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Kidney Problems in the World


We are blessed with the two bean-shaped kidneys that play one of the most important roles in maintaining our health. Healthy kidneys are vital for every person because they filter the waste out of our body, refine our blood, supports in making red blood cells and metabolism along with controlling our blood pressure and actively regulating vitamin D formation for the strength of our bones. These two little beans must function properly if a person wants to stay healthy. Therefore, it is important that we are well aware of the kidney problems, their causes, and remedies so that if we face kidney problems at any stage of our life, we might be able to handle it with care for staying healthy.


We have gathered the main kidney problems that most people are likely to face in specific conditions. These kidney problems can very well heal if diagnosed and taken care of at the early stages. We will try not to take you towards the complex medical terminologies as we have tried our best to enlighten our readers to know about all kinds of major kidney problems. The following kidney problems are most common all over the world.

Kidney Stones

Stone formation in the kidneys is the result of drinking less or contaminated water. The stones in the kidneys can damage your kidneys along with making an infection that can lead to bigger problems as well. These stones can be detected via lab tests. And must cure actively to avoid further damage.

Kidney Stones

Kidney Diseases

Kidney diseases can include infections in the kidneys which can also lead to chronic kidney disease (CKD) if not treated properly on time. The kidney disease problem must not be taken lightly as it can also be fatal in most cases.

Kidney Failure

If kidney infections, stones, and diseases are not treated properly, they can lead to kidney failure as well. At this stage, the patient is left with two options of either replacing the kidneys via kidney transplant or to undergo the painful and risky process of dialysis. Therefore, it is always advised to take kidney-related matters very seriously, so that they do not reach the levels of kidney failure.

Kidney Failure

Acute Kidney Injury

Kidneys can also be harm by the accidents or injuries that a person suffers. In this case, the kidneys get affected and can stop functioning normally. If the kidneys are injured badly, it is referred to as the Acute Kidney Injury and requires proper treatment.

Genetic Kidney Disease

In some cases, the kidneys problems are also inherited. If a person has a family history of kidney diseases, he or she is going to have a high possibility of getting affected by kidney disease. It does not mean that the person has to endure it for life. There are also treatments available for genetic kidney diseases. Such persons need to be extra conscious of their kidney health to avoid any kidney problems.

Genetic Kidney Disease

Urinary Tract Infections

The urinary tract and are responsible for making urine, an infection in the urinary tract can also infect the kidneys as well. Therefore, the urinary tract infections need to heal before the infection increase and causes further damage.

Urinary Tract Infections


There are many kinds of kidney problems apart from the major kidney problems discussed above. You just need to be careful in treating your kidneys before time through proper medical care before it gets too late.

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