Jacqueline Ray: All you need to know about Tom Selleck’s first wife

Fame does not remain forever and does not guarantee anyone to be superior to law. Jacqueline Ray is the best example of this proposition. Being an American celebrity who reached the heights of glory as a model, actress, a fashion icon. And the wife of the top actor named Selleck, nobody thought her fame to go to the ashes just by a silly decision taken out of frustration and immaturity. At the moment as of 2020, Selleck’s ex-wife is 68 years old and is serving her sentence in jail. Want to know what led such a top actress to imprisonment? Stay tuned to the end of this article so that you do not miss a single up or down in her life that may have anything to do with her imprisonment. 

Early Life of Ray

Very little information is available about her early life, ethnicity, parents, and family, including brothers or sisters.

While most of the actors and actresses try their level best to keep their personal life hidden from the media, only a few succeed in this objective.

Jacqueline Ray is one of such celebrities who have managed to keep their personal information hidden from public reach.

As far as we know about the veteran actress, the information is summarized below: 

  • Real Name: Jacqueline Mary Ray
  • Date of Birth: 17th July 1952
  • Place of Birth: Burbank, California
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Education: High school graduation
  • Nickname: Jacki Ray
  • Marital Status: Married three times, currently divorced
  • Most Important Relationship: Tom Selleck as his first wife and Kevin Selleck as his birth mother. 

Being among a few of her peers to successfully go to a high school and complete her graduation.

Ray got her interests developed in teaching as well.

Apart from teaching, Ray knew of her stunning looks and modelling potentials.

Jacqueline Ray gathered praise from her college fellows that further induced confidence to push her into the sizzling world of fashion and modelling. 

Professional Life

As soon as Jacqueline Ray entered her professional life, she was accepted well.

She started her career as a fashion model and received wide appreciation from the industry.

As every good model eventually opts for entering the acting career, Ray also did so.

She moved on to perform on the silver and big screens.

Her acting talent lifted her to the heights of success.

And Ray proved to be one of the most promising actresses of her era. 

Modelling Career

The entertainment industry always welcomes fresh and talented faces.

Jacqueline Ray also decided to take her chances in the early 1960s.


To no one’s surprise, Ray gained fame within no time and proved to be a famous fashion model owing to her attractive looks and killer confidence.

Jaqueline Ray moved on to become the front face of many fashion magazines.  

Acting Career

Ray’s success and huge reception in the modelling industry encouraged her to go for knocking at the doors of big screens.

She got signed in the movies to perform different roles in the mid-60s.

Ray performed in the movies of different genres, and her acting gathered huge appreciation from the audience. 

Jacqueline Ray’s Acting Chronology

To summarize her acting masterpieces.

We have gathered a list of her movies and TV Serials in the sections mentioned below. 

In Like Flint (1967) as Denise

Ray acted in the thriller as an important character named Denise.

The film involved national security in being under threat.

And eventually led to bust the conspiracy that helped save the nation from a big catastrophe.

Although her role was not regarded as the lead role in the film, her acting was praised.

And the film proved to be a commercial success. 

The Gnome-Mobile (1967) as Gnome Maiden

One of Walt Disney’s productions.

The Gnome-Mobile proved to be a kid-friendly, fantasy and mystery movie that was enjoyed by a massive audience in the late 60s.

People also praised the performance of Jacki Ray as Gnome Maiden.

Frasier, the Sensuous Lion (1973) as Jacki Ray

This was the animated film of 1973 about the sensuous lion that could speak and communicate with humans.

Jacki Ray also took part in the movie by dedicating her voice. 

Marcus Welby, MD (1973) as Model

Although this medical drama TV Series started to air in 1969.

Jacqueline Ray appeared in one of the episodes in 1973.

Her role was short and crisp but left an impact as a model on the viewers. 

The Killings at Outpost Zeta (1980) as Jacquelin Ray

Jacquelin Ray appeared as herself in the movie that was made on the topic of a series of deaths.

