […]

How to Control Your Anger in 1 Minute

Most unfortunate incidents happen within 1 minute as a reaction to high anger. Firing your assistant at a small mistake, slapping your colleague, hurting your loved ones, and breaking your relationship is to name a few. Most people regret their decisions in the future which were made under the influence of instant anger. How to […]

7 Brilliant Tips for Job Interview

Are you planning to go to the interview? Do you already know these tips for a job interview? The interview is the most important stage of the hiring process for any job. Whether you have appeared in some kind of written test, you have to appear for the interview in most cases. Whether or not […]

6 Amazing Facts about African Women

“Frailty, thy name is a woman”. This is a famous proverb that is generally attributed to women in the world. This refers to the fact that women are generally weak less tough as compared to men. This is not the case when it comes to African women. When you think of an African woman, you […]