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Meditation for anxiety

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In your everyday life, you tend to feel stressed all the time. It can stem from anything – your work, your boss, and your workmates. On top of all those reasons, the most stressful thing you have to go through in your workplace would be following nonsense company rules. Imagine, you do everything to make your work easier, but the company always make rules and policies to overrule them. They want to you suffer and not allow you to earn without doing anything. Why not try meditation for anxiety?

These companies could not accept that you already completed your work early. Because of this, they throw another load of work to you instead of allowing to rest in the remaining hours of your work. After all, you completed the task for the day, right? Because of the added workload, you feel anxious that you will not go home in time. So stressful, right? When you go home, you feel so tired and worse, a headache bugs you now. Slow down and relax. Sit down, breathe and internalize. Refrain from taking that headache medicine first and do meditation for anxiety. Taking medications frequently will leave your immune from its effects. You will then need a higher dose next time. Once you get that higher dose, your body will again get used to it. The cycle will continue from here on out.


You need to stop this medication cycle and use meditation as your healing option. You can still take medications as long as the doctor orders you to though. In any case, you will learn about the various meditation types to reduce; if not remove, anxiety from this article.

1. Mindfulness meditation

Almost all meditation types ask you to focus and concentrate. Mindfulness meditation does the same but it aims to provide a state of relaxation while not judging how it was achieved. When you start doing this, you will first focus on your breathing. When doing meditation for anxiety, you still need to be aware of your surroundings even though undergoing the procedure to go into deep concentration. The very essence of focusing on your breathing makes you more relaxed. To do this, focus on the air that passes through your nose as you breathe and notice how your abdomen and chest inflates and deflates as you breathe. Concentrating on this rhythmic pattern distracts you from any thoughts that you might have at that very moment. After you finished, you feel energized and ready to face any issues again.

1. Mindfulness meditation

2. Transcendental meditation for anxiety

This meditation for anxiety style needs a mantra that you will think of over and over during the session. The mantra can be anything; a word or a phrase from your instructor or anything that will serve as your focal point while concentrating. To do this, get into a comfortable position, sit then close your eyes. Allow any thought to enter your mind then recite your mantra which should clear your mind from any thought. Focus on that mantra until you reach a heightened level of consciousness.

2. Transcendental meditation for anxiety

3. Natural stress relief meditation

Meditation for anxiety can be done at your home in 3 days. You can get instructions for this through a manual or an audio file. This meditation aims to use focus and concentration to remove your mind from thinking actively. The result would be a quiet, serene state of mind by dispelling anxiety and stress. Do this daily 15 minutes per day to get maximum results.

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