Coronavirus pandemic: Which politicians and celebrities are affected?

The novel coronavirus has spread to at least 190 countries and territories, with the worldwide death toll from the virus surpassing the 22,000 mark on March 26. Due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus, high-profile events including the annual Met Gala – often referred to as fashion’s biggest night out – will not take place. […]

How to Make a Hand Sanitizer at Home?

Hand sanitizer is a must to have at these times. Unfortunately, it’s hard to get it in shops. The solution is DIY. So don’t waste your time and read how to make a hand sanitizer at home. The spread of coronavirus, aka COVID-19, is a harsh reality. The worst of the facts is that a […]

Coronavirus Emergency Preparation Kit

Countries around the world are closing their borders and putting citizens under lockdown in order to contain the rapid spread of the new coronavirus outbreak. The World Health Organization (WHO) has labelled the virus a pandemic. By naming the coronavirus a pandemic, WHO increased pressure on governments to ramp up their response, sparking emergency action […]

DJ Arafat net worth, life, and death

Dj Arafat net worth, life and death. Ever wondered how funny and unpredictable fate could be? How one’s life could be full of happiness in one minute and completely the opposite the next? That is what happened to DJ Arafat, one of the world’s most famous DJs in the world! Profile Full name: Ange Didier […]

How to Sew a Reusable Face Mask at Home?

The world is going crazy about the pandemic Coronavirus. COVID-19 has gone so viral that it no more needs an introduction. While the world and scientists are struggling to fight this unprecedented virus, there are only the precautions that have been told to prevent this fatal attack. The panic has shaken the world to the […]

15 Most Visited Websites in Nigeria

The advent of technology has become faster, easier, and more convenient. This is why many online sites have mushroomed all over the world, and Nigeria is not an exemption. The place is known as one of the world’s internet-based countries. With its digital natives, the Nigerian youth, it has become part of the society’s daily […]