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Net Worth of Billionaire Ismaila Mompha

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Being rich is one thing, but being a billionaire is another! 40-year old Ismaila “Mompha” Mustapha is not just your ordinary rich man because he is one of the billionaires in the world. He used to be a not-so-famous billionaire, but he has been creating noise as he showed off his immensely expensive lifestyle on his Instagram account. But who, really, is Ismaila Mompha an what is his net worth? How did he get to the peak of his success? And, how did he acquired his wealth?

Who is Ismaila Mompha?

Ismaila Mompha was born on June 16, 1979. Mompha is currently based in Dubai; however, people cannot tell by where he really came from.

Others would say that he originally came from Kaduna, others also claimed that he originally came from Osun.

Nonetheless, regardless of where he really came from, Mompha is now known as a Nigerian billionaire.

He founded and is currently the CEO of his own company – Mompha Bureau de Change – a currencies exchange company located in Lagos, Nigeria.

With his own company, he was able to manage his wealth and became one of the most famous billionaires in the world.

What made him famous is his flamboyant lifestyle and his Instagram posts with stashes and bundles of money.

What is Ismaila Mompha’s net worth?

With all of Mompha’s possessions from the designer clothes to mansions and luxury cars, how much is his net worth?

It is estimated that Ismaila Mompha’s net worth reaches up to $15 million, which is approximately N 5 billion.

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That makes him one of the richest Africans in the world. How does he spend such a huge amount of money? Well, he spends it on things he loves collecting from cars to clothes to jewellery.

He also spends it on his family, of course, which is now growing with the birth of his youngest child who was born last year.

What are his priced possessions?

Mompha’s possessions varied from Rolex watches, designers’ clothes, cars, and mansions. What are the Ismaila Mompha’s net worth and possessions that make him one of the world’s billionaires

1. Luxurious cars

Apart from his stashes of money in cold, hard cash, wearing designers’ clothes, and luxurious vacations, Mompha also owns rare and limited editions of cars. Mompha is obviously, like any other billionaires, a lover of luxurious cars.

These are not just your ordinary luxurious cars but are also limited editions. Most of his cars are collectors’ items and are very rare in the world. Here are few of the cars he owns:

  • Rolls Royce 2018 Wraith worth $330,000;
  • Mclaren 650S worth $265,000;
  • Ferrari 488 Spider worth $300,000;
  • Lamborghini Aventador Roadster worth $410,000;
  • Bentley Bentayga worth $350,000;
  • Mercedes Benz G63 AMG worth $200,000;
  • Chevrolet Tahoe worth $213,000; and
  • Range Rover worth $220,000

He has recently bought Rolls-Royce 2020 Wraith Eagle VIII which amounts to N 160 million. According to some, he paid this car in cold, hard cash. This is one of the limited editions of Rolls Royce which only has 50 units in the world.

2. Houses

As a family man, himself, Mompha always sees to it that his family has a good roof above their heads to live in. Not only did he buy them a house, but he buys them a luxurious house!

One of the recent talks of social media was when he bought his 6-year old son, Muhammed, a mansion in Dubai! He is only 6, and now he has a house of his own.

This makes him one of the youngest homeowners of the world! For some, buying this very expensive and luxurious house for a kid is absurd.

However, Mompha only looks after the future of his kids. Indeed, he is proving to his family, and to his thousands of Instagram followers that he is a family man, wanting only what’s best for his family.

3. Millions of worth of watches

As discussed earlier, Mompha owns Rolex and signature watches that amount to N 20 million. Apart from that, Mompha was also seen on his Instagram post buying his 8-month old son, Hanan, a diamond-faced Rolex watch.

Mompha, then, posted a picture of his two kids flaunting their million-dollar worth of Rolex watches on each of their wrists. Truly, these kids live a life which many children their age dream of.

Not all kids their age get to wear watches, let alone one that’s worth millions.

Although some people find this very extraordinary, Mompha only does this to give a life his family deserves.

4. Luxurious vacations

Maldives, Paris, Belgium, and other parts of Europe – these are just a few of the many places Mompha has been to. He takes his private jet during his trips.

He also takes a cruise on an expensive cruise line. November of 2018, he posted on his Instagram his luxurious trip via Xclusive Cruise, a 5-star Dubai Marina Cruising line.

Early last year, he went on a holiday trip to Seychelles and stayed in a hotel which costs a hundred dollars per night.

Truly, his love for travelling lives up to his Instagram bio, “Sky man” – someone who loves being in the sky, experiencing beauty or travelling. 