Although the movie could not gather many positive reviews from the critics, no one could deny the importance of the contribution Jacqueline Ray made.

Beyond the Universe (1981) in the lead role

Jacqueline Ray also played a role in a very interesting science fiction movie.

The film revolves around a man who escapes the prison made in space and travels back to earth to meet his family but finds that he has moved in the future and he is not visible to his own family. 

Magnum, PI. (1981-1983) as Ms. Roebuck

Jacqueline Ray’s most successful TV Series venture was Magnum, PI.

She appeared in two of its episodes, and her acting got huge appreciation from around the globe.

It was on the sets of this TV Series, where Ray met Tom Selleck.


This eventually led to their real-life love story that later translated into a proper marriage.

Ray’s son named Kevin Selleck later appeared in this TV Series as well. 

Dallas (1983) as Marie Walker 

Ray appeared in one episode of an exceptional TV Series named Dallas in the role of Marie Walker.

Her unique style of acting gathered a huge round of applause from the audience.

Matt Houston (1983) as Margot

Another appearance in one of the episodes of the TV Serial named Matt Houston happened in 1983 when Ray was seen as acting as the character named Margot. 

The New Mike Hammer (1984) as Dr. Marcia Forrest

The audience saw Ray in an episode of another TV Series named The New Mike Hammer where Ray was seen impressing the audience in the role of a doctor. 

Unfabulous (2007) as Dancer

After a huge break of 23 years, Ray shortly appeared in a TV Series named Unfabulous.

The TV Series followed the life of a teenager who was in love with music and used to describe every event of her life in the form of music and song.

Ray appeared in one of its episodes as a dancer.

Although the role played by Ray in the episode of this TV series was short, her fans still appreciated her comeback after a long break. 

Is Jacqueline Ray Jacqueline Bisset?

This is the most common question people keep asking because of the confusion of names and somewhat resembling faces.


Jacqueline Ray is not Jacqueline Bisset.

Both are different actresses having different origins and careers.

Jacqueline Bisset is an English actress who worked in a variety of films and TV Series from 1965 to present.

She is an American actress who also worked in the mid-60s.

Also she has discontinued work for years and did not appear majorly in the lead roles.

On the other hand, Jacqueline Bisset mostly appeared in the lead roles and was nominated for various awards for her performance during her acting career. 

What is Jacqueline Ray Net Worth?

This is another common question that we keep getting from our audience.

As Jacqueline Ray remained one of the demanded actresses in Hollywood, people, including her fans, wonder how much money the actress would have gathered.

While the exact bank balance, properties, and assets of a person cannot be calculated exactly due to the obvious reasons, we can have a fair guess of how much money Selleck’s first wife would be owning.

According to the careful estimates by the specialists, Jacqueline Ray net worth is estimated to be around the US $5 million.

This amount includes the number of bungalows Ray owns, the cars, bank balance, and other commodities, including the money she would have got when she left Selleck.

Jacqueline Ray Magnum PI

The roles of Magnum (Tom Selleck) and Ms. Roebuck (Jacqueline Ray) had been so powerful that the whole TV series of Magnum, PI is meaningless without them.

The main character revolved around Magnum, but the impressive entry of Jacki Ray as Ms. Roebuck also meant a lot to the whole season.

It was the 15th episode in the 3rd season of Magnum, PI that Ray appeared as Ms. Roebuck to catch everyone’s attention once for all.

The name of the episode was “Birdman of Budapest” that depicted the story of a teacher who intended to write a book on birds.

Among many roles and activities that Ray had been involved in her career, many people know her because of her appearance in Magnum, PI.

It was here when the love vibes between Selleck and Ray started to develop.

Marriages of Jacqueline Ray

Marriages have seldom been successful in the lives of celebrities.

The exotic and colourful lives of the superstars have many dark secrets.

Ray also went through the crests and troughs of marital relationships.

Ray had three known marriages so far.

Her most prominent and notable marriage was with Tom Selleck that lasted for around 11 years.

All of the three marriages, including the one with Selleck, have been discussed below.

Jacqueline Ray’s First Marriage with Shepard

Jacqueline Ray married a man named Shepard in the 1960s while Jacqueline was at the height of her modelling career.

Not much information is available about Shepard.

The couple had a son named Kevin Shepard who was later adopted permanently by Ray’s second husband and was renamed as Kevin Selleck forever.

Jacqueline Ray’s Second Marriage with Tom Selleck

As mentioned earlier in this article, the sets of Magnum, PI, led to the couple fall in love with each other.

Both loved to the extent that they developed an understanding of getting married.

Ray became Tom Selleck’s first wife on 15th May 1971.

Although the star marriages tend not to last for many years or months, Tom Selleck and Ray enjoyed their marriage to prolong it till 11 long years.

The marriage of Ray and Selleck remained the centre of attention for many people in the media and fashion industry.


But eventually, after 11 years of togetherness, Selleck and Ray filed a divorce to be separated on 10th August 1982.

Selleck or Ray, however, did not disclose any reason publicly that could have hinted about the reason behind divorce between Selleck and Ray.

As Kevin Selleck was originally the son of Ray, Tom Selleck took Kevin Selleck away from Ray and moved to live a separate life with Kevin.

Tom Selleck also gave his surname to the son he adopted from Ray.

Since then, the official name of Kevin Shepard became Kevin Selleck. 

Third Marriage of Jacqueline Ray with Clarence Barry Witmer

Jacqueline married for the third time in her life on 21st March 1992, after around 10 years of her divorce.

This time, Ray tied the knot with a man named Clarence Barry Witmer.

Together, they had a daughter named Umeko.

Her daughter proved to be the turning point of her life.

Jacki Ray was very possessive of her daughter and could not see her in any kind of pain and agony.

Ray and Clarence Barry Witmer also got divorced ultimately, but Ray’s affection towards her daughter never faded away. 

Jacqueline Ray Children

Children are the true love of parents.

No matter how young the children become, they remain amateurs for their parents.

This analogy is relevant in Jacqueline Ray’s case that will be discussed in the later part of the article.

Ray had two children. Their names are mentioned below:

  1. Umeko Roberts (daughter)
  2. Kevin Selleck (son)

As we mentioned earlier, Kevin Selleck got his surname from his stepfather Tom Selleck and went on to act along with his father.

Tom Selleck also became a singer later.

Umeko got married to a man named Leon Bauchum in 2008. 

Jacqueline Ray on Her Daughter’s Relationship

While the facts are not very clear to date, it seems like Jacki Ray had very high plans for her daughter and her spouse.

Umeko had chosen her husband herself.

That is how it is with every parent-child love.

Leon Bauchum belonged to a middle class and did not have very high sources of income.

He seemed to be very caring and loving towards his wife, Umeko.

He took care of his responsibilities and worked hard to make a good living.

Ray was initially fine with the life of her daughter until the time everything was under control. 

Estranged Relationships Between Ray and Her Son-In-Law

The situation became undesired for Ray when she came to know that her son-in-law physically abused her daughter and even used force to assault her physically.

As a loving mother, she could never bear this and wanted her son in law to be out of her daughter’s life.

It was also quoted that Leon Bauchum used to beat Umeko because he was doubtful of her wife’s true feelings and faithfulness towards him.

It was one of such incidents that Ray found out the wounds on her daughter’s face that eventually motivated her to take an extreme step in her life.

Ray decided to take the law in her own hands just because of her blind love and possessiveness towards her daughter Umeko.

Jacqueline Planned for the Assassination of Her Son-In-Law

After unknown attempts of giving chances to the marriage of her daughter to settle down, she decided to get rid of her daughter’s husband.

Ray could think of no better idea than assassinating her son in law.

