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How to Sew a Reusable Face Mask at Home?


The world is going crazy about the pandemic Coronavirus. COVID-19 has gone so viral that it no more needs an introduction. While the world and scientists are struggling to fight this unprecedented virus, there are only the precautions that have been told to prevent this fatal attack. The panic has shaken the world to the extent that preventive measures like facial masks and hand sanitizers have started to disappear from the market due to a huge surge in their demands. This abrupt gap between supply and demand calls for going back to the basics. The core purpose of preventing this viral attack is to maintain proper hygiene. As normal soaps can be used for washing your hands instead of sanitizers, the same goes for the facial masks too. It is not necessary to use the branded face masks that are available in medical stores or shopping malls. The virus will not differentiate between the type of masks you are wearing. That is why we are just about to tell you how you can sew a reusable face mask that will work in the same or even better way as the branded masks do.

Yes, you can make your face masks in your home.

There is nothing Greek in it.

All you need is a few simple things mentioned below, and your face mask will be ready.

You don’t have to be a tailor to make a facial mask for yourself.

You should be able to sew the mask within 30 minutes even if you have not even stitched a thing before.

Just stay with us till the end of this article and you will be an expert face mask manufacturer for the whole town.

Let’s get started.

Things required to sew a face mask:

The list of the required items has been mentioned below.

There are no special items required to sew a face mask.

These things are available in almost every other home.

  • A neat piece of fabric. A little larger than the size of a facial mask.
  • A thread for sewing or stitching purposes.
  • A free size elastic.
  • A needle or a sewing machine.

Best fabric for a face mask

Best fabric for a face mask is 100% pure cotton fabric.

The reason is simple: after use you must sterilize the face mask in hot water. Only 100% cotton can make this without change a size.

How to sew a face mask?

Got the things ready?

How to sew a reusable face mask at home pdf download

Now we come to the sewing part.

We will go step by step so that you can understand exactly what to do after the preceding step to make a good face mask.

  • Take a piece of 100% pure cotton fabric and sterilize it properly for your safety.
  • Cut the fabric in approximately 17×20 cm size.
  • Now fold the upper and lower sides of the fabric to 1.5-2 cm and sew them both horizontally so that the folds become permanent.
  • Now, make the even and larger folds of about 3cm in the remaining fabric from top to bottom.
  • Iron these folds so that they stay in place. Do not sew them horizontally as you did in step 3 because these folds would cover the area from your nose to chin and we would want it to remain adjustable according to our needs.
  • Now, sew the fabric vertically on the left and right sides so that the larger folds that you made in step 4 remain intact.
  • Cut the elastic in two pieces according to your needs so that you can place them on your ears to hold your mask.
  • Hold one piece of the elastic and sew its one side on the top left corner of the fabric. Sew the other side of this piece of elastic on the bottom left corner of the fabric. Your mask is ready to be worn on one ear.
  • Sew the other piece of elastic on the same pattern on the right upper and lower corners of the fabric. Your mask will be ready for both ears.

No brainer, right?

You just made a face mask all by yourself.

Don’t get bogged down in the melodrama of facial masks scarcity.

Why be dependent on others while you can make one for yourself?

Is the homemade mask as good as the medicated mask?

This is the common question that would surely boggle your mind.

While the medicated masks do undergo a series of experiments to bring optimum performance, choosing a homemade mask is not a bad option either.

The best part about your cotton homemade mask is that it is washable and sterilizable again and again.

You can reuse it for as long as you can until it gets damaged.

Moreover, with the demands of medicated masks gone up the sky, it is better to prefer something over nothing.

If the medicated masks are not available in the market, it would certainly be a good idea to go for your homemade facial masks.

Additionally, a majority of our downtrodden community does not afford to buy the expensive and medicated facial masks.

So, you have to wake up your inner messiah to be the saviour for your fellows. 

Food for thought

Nothing pleases more than helping your mates in need.

As Coronavirus is spreading rapidly, we would highly advise playing your part in social service.

Apart from making face masks for you and your family, distribute these masks to the poor and needy in your area as much as you can.


You can even contact your local government bodies and Non-Profit Organizations to hand over the excessive masks that you have made.

Serve the community and be an immortal hero forever!

Share this article with everyone in your circle to ignite their passion for helping others.

How to Sew a Reusable Face Mask at Home Summary:

Prevention is better than cure as the cliché goes.

With the daunting Coronavirus leading towards a world’s catastrophe, it is highly advised for everyone to do the needful.

While every precaution needs your special attention to stay safe in the current moment of panic and chaos, wearing face masks do not only keep you safe from the harmful elements in your surroundings, they also keep the environment safe to control the further spread of this deadly virus.

Start with yourself to protect humanity as they say to be the change you wish to see in the world.

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