5. Designer Clothes

Apart from luxurious cars, Mompha is also up to looking good, himself. He confidently goes out to the public, wearing his most-priced and expensive clothes.

Some of which are designed personally according to his preferences, while others are pre-made and are worth hundreds of dollars.

Some of his favourites are Burberry, Prada, Gucci, and Christian Louboutin. Of course, he is not the only one in the family who wears such expensive clothes.

All of his wife and his kids are also seen flaunting themselves in Gucci and Burberry brands.

One of the good things which most people love about Mompha is that, unlike his other billionaire friends, he doesn’t go on clubbing, drinking, and partying all night. He lives up to his promise to his family of being a responsible father and a good role model for his family.

Why was Ismaila Mompha arrested?

With his flamboyant lifestyle, a lot of speculations went around the source of his money. Many have mentioned that he is in an illegal business; others would claim that he is in deep trouble with money laundering.

As they say, not all things last. A few months ago, Mompha was arrested on October 18, 2019. Upon his arrest, Rolex watches worth N 20 million was recovered from his possession.

Mompha was arrested and accounted for cyber fraud and illegal money laundering which all amounts to N 33 billion.

Upon thorough investigation, it was found out by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission that his company is not duly registered in Special Control Unit Against Money Laundering, an organization that specializes in anti-money laundering and other illegal activities.

Furthermore, it was also discovered that Mompha’s company has no recorded transactions in the database from the year 2015 to 2018.

All these led to speculations that the billionaire might be responsible for these illegal activities. Recently, Mompha and his company faced his trial last January 15, 2020, and there is no clear information about the outcome of the trial.

What is his business?

As mentioned, Mompha founded and is the current CEO of Mompha Bureau de Change. His business is duly licensed under the Central Bank of Nigeria. The typical nature of his business is exchange currencies. However, a lot of speculations were running around his company in the past year, which led to his arrest.

What are the things that make him a “unique” billionaire?

Yes, Ismaila Mompha’s net worth and money make him a billionaire. But what other things make him a true billionaire apart from his stash of money?

His private plane

Of course, as a renowned billionaire, himself, Mompha travels on his private plane, which he flaunts on his Instagram posts. The plane can be seen with gold on its interior. He also takes his family on their family trips on the plane, making their trips more fun and interesting.

Ismaila Mompha’s collection of cars

His car collection is amazingly expensive! Varying from Mercedes Benz to Lamborghini. His car collection could be summed up to at least $3 million. We can all guess that it could just be a piece of cake for a billionaire like Mompha.

His Instagram posts with bundles of cash

Mompha became popular with him flaunting his prized possessions online. He once posted a photo of him with a stash of money amounting to $4 million in cold, hard cash!

Ismaila Mompha’s Christian Louboutin collection

Mompha, with his love for designers’ clothes, has a rare 70 Christian Louboutin pairs of a collection! All these pairs are personally designed by Louboutin, himself. All these pairs could be estimated to have a total amount of $20 million.

His N 20 million worth of watches

With his alleged arrest, Mompha was found with wristwatches which all amount to N 20 million! The brands of these wristwatches were not revealed, but it was speculated to be mostly Rolex due to some of his Instagram posts.

Ismaila Mompha’s belief in flaunting his wealth

Ismaila Mompha’s is not your ordinary billionaire and his net worth value is much more than this. He is very blunt about his belief that if you have it, flaunt it. If you are saying that you are a billionaire, prove it. That is what he does. He shows off to the world how rich and powerful he is with all his wealth that he flaunts online.

His love for his family

Everyone can see how dedicated of a father and a husband Mompha is to his family. He loves taking his family to expensive places for a vacation. He also loves buying expensive gifts for his family. This only shows that he works hard not only for fame and money but for his family.

Ismaila Mompha’s unmoved faith

Mompha can be seen on his Instagram posts, praying and worshipping with all his faith. He is not a type of billionaire who forgets their faith when they get rich. He prays even harder when he gets rich.

His hard work

Not all people get to be rich in an instant unless you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth. But for Mompha, he worked hard all his life to be where he is now. It did not happen in a snap of a finger. He spent his dedication and sweat to be the billionaire that he is now.

Net Worth of Ismaila Mompha Summary:

Truly, Ismaila “Mompha’ Mustapha is not your typical rich guy. He is a combination of faith, perseverance, hard work, and love for his family. There may be many negative things surrounding his name these days, but the legal case will take its cause. Whether he is responsible for the alleged fraud or not, he will be the same man his family loved and knew.

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