Maybe she thought this to be the right decision at that time, but nothing above the law can be termed right of course.

Later on, Ray was also found justifying her murder instinct to be a notion of care for her grandchildren, who she thought were unsafe with her son in law. 

Jacqueline Hired a Hitman to Kill Her Son-In-Law

As she had made this clear in her mind that killing her son in law was the only option left for her daughter’s peace, Ray decided to hire an ex-con named Luis Barker to assassinate her son in law.

Ray gave him around $12,000 to kill her son in law.

None of Ray’s intentions was known to her daughter.

Otherwise, Umeko could have stopped her mother from taking such an extreme step that changed the lives of all the related persons forever. 

Jacqueline Called Her Son-in-Law to Her House 

Jacki Ray called Leon Bauchum to her house in Washington in the disguise of allowing him to meet his wife and children.

Reports said later that Leon was wary of this meeting and had a vague idea of the intentions her mother in law was carrying for him.

Even then, Leon went to meet her wife and children where the hitman was already waiting to get him off the planet. 

The assassination of Leon Bauchum and Aftermath

In July 2012, Leon Bauchum was killed by the assassin while he had come to visit his wife and children.

Reports say that Leon was not lucky enough to get a plain death.

He was tortured and then finally killed before being dumped outside Gig Harbor in Washington.

After killing Leon, the hitman asked for the shopping bag from Jacqueline Ray which she provided, and they dumped the body in the heaps outside Gig Harbor.

The body of Leon was found by the locals who were walking nearby with their dogs.

A police complaint was filed, and the investigation began. 

Jacqueline Got 18 Years Imprisonment

As the police investigation started, it did not take much time to trace the killer and the preparator.

The court proceedings started where Jacqueline Ray could have been heard pleading innocent by justifying her move to be in the protection of her daughter and grandchildren.

Ray told the court that she had to take this step just to keep her daughter and grandchildren safe from the physical abuse of her son-in-law.

The court was not convinced with her arguments and announced an 18 years imprisonment to Ray and 34 years imprisonment to the actual killer named Luis Barker.

The take of Umeko upon her husband’s assassination: 

To the surprise of a few people, Umeko was seen in the court taking her mother’s side and telling the judges that whatever her mother did was a favourable act of justice.

She asserted that if her mother did not kill her husband, she and her children would have been in danger and under threat of getting hurt by her husband.

Her statements were not taken seriously by the judge who announced the punishment for her mother.

Some people believed that the statements given by Umeko were biased to protect her mother.

As she could not get her husband back in any way, maybe she chose an option to save her mother at least. 

Where is Jaqueline Ray Now?

For the people asking the whereabouts of Jacqueline Ray, it is to inform them that as the court had ordered a sentence of 18 years imprisonment for Jaqueline at the age of 60, Ray is in prison facility nowadays as of 2020.

The world may be lucky enough to see her again after Ray completes her sentence and comes out of prison.

Jacqueline Ray Summary:

Life is full of twists and turns.

One moment a person is above skies of success, and he or she may be under a deep ocean of troubles the other moment.

The same is the case with Jacqueline Ray.

She was one of the most beloved actresses in Hollywood and was considered to be a powerful woman.

Being a wife of one of the highly celebrated actors and producers of Hollywood (Tom Selleck), Ray had been considered as a truly influential person by many.

As an acting and fashion icon, Ray may have been considered as ideal by the youngsters, especially those who had been looking forward to pursuing a career in the fashion industry.

All of the fame, respect, and superiority went down to the ashes with a single mistake she made. 


She had struggled all her life to earn respect and fame she had attained but destroyed everything the moment she decided to take the law in her own hands.

Maybe Jacqueline Ray treated real life as one of her movies or TV serials, where one could easily kill a person without being caught or tried.

The real-life movie that she played in the form of murdering her son in law did not only land her to prison but also took away all that she earned throughout her life. 